Slaying Gods in the Game World Chapter 2817

Slaying Gods in the Game World Chapter 2817


Clang! Pop!

Buzzing sounds lingered in their ears as more and more ice-cold beams appeared and covered Yan Chenyu. She was now no longer in sight. However, the statue's appearance was getting more clear now, and it resembled Yan Chenyu's exact look!

"So you're that Jiang Chen! Fine, you're finally here, it's time for you to pay the debt of blood you have with the Shangguan Clan!"

On the other side of the door, Jian Chen's mother, Bi Yuntian, looked astonished at the Radiant Saint Force flying through the sky into the room Jian Chen and Changyang Hu were in. Astonished, the look on her face grew to reflect her shock.

The Tianqin clan already had four hundred years of history. Ever since their foundation, they had resided within Walaurent City and silently grew. After four hundred years, their strength had reached an incredibly strong level beyond anyone's comprehension. Even the young lord of the Tianqin clan, Qin Xiao only knew a thin layer of it.

After this confirmation, the two grand elders looked at each other in amazement. Following a small moment of hesitation one of the grand elders spoke, "Changyang Xiangtian, are you here because of yesterday's events?"

Jiang Chen said.Red city was a big city, and it was not something that the small Heavenly Fragrant city can compare to.Obviously he was curious to see who came from Red city.

The Dimensional Creature who had just emerged spotted Jiang Chen and his friends, it immediately sprinted toward them, crazily.

"Little Chen, did you really see another gate?"

"Who££ who££ just who are you? Are you the grand elder of Mercenary City or from the ten great guardian clans?" The Gilligan clan member roared at the sky as he stared in shock. With his current strength, he was actually completely suppressed by the opponent. Humans who possessed such strength could be counted with fingers. Other than the grand elder of Mercenary City, only the ten guardian clans possessed such peerless experts.

"Not good, it's the roar of the Golden Fur Tiger King! Run, run quickly, everyone scatter or else we'll all die here!" Captain Cross shouted as his voice trembled with fear. Even before he could finish his warning, he had immediately taken off into the forest with the cub of the Golden Fur Tiger King. Even the mercenaries who had been fighting the Flame Mercenaries immediately gave up the fight and immediately followed Cross into the forest.

A short sword was embroidered on the man's chest; it was the Heavenly Sword Sect symbol.

"What do you think?" Jian Chen joked as he looked at him with a smile.

As was expected, the moment Tian Jue heard that line, his face grew exceedingly malicious as he started toward the stairwell with some killing intent pouring out of his body. "Who dare's say such words, hurry the f*ck up and show your face!" Now that he had been provoked for the third time, Tian Jue's face had grew extremely dark with anger.

Saiya immediately stop speaking at the grand elder's command. Although the three of them were Heaven Saint Masters, the two grand elders were extremely high in power, and even he did not dare defy the two.

Upon hearing mention of the senior on top of the mountain, Huang Qinglan thought to the ancestor and immediately grew apologetic and venerable, "If it is so, then I won't delay the Imperial Protector's time any longer."

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