Apocalyptic Survival System Chapter 2879

Apocalyptic Survival System Chapter 2879

After everyone had left, a youth around 20 years old, with a tall and sturdy stature, not very different from Tie Ta's, walked over from the distance. He walked straight towards Jian Chen, and reached his hand out to strongly pat Jian Chen's shoulder and laughed, "Fourth brother, you've become the school's celebrity now. Amongst all of Kargath Academy's students, I'm sure that at this point, there is nobody that doesn't know of your reputation. Not bad, not bad. You haven't lost Changyang clan's face, and your older brother has been able to draw on some of your spotlight too." The sturdy youth was Jian Chen's older brother, Changyang Hu. He was currently sporting an extremely happy expression, and it was clear that his excitement was genuine.

"Your words have merit; the identity of this Yang Yutian is still unclear. Right now, we are unable to predict whether or not this betrothal will bring fortune or destruction, this is far too risky."

As he looked at each and every movement within the diagrams, Jian Chen would occasionally feel a small revelation appear within his mind. It was as if he were on the verge of understanding something but was unable to grasp the final step and grew confused once more. Seeing just how each one of these movements and forms had some sort of secret, Jian Chen was unable to completely understand just what was the purpose, leaving him quite vexed.

Hearing the two words, a gleam of light immediately flashed across Bi Hai's eyes. He stared at Jian Chen with shining eyes and said sternly, "Grandson, where did you learn about the Bloodsword Sect?"


Jiang Chen said.

Within the meeting hall of the Yan family.

Many disciples started cursing. In their opinion, Li Wu Ling just needed to say that he was here to kill someone for revenge. There was no need to mention anything about a challenge.

Tan Lang said.

"Brat, you're being impudent. Don't think that because you hired an Earth Saint Master to help resolve your matters you'll be able to get away. You killed plenty of people from the three major clans of Fengyang City, not a single one of our clans will ever forgive you for that." Another three people distinguished themselves from the crowd as the three major clan heads of the city.

"Old bird, today I'll turn your mansion into ruins!"

In that short moment, everyone in the crowd had approved to this explanation. In their eyes, aside from a battle skill, there was no other explanation for Jian Chen's speed or strength.

"Haha, what a dumbass! With this method, if he really succeeded, I would eat dog shit immediately!"

"What a mighty innate ability!" Jiang Chen's eyes widened as he watched from afar. The Firethorn Savage's innate ability was really frightening; it allowed one to both attack and defend at the same time.

Tie Ta brandished his 100 pound battleaxe with ease as if it wasn't heavy at all. Whenever a Blue Wolf approached, he would send it flying away. Thus, any wolf that got too close to him was sent flying, with a new wound on its body. However, the skin of a Blue Wolf was tough, so even Tie Ta couldn't kill one with ease.

This was a very strong source of power, but it was still unfamiliar to Jian Chen. If he didn't properly familiarize himself with it then he wouldn't be able to freely use it at an efficient level. So Jian Chen didn't waste any time and immediately set himself to training with it.

Totally ignoring the panicked Lee Shan Yue, the old man smashed his sharp claws into Lee Shan Yue's head. After that, under Lee Shan Yue's desperate expression, the old man crushed his head. One of the tigers in Red city had just died on the spot.

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