Night ranger-Reborn!! Chapter 2028

Night ranger-Reborn!! Chapter 2028

"It's the Heavenhawk Island Master's voice."

"Brother Zhuge, with our strength, do you really think we are a match for Jiang Chen?"

While they were talking, another breeze quietly came by. After that, another stone golem appeared right behind Nangong Wentian.

"You are Jiang Chen?"

The fifth elder's gaze immediately became sharp. An invisible thought of his drifted from the centre of his eyebrows, closely joining with the weird seal before him, as if it was drawing something.

"I find that strange as well. But we must move to stop him. If we allow this to continue, we may see the death of such a talented genius happen. That would be far too unfortunate." Tian Jian commanded before urging his body to move out towards the scene of the battle.

The next fight was between Ming Dong and Zhangsun Yunfeng. After a short break the arena was back to normal, allowing Ming Dong to enter via the Space Gate. However, before he could cross through Jian Chen pulled him aside and with a sharp glance toward Zhangsun Yunfeng, spoke a few words of warning.

"The Resurrection Pills concocted by chief Jiang really has a resurrection effect, this is simply amazing! In just two days, although we suffered severe injuries, we have already fully recovered from them!"

"Oh Heavens, just how strong is he? He's fighting those two at the same time, but he still has the upper hand! If I wasn't here to witness this myself, I wouldn't believe any of it at all!"

Sighing, Mu Zhaye spoke, "You should go apologize to Jian Chen. I must report this matter to your grandfather. By the end, I hope we transform this major problem into no problem."

On Tian Yuan Continent, if a practitioner wanted to rely on the monster cores to cultivate, then they would need to clear away the berserk element within the energy and absorb the pure energy remaining. Just removing that element from the energy would take a lot of time, and even then, the berserk element wouldn't be completely removed, and would leave behind some harmful effects within the body. So while there were many people who relied on using monster cores to cultivate, not many would continue down that path. Every so often, a person would need to stop using monster cores and completely refine the energy absorbed, in order to not suffer from any negative effects.

Jian Chen looked at Duo Li and his group of men next to him before asking Duo Li, "Commander Duo Li, is there a problem?"

With an explosive sound, Mao Fang completely unleashed his aura of a Late Divine Core warrior. A dazzling palm appeared, it crashed toward the Flood Dragon like a mountain with its violent energy.

"There is an exit to this place, but the terrifying devil cave is on the other side. In order to survive, there is no way he would have just stayed here, waiting for death to arrive. The reason why he died was because he couldn't open the defense mechanism and leave this place."

"You're right, it will take us a really long time to travel. Ah, if only we had a Teleport Formation££"

Furthermore, the Imperial Emperor really hated it when someone mentioned the rights to visit the Island of Ice a hundred years ago, it always made him feel as if what he got today was given to him by Wu Jiu. This mentality gave birth to an ill-feeling toward Wu Jiu, and now, because of Jiang Chen, this ill-feeling had become worse.

Clang, clang, clang££

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