Timeless Love Chapter 911

Timeless Love Chapter 911

After, the headmaster walked towards the frame of the window and jumped out of it. Then just like a big bird, he immediately flew into the sky with frightening speed and flew off into the horizon.

Jian Chen carefully read the information in the book. Afterwards, he closed his eyes and pondered for a while. He silently simulated the coalescence of the Radiant Saint Shield in his mind, before snapping open his eyes. His gaze immediately became determined.

These two men were Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom called Dongyi Junbai and Cao Keqin, a Fourth Cycle Heaven Saint Master and a Third Cycle Heaven Saint Master.

The crescent moon like force of energy had moved past Jian Chen's back. This time, Jian Chen's good luck had saved him once more.

£¦Bastard, I will not let you get away easily after what you have done today.'

When Jian Chen arrived, he couldn't help but to laugh out loud. It turns out that this place was filled with spirit mushrooms, they were purple in color and weren't all too large. At the very most, they were twenty centimeters tall and ten centimeters wide. But when the tiger cub saw them, its mouth began to water, allowing Jian Chen to realize these were heavenly resources.

Daoist Black immediately threw up all the wine he had drank. After violently coughing for some time, he angrily glared at Han Yan.

"Tie Ta, there's guests in our village."

"Just show me whatever tricks you have, if you don't, you won't have the chance later."

Roar roar££


"Damn it! Why are there so many people who wants to kill us?"


As if mocking Situ Qing, Jian Chen gave him a strange look, "Saint Ruler, do you really think that if you ally yourself with the Hongfu clan and the Yan family, you'd be able to take the tungten alloy? How laughably naive you are."

Hearing the man's challenging words and tone, Nubis immediately became unhappy. Silver Striped Golden Snakes indeed would put their dignity above everything else and what the man said had already crossed Nubis's bottom line. Without even considering what status the man held, he sneered, "What I, the great Nubis, does is none of your concern. Not just you, even the great king has no right to it."

Immediately pulling back, Elder Wu flashed away from Jian Chen as he looked at Jian Chen with dread, "I didn't think that a Supreme Treasure would be so powerful for a barely Great Saint Master to be able to bring about such a threat to an Earth Saint Master!" Although his injuries were quite severe, the elder didn't have any thoughts about retreating. In his heart, he still believed that he had enough strength to steal away the Supreme Treasure from Jian Chen's hands.

"It's fine, there's no need to bother about something like this. Our first priority are those pages." Jian Chen spoke to Dugu Feng before quickly running past the crowd and toward the cave's interior.

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