Player Reached the Top Chapter 2476

Player Reached the Top Chapter 2476

"We're done for, even the mayor is going to get killed by them! Fragrant Sky City is done for, we're all doomed!"

"That's why you hid your extraordinary beauty behind your veil?"

Immediately, Jian Chen could only feel an odd type of energy pulse from the stone and into his arm. While the energy felt odd to him, it entered his body quite gently where it slowly circulated around before pulsing back out from his body and into the stone.

35 Dragon Marks wasn't a small number. Besides, the Dragon Transformation skill consumed massive amounts of energy when breaking through, and whenever he broke through to a higher realm, it would become more difficult to progress further, therefore, it was a tough goal to break through to the Heavenly Core realm. However, on the other hand, Jiang Chen only needed a huge amount of energy to break through to the next realms and stages. For the once greatest saint in the world, there was no bottleneck when breaking through. He was only doing what he had basically done before, and whenever he reached a new realm, he would have perfect control over the natural Yuan energy, as he had already learned to control it once before.

"Dear friends, after walking so far down the path with this one, one has to wonder what you are doing." Jian Chen said with a trace of a smile, but his tone was still flat.

"Haha, my daughter Mu Rong Xiao Rou is on the way.I'm sure she will be here in no time."

Inside the bank, Jian Chen converted all of the copper, silver and gold coins on him into purple coins. Only a few of the coins were left unconverted for him to use for daily expenses. Most of the money he had converted came from his time in the Magical Beast Mountain Range where Jian Chen had taken all of the money from the dead mercenaries bodies and Space Belts.

"Triple Intelligent Fists!"

Guo Shan threw an examining look at Jiang Chen and discovered that he was only at the Mortal Core realm. Guo Shan furrowed his brows and asked, "You're just a disciple from the outer circle; do you have any idea what this place is?"

"You're courting death!"

After blowing the fire snake apart with his fist, the man stopped his attack to glance at Mu Yu in astonishment as he cried out in alarm, "This is a battle skill, to think you actually knew one." No one had discovered that the man's right fist had actually turned bright red, and had even swelled up in size.

His brother, Jian Chen, was an Imperial Protector of the kingdom. With a relationship like that, Qin Ji would be full of confidence even when he spoke to his own father, the king. Qin Ji could even feel that his father now treated him very differently, and even the eminent dukes and ministers who held great power treated him much more courteously than before.

Big Yellow behaved like he was going to do something huge. By just bringing a few men with him, he wanted to conquer all the strongholds. He was really courageous!

"This is so frightening!"

Although Jian Chen sensed the youth's departure, he didn't try to chase after him. The three Saint Master bodyguards in front of him definitely wouldn't allow him to leave and harm the young master of the Tianxiong clan.

Liang Xiao had no choice, he was forced to counter attack with the Great Slash of Devastation in order to block Jiang Chen's attack.

"Peng!" The student who had his forehead hit immediately fainted onto the floor. At the same time, Jian Chen's right leg kicked one of the other students in the chest.

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