Broken Caged Heart Chapter 1250

Broken Caged Heart Chapter 1250

"Jiang Chen, dead dog, let see where you can run now!"

"Hiding somewhere? Then I shall kill his father first and see if he will come out or not."

Jiang Chen's words were like sharp knives, they tore away everything, leaving Li Hui dumbstruck and unable to reply.

At that moment, another student wearing the academy uniform came running over towards Cheng Mingxiang with an envelope in his hand. "Lord Cheng, a letter from the clan elders have come!"Chapter 59: Revenge

Forbidden City was a King City, and when it came to the Gesun Kingdom, Forbidden City was considered to be an Imperial City because the Imperial Palace was situated in Forbidden City.

"Let's go, we'll have a big feast today."

As for being forced into marriage, Qin Qin did not resist because she knew that any resistance was futile and anything done was just useless. However, she had already made up her mind that she would not marry the boss's son no matter what. As soon as she entered the hall where the wedding ceremony was held, she would commit suicide by biting her tongue.

"Imperial Emperor, your opponent is me."

With that, the middle aged man charged towards Jian Chen, with the rest of the mercenaries following right behind him.

Facing the sky with an even paler face, Jian Chen could only see the two elders from the Jiede clan and the third elder from the Shi family protect themselves with a layer of Saint Force. Floating high in the sky, the three Heaven Saint Masters were using their Heaven Tier Battle Skills at the same time with a power so large that they had influenced the weather itself.

Seeing Jian Chen's hesitation, the king instantly knew what he was thinking about and grew anxious. Whether he could protect the Qiangan Kingdom or not depended on if Jian Chen was interested enough in this Saint Ruler's cave.

"Hmph! So this is what they are up to. Fine, I also want to witness how strong a core disciple is. I'll go check him out."

The separated mother and son were finally reunited once more.

Zhao Chongyang shouted out loudly.

Big Yellow joyfully laughed out as he moved his tremendous body at an incredible speed, sending out tremendous energy waves. He had locked himself down in a fight with the Island Master in a fierce fight, and it seemed that neither would be able to defeat the other with ease.

Knowing that Jian Chen was exceedingly strong, he didn't dare underestimate him. Forming a fist, he lashed out against the Sword Qi with a rippling amount of fire Saint Force.

Jian Chen did not speak, as he currently was eyes-closed, digesting the large amount of information that had suddenly surged into his mind.

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