warm wedding Chapter 1066

warm wedding Chapter 1066



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A month had passed since he had taken first place on the first stone stele of plants and vegetation. However, the second volume of plants and vegetation was much more difficult than he'd anticipated, causing his research to slow. But that didn't change the most important thing to him, which was that Zhou Xinqi never took back the first place spot on the first stone stele. Unfortunately, Bai Xiaochun still felt a lot of pressure to be able to piece together all of the incomplete medicinal plants that he hadn't been able to before.

Defense doubles for 1 hour!

"Make sure to keep a low profile! Keep your head down! It would be really annoying if the Saint-Emperor came back looking for you." With that, he ignored the excited little turtle and headed back into the palace.

Looking at Madam Duanmu as she departed, Qing Shui felt very complicated. After all, Madam Duanmu was different from that lady from the Feng Clan. Even that lady, Qing Shui hadn't been able to completely forget her. However, it was a trade and even though the Qing Clan had forced himself to forget her, he would still think about her occasionally.

"With my talent, I am destined to become an archaean! Why do I have to be stuck in this cramped bug's nest of a world!? Why do I have to struggle on death's door, just waiting for my longevity to run out¡­? I¡­ refuse to accept this!!" A vicious, insane expression covered the Celestial's face as he strode forward, surrounded by crashing thunder and lightning. 100,000 bolts. 1,000,000 bolts. 10,000,000 bolts of lightning!

At the blink of an eye, another few days passed. Qing Shui and the group were also already prepared to go back to the Continent's Capital. On their way back this time, a lot of people from Hundred Miles City showed up to send them off. There were people from Shi Clan, Firecloud Blacksmith Store, Xiang Clan, Feng Clan, Yu Clan. Actually, basically all of the aristocratic clans in Hundred Miles City showed up. There were also a lot of ordinary people who showed up because Qing Shui wasn't just the protector of the Hundred Miles City, he was now the person ruling the entire Greencloud Continent.

"That's right, kill them!" The Hai Clan members shouted angrily.

Luan Luan had a strong reliance on this father of hers. Even after she knew of her own background and felt a little distant from him, she still treated him as her father, the person closest to her. This was something that would never change. Moreover, it seemed certain that her aunt would get together with her father. It was just a matter of time.

All of a sudden, the Giant Ghost King started to get nervous, but Bai Xiaochun simply cast him a mischievous glance, and didn't tell any more of that story.

By this point, the entire world was shaking as violently as if a giant had stamped his foot down. The air rippled and distorted as everything slowed down from Bai Xiaochun's perspective. His second step propelled him even farther than the first step, a total of 2,100 meters!

And to Chen Manyao's astonishment, he went on to repeat exactly what he had said to Master God-Diviner and Big Fatty Zhang.

Radiating shocking devil qi, the bull bellowed and slammed its head into the sword.

As he got closer to the crater, he was finally able to spot a cave mouth at the bottom of it. That was where all the souls were emerging from. Surprisingly, some of them were even crimson, indicating that they were at the Nascent Soul-level.

"When the war drums beat, we can't return to the Spirit Stream Sect until blood is shed and the enemy clan is exterminated!! Heavens...."

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