Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 1495

Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 1495

Jiang Chen said as if it was nothing serious.

"I heard Sect Elder Guo Shan shut his doors to study alchemy."

In an instant, everyone's eyes flew over to land onto Jian Chen's body with a look of extreme displeasure.

"So he has a Space Ring?!" The entire group all lit up with excitement and greed as they looked at it with happy smiles.

"That old man is a nice man, this master dog likes him. If he could be my human p- mph££ buddy, why are you covering my mouth?"

"Hou!" Suddenly, the loud growl of the panther-like magical beast was heard. It leapt into the air with such force that its pawprint was visibly imprinted on the ground, as its entirely black body transformed into a black shadow that shot towards the youth ten meters away. While in midair, the black panther began to open its large jaw that revealed its sharp teeth that could fill a person's heart with dread.

The Elder's control over his dagger was superb, and it was almost as if he had reached the absolute pinnacle with his weapon. Almost as if each strike was an act of perfection, the dagger always flew straight toward Jian Chen's heart.

"Hahaha, what kind of talk is that? This king would be happy to receive you, it is no bother at all." The king boomed with laughter. With that, the joyous mood receded as he cleared his throat and left.

Tan Lang was truly happy. For no reason at all, he had been dragged into the Southern Continent's conflict, and he truly felt as if his luck was at rock bottom. No matter how much of a genius he was, there was no way he could be a match for Lord Nether. If Jiang Chen hadn't freed him from that cage, he would be a corpse buried in the Southern Continent by now.

A grin appeared on Jiang Chen's face. In such a state, the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil was doomed. Jiang Chen's fighting experience was simply incredible, he knew very well that a devil king such as this Violent Bloodthirsty Devil existed just for fighting and slaughtering, and they had extremely sensitive senses during battle, and that's the reason why Jiang Chen didn't unleash the Nine Phantom Wolves when the fight began.

After leaving the mountain peak of the ancestor, Jian Chen returned to the Huang family's villa where Huang Luan was and walked to the second story of the pavilion.

"Really not bad, I can feel the imperial atmosphere from here."

Sensing Shangguan Sheng getting closer to him, Big Yellow was somewhat surprised. However, he showed no signs of panicking. Instead, there was actually a cunning expression on his face.

"Elder Gao, you've healed a decent amount, how likely do you think we will be able to successfully defend ourselves against him." The elder patriarch of the Yangji Sect spoke calmly as if he did not care for this matter.

"Brother, have you really become a Saint Ruler?" Ming Dong was the first one who could not hold it back, so he asked. He was moved.

Followed by the continuous furious roars, the entire Misty Mountain entered a state of turmoil. Even from afar, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow could see explosive golden energy waves from the center of Misty Mountain. The continuous furious roars were loud as thunder strikes, they were coming directly from the Firethorn Savage's fury.

"Damn it, first there was Yun Can, and now there is that guy. Let's see how senior disciple Jiang is going to handle this."

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