overpowered sect founder Chapter 899

overpowered sect founder Chapter 899

Dugu Feng found himself watched by the eyes of many. He was not capable of changing his face as easily as Jian Chen was, and even with his strength as an Earth Saint Master, there were far too many informers that scoured every nook and cranny of the city to find him. With his prideful nature, he was loathe to hide in a dingy and desolate area. Neither did he wish to continue running and hiding from the weaklings that chased him. However, Jian Chen had told him to keep his identity hidden while not taking any drastic measures. In the end, Dugu Feng's arms and legs were tied. Without using his skill to intimidate everyone, he could only temporarily leave Fengyang City.

"Don't you bully big brother!" Just at that moment, Little Spirit's voice rang through the entire shrine. Her ethereal body made an appearance within the shrine, and even though entrance within the shrine itself was extremely difficult, she had done so without difficulty. This time, she had not bothered to hide her body so Tian Jian and the two elders were able to see her clearly.

A Saint Ruler that looked after a thousand year old family. A family that even the Changyang Clan couldn't possibly hope of using to scale in power. Changyang Ba could never have imagined that the fourth wife he chose would possibly be related to such a powerful family. It was all very hard to take in.

After that, Tyrant began chanting in some Sanskrit sutra. He removed the beads from his neck, then used the beads to unleash countless golden beams into Jiang Chen and Big Yellow's body. He was using a Buddhist technique to heal both of them.

As the bodyguard posted the portrait onto the city gates, everyone glanced at the figure on it. The person looked to be no younger than 16 years old, and no older than 20. Although the person looked very young, his looks were handsome and actually looked very lifelike despite it being a drawing. Whoever had drawn this portrait was a true master of art.


It was another broken sword part!

Jiang Chen spoke like nothing had happened.

Someone said worriedly.

Qing Styx's shout was like a massive clap of thunder, vast and mighty.


Patriarch Jiede was completely convinced that the reason why Jian Chen had escaped punishment had nothing to do with having a relationship with the power holders of Mercenary City. The elder was puzzled by the method Jian Chen used to escape punishment.


The fighting grounds for the finals would take place on a giant plaza in the middle of Mercenary City. The arena was already set up as several highly raised platforms with a transparent barrier covering each arena. In every direction a multitude of people had already gathered to spectate today's events.

Kai Er, Qingfeng, Mo Tian, and Charcas all stood by the gates with the Flame Mercenaries standing behind them in silent solitude. Each one of them had a grim expression, but there was no worry to be seen.

"That's right, the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill."

The following morning, Jian Chen had finally finished last night's cultivation exercise. Today was a special day for him, since it was his 3rd birthday. At the same time, today would be the day that he would undergo the very same test as any other 3 year old in the Tian Yuan continent├┐the Saint's Test.

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