Final Frontier Chapter 759

Final Frontier Chapter 759

"Brother Jiang, what did you say just now? Use this blood talisman to deal with the Earth Devil?"

"Xiang'er, how is the situation up front? How did the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom suddenly bring out so many experts?" Changyang Ba was the first to blurt out. He was extremely worried about the battle ahead, but because he was a far distance away, he wasn't able to see the situation too clearly.

Two bright fists covered in Yuan power slammed into each other, sounding like two metal plates slamming into each other as the air around them exploded.

"Chen Gege, quickly, tell me what had happened in this this half year."

"Fourth master, it is seldom that you come by the Huang family, why not first see the young miss?" Elder Feng spoke.


Chapter 181 Ă¿ The Gargantuan Formation

The soldiers down below were affected as well. The loud thunderous sound vibrated their eardrums, making them ring long after.

The group planned their evil plot using Yan Chenyu. However, none of them knew that Yan Chenyu was no longer the same weak girl as she once was. Her Nine Yin Meridians has completely awakened, and even Wu Cong was unable to do her any harm now. She also had the mysterious Black Ice Talisman, and the Ice Demon King to protect her. Their evil plot was not going to work as simply as they thought.

Smiling, the king replied, "Commander Shu speaks the truth. Now then, Imperial Advisors, what do you think?"

"No problem, no problem at all. As long as the two Saint Rulers of the Hongfu clan fall, I wouldn't want any of the two Ruler Armaments. They can all go to brother Jian Chen." Huang Tianba said extremely generously. Although Ruler Armaments were very valuable, having many was not necessarily good. This was because for every Ruler Armament, an additional amount of power was needed to guard it. One was already enough for the Huang Family.Chapter 684: Wiping Out the Hongfu Clan (Three)

The Imperial Emperor was furious; there was no way he could remain calm! The Crown Prince had been castrated; this had never before happened in the Martial Saint Dynasty. The Crown Prince was to be the next Imperial Emperor, but he had now been castrated. And, things weren't as simple as that. This was a heavy blow to the Imperial Emperor's face; a huge challenge to the entire Martial Saint Dynasty.

Jiang Chen cupped his fist toward the Imperial Emperor and spoke with a loud voice.

"Jiang Chen, can you let the Crown Prince go now?"

The Imperial Emperor furrowed his brows. Whenever someone mentioned the Ninth Emperor, he would begin feeling uneasy, especially when the Ninth Emperor was against him. That only made this feeling even stronger.

"Big Yellow, let's ditch them."

"Correct, Lord Cheng. He's definitely that Changyang Xiang Tian who hurt our companions." Luo Jian said as he stood behind Karl.

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