Gourmet Emperor : Building A Nation Chapter 280

Gourmet Emperor : Building A Nation Chapter 280

"No... this can't be real!! Bai Hao! Bai Hao!!!" Lingering hatred and despair could be seen in his eyes as he tumbled away, screaming in terror.

Moments ago, the heavenstring energy had been slowly descending, but now... it appeared in the open and began to drop down!

The store was thus filled with a warm youthfulness as the fair, gorgeous young ladies sashayed around like blossoms in breeze, while the male customers looked with great thirst.?

Xu Baocai, Du Lingfei, Han Jianye, and everyone else present were completely stunned.

"Ever since the rumors spread, sister has not stepped out of the house. She often stares into space by herself. This has never happened before. Even when I ask her, she doesn't say anything. I'd like to ask, are the rumors real?"

"Everyone look over here. Today I shall explain the concepts of our [Heavenly Palace Sword Art]. Pay close attention, I shall explain and demonstrate it once." The Elder's voice was soft but had a penetrative power and resounded throughout the public square.

Pausing for a moment and studying the formation, Qing Shui confirmed that this first trial was a failure. However, he was not discouraged. Qing Shui picked up the pebbles from the ground and sat down. He studied the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation, placing more attention on the crucial points of the formation. While doing so, he also practiced his Nine Palace Steps several times.

Another half a year went by, and the talk died down even more. One day when Bai Xiaochun was sitting there cross-legged in his secluded meditation facilities, his eyes snapped open, and it almost looked like lightning was crackling within them.

Tiger Tailwhip Kick!

Mighty Elephant Stomp: Diamond Gigantic Elephant's active technique. Requires Core Qi from the Core! The tremendous mighty elephant can stomp fiercely on the ground; with a loud bellow, its aura and strength can be enhanced. When on the ground, it can bring out two times its original strength. Can level up!?

"Conquer the Yan Clan, conquer the Yan Clan with mother and bring back his big sister for a family reunion!" This was his never-changing objective from when he was young.

Qing Shui had a sudden epiphany and quickly entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal towards the field of plum blossoms. He didn't notice it before but nurturing the Nature Energy in this area felt distinctly faster than in the real world. However, when he went out of the realm, he realized that the field of plum blossoms would prove to be insufficient. He still required the plum blossoms to brew the Plum Blossom Wine, so if he were to cultivate his Nature Energy there, the plum blossoms would exhaust their essence, turning into something less than an ordinary flower.

To outsiders, Hou Xiaomei was as fiery as a hot pepper, but as soon as Bai Xiaochun's hand made contact with her, her face turned bright red, and she felt dizzy. Her tiny frame almost went limp as Bai Xiaochun dragged her inside.

"No, accompany me to shop first. We will get a room later. If there are no more rooms later, then you will have to accompany me shopping for the whole night." Yu He seemed to enjoy the surrounding environment. She was looking everywhere.

"Who cares about medicine concocting? Could it really affect us that much? That whole diarrhea thing only happened because they got careless. As long as we're on guard, nothing bad could possibly happen."

It was at this point that Ouyang Jie's voice finally rang out. "The third round of the Chosen battles will follow the same rules as before. Victory will be given to whoever takes the most wins. The first set of matches will be Shangguan Tianyou versus Xu Song, Ghostfang versus Gongsun Yun, and Bai Xiaochun versus Gongsun Wan'er. These fights will be carried out simultaneously!"

Other than that, it was also a prolific fire-user. Its fire attacks were quite good and it was also strong with close combat, as it was fast and accurate.

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