Reincarnation of the Cheater Chapter 1089

Reincarnation of the Cheater Chapter 1089

"Are you courting death?"

"If you want to let me have the first move££Then you might as well give me 10 moves.If you can't afford to let me have 10 moves then don't mention anything like that."

Under the Dragon Transformation skill's control, the blood red Dragon Marks acted like tiny genuine Dragons. They curved their bodies and entangled the blood red Demon's Soul.

Sitting on top of a flying magical beast, Jian Chen's expression was quite complicated. His mind couldn't help but think of the Hua Yun Sect who had forced him to run away from his home. At that time, it was Chang Bai who was the one who drove the flying magical beast from Lore City.

This kind of feeling was ridiculous, but it also felt so real.

"Not good! That's an imprisoning formation; there is no way we can run away now!"

After the clouds had dispersed, the figures in the sky were noticeable to everyone. A single ray of blue and red the size of ants could be seen floating high in the sky. Again and again, they would clash against each other with a loud explosion.

"Please wait a moment, young master."


Seeing how his clansmen were continuously dropping to the ground, the patriarch's chest began to beat furiously as he roared, "Everyone move out of the way!"


Despite being a Third Class City, the amount of area Wake City spanned across was still huge. Even if Jian Chen hurried to the city gates as fast as he possibly could, the period would at least take the amount of time it takes for a candle to burn.

Jiang Chen was very generous, he could still easily afford to pay for a big meal.

The people on the streets had let out a cry of astonishment when they saw Jian Chen bring Wang Yufeng away into the air and began to gossip to one another.

Lin Anying retracted his energy when he saw that the men from the Blissful Manor were here.

This was an extremely shocking scene! A single attack killed an early Combat Soul demon beast, the third master of the Demon Palace! Even more shocking, it was a young man!

Bi Yuntian shook her head, "No. I must save my sister myself. I will take my sister Yunhai back to Changyang Manor with my own two hands." Digging with all her might, her previously jade-like fingers were covered with both dirt and blood. The ground had become stained with her blood.

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