When love beckons twice Chapter 1482

When love beckons twice Chapter 1482

Jiang Chen finally understood why this Firethorn Savage kept wasting its life-force essence.

As Ka Di Yun steadied himself, Jian Chen had already arrived at his backside another time, and struck at his back with his right hand once more. Although the fist traveled at a speed that made it look like it was as light as a feather, the effect was anything but light. Anyone that had faced off against Jian Chen before would agree that Jian Chen's strength was more extraordinary than it looked.

A disciple shouted at them.

"Your Majesty, while the green hills last, there'll be wood to burn. The highest priority is that your life is preserved. If the Gesun Kingdom captures you, there will be no way that they will let you live." The eunuch pleaded with a panicked expression as he listened to the sounds of hooves getting closer and closer.

Nangong Wentian responded with a cold harrumph as well. He unleashed his energy as well, sending a tsunami-like wave of energy toward his opponent.

Many people immediately threw their glances to this white-clothed young man. Even though no one could see his face, as there was a layer of golden light covering his face, they could feel that he was a young man.

"Yes!" The four replied before leaping into the cellar below.

But what really made them stunned beyond belief was of the existence that transcended the Saint Emperor realm, wargod Aergyns of the Bai clan. And yet, someone as strong as he died at the hands of the Winged Tiger God.

"Master, the Primordial Godsilk is not a material for forging the Azulet Swords, but a rare material used to create spiritual treasures of the world. Once the Primordial Godsilk is forged into a spiritual treasure of the world, the uses are so many that it's impossible for me to explain it with just a few sentences." Qing Suo said.

"My lord, this was the work of the Yangji Sect. After being bullied last night, the Yangji Sect came back earlier today for revenge. As they were smashing up the place, my son tried to stop them but was taken back with them as a result." The shop owner cried out in grief.

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. Nan Bei Chao was no doubt a peerless genius, but Jiang Chen didn't believe that Nan Bei Chao would always be stronger than him. He was a Saint before reincarnation, and now he was cultivating an ancient immortal skill, the Dragon Transformation skill. If Nan Bei Chao was still at the peak Heavenly Core realm, Jiang Chen had the confidence that he could easily kill him.

Not long ago, they were the mammoths that dominated the Jian Prince, and their aura of supremacy could be found even in the deepest parts of their bones. But today, the two mammoths of the Jian Province had died, including their two Late Combat Soul warriors. This was a huge loss, and even if these people managed to survive, both superpowers would lose their ability to continue domineering the Jian Province. Their fall was destined to happen now.

No one had expected the fourth master of the Changyang clan, Changyang Xiangtian, would be the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom. Now that such information had been revealed, it easily explained why the Qinhuang Kingdom had expended so much effort to help the Gesun Kingdom.

The energy surge brought by the burning of his life-force was still there. If he struck out of fury now, he could still cause devastating damage to the Green Sanctuary Sect.

The two golden arrows traveled through the air with a golden trail as if they were shooting stars that flew closer and closer to the two men.

"It feels like a Devil King is coming! The energy is getting stronger and stronger££ I wonder how strong Han Yan will become when he fully awakens."

"The taste isn't bad, serve me another table of food!"

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