Soul Eating Sovereign Chapter 2031

Soul Eating Sovereign Chapter 2031

It only dug about three inches into the surface of the arm, but it caused the flesh to begin to decay for a moment before the fan's powers of regeneration kicked in and healed the wound. Even still, Bai Xiaochun was shocked by the ferocity of the attack.

The girl who appeared to be Hou Xiaomei was none other than Gongsun Wan'er, whose eyes shone with sinister light as she smiled and said, "You still remember me, sweetie? Don't worry, how could I possibly hurt your Xiaomei? I'm just standing in for her to play with you a bit."

Sword Demon Huang Qing! Qing Shui did not know what to feel towards this woman from the Second Portrait of Beauty. He did not know if this special character from the Sword Tower will become an obstruction when he goes to step over the Sword Tower.

And yet, he knew it was no hallucination. Whether it was the ghost galleon or the faceless woman combing her hair, it had all been very, very real. At this point, he suddenly realized that he had been extremely lucky.

Qing Shui soon discovered what it was. Tens of those tremendous fellows had already appeared. And judging by the situation, the numbers were still increasing!

The Luochen Clan was a relatively large clan, which had stood guard in the Fallenstar Mountains for a thousand years. Every generation of the clan had Foundation Establishment patriarchs. Generally speaking, the mere threat posed by such people was more than enough to help them in their duties of guardianship.

These items could be distributed to the people of the Qing Clan for building up their foundation in a year's time!

The four quasi-Core cultivators exchanged glances, and then gritted their teeth to take action. They couldn't just leave now and return with no information to report! Joining their power together, they moved to enter the room. However, before they could reach the door, a blast of frigid qi erupted from the room, filling the area.

There was no organization of the affair; everyone instinctively took to action. Thankfully for Bai Xiaochun, he had reacted quickly, otherwise he would quickly have been apprehended.

The man's eyes brightened when he heard Qing Shui's words. He took a good look at Qing Shui. Even at his level, he could only vaguely tell that Qing Shui's strength was about the Peak of Grade Two Martial Saint.

(TL: The killing intent referred here, means sexual aura)

In the moment that the flying snake beast king appeared, Li Zimo's face flickered, and he rose to his feet, brilliant light shining in his eyes. His Nascent Soul aura erupted out, and he flicked his sleeve, sending a powerful gale force wind shooting toward the flying snake.


The truth was that Bruiser's current state was only a sign of what was to come for the north bank. Back before he had reached the Foundation Establishment level of power, he had been incredible. And yet, he had completely surpassed all expectations, and reached Foundation Establishment smoothly and naturally!

"How amusing," he said, a cold, bizarre smile spreading across his face. "This Bai Hao seems to whip up a storm wherever he goesĄ­. The Giant Ghost King wants him as a son-in-law. The Spirit Advent King wants me to execute him so his daughter will forget about him. The Nine Serenities King's son wants to assassinate himĄ­. It seems that all of the four heavenly kings have been dragged into issues revolving around Bai Hao.

Li Youdao seemed very satisfied to see Hou Yunqing's reaction, but when he saw the expression on Bai Xiaochun's face, he was less than pleased. After looking him up and down, he decided that, not only would he put Hou Yunqing in his place, he would crush his friend at the same time.

"Feng Clan's Enormous Bloody Seal of Sorrow!"

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