The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 512

The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 512

A swooshing sound was heard from the gigantic ruler. Mao Sheng didn't dare neglect this attack, he quickly blocked.

"Hmph, it was a mistake on our ends I suppose to not dispose of your body. If we had, you would not be able to live as happily as you do now. Jian Chen, I don't wish to mince words with you. Since the Jiede clan isn't here, you may as well come back to my Shi family and return the Seal of Treasure Mountain. We will keep silent about your survival if you come with us." The elder spoke.

"Stay your hand!"

"Looks like the Mayor himself has to come personally. Let's go!"


Hearing that, the mercenaries began to laugh out loud as they looked at each other before one of the mercenaries cried out, "My brothers, surround him!"

"What? Ten years? You've actually stayed here for ten years? A desolate land like this? If this master dog stayed here for ten years, I would certainly be bored to death!"

Chapter 112 ΓΏ Meeting the Sect Chief

The ancestor took out an exquisite jade case from his Space Ring and gently placed the jade piece into it for safekeeping. This jade piece could be used to summon a grand elder of Mercenary City; even if it was only a single use, it was still priceless in value since it equated to an unbelievable amount of might.

Jian Chen didn't pause for long, and began to walk at a normal pace toward a crowded street. However, before he could get very far, his expression suddenly changed. Using his powerful spirit's acute perceptive abilities, he could clearly sense hundreds of gazes coming from all directions at him.

"That's correct. Changyang Xiangtian has only just returned, we only just received information of that not too long ago. Seeing brother Ming Dong's expression, could it be that you know him?" The other prince spoke.

"Whoever blocks that person will be heavily rewarded by the Tianxiong clan!"

"That's right, I am. Whether you want to torture me or kill me, do as you please."

Jiang Chen looked at Yan Chen Yu and nodded his head, "Fine, you have the Nine Yin Meridians so you don't need to fear the cold. Maybe you'll be able to deal with the monster. The freezing crystal can provide you with endless benefits."

Seeing how the elders refused to sit and instead stood by the side, Jian Chen took his mother and sat her down in a chair before sitting in the seat next to her.

Guo Shan was curious about what happened after he entered the coma, but he knew Jiang Chen was in the middle of healing him, and this was the most crucial moment. Therefore, he didn't ask anything. It wouldn't be too late to ask after he had fully recovered.

The inner parts of the Asura Palace were crowded with palaces of all sizes. There were even ancient buildings hovering above the clouds surrounded by glowing rays, giving it a magical feeling.

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