Loving a Triple Threat Chapter 2596

Loving a Triple Threat Chapter 2596

His size, his expressionless face, his cold eyes, and the explosive power that radiated off of his fleshly body made it seem like any attack he unleashed could shake the foundations of worlds! In fact, he seemed strong enough to destroy the energy passageway itself!

He kept in mind of the Divinity Protection technique and decided to go back. After all, his goal of coming here was to memorize the Divinity Protection technique. The rest of the practice would depend on himself. As for the practice, it would take a few more times to master it.

Qing Shui and the others prepared to make their way back to Hundred Miles City. It was the first time in her life that Qing Qing was leaving Yan City and her first time riding on a flying beast.?

Blood oozed out of the corners of his mouth as he flew back, slamming into a tree and simultaneously pulling the greatsword out of his chest. He quickly slashed the sword out at one of the two remaining opponents. However, his target nimbly dodged to the side, allowing his companion to close in, whereupon his right hand flashed with an incantation gesture, and incredible power exploded out.

"I have some important business I need to attend to. If you guys have nothing else to do, feel free to train here. Take these medicinal pills and banknotes. I will come back in a few days time." Qing Shui carefully instructed his pupils.

"There's no way!!"

The eighteen soul arrows screamed through the air, eighteen beams of light that bore down so quickly on Bai Xiaochun that, before he could react, they were right in front of him.

There were men and women, old and young. The youngest of them all was a little girl in a white dress. Clutched in her arms was a skinless, blood-colored bear. They floated there with blank looks in their eyes, accompanied by various strange beasts that were not native to the lands of Heavenspan.

Next, although he focused primarily on cultivation, Qing Shui still forged two scythes which had the same attributes as the Violet Jade Sword, completely firming his foundations for the Penta-Colored stage.

"Let's take the long way around," he said. "Those are the larvae of bloodsoul ticks! If they get into your skin, they'll burrow into your body and start feasting on your blood and soul! The only thing that can stop them are city-level spell formations! We would be powerless to defend ourselves!"

Cloudmist Steps!

"Don't think too deeply into things," Li Qinghou replied softly. "This war is really unavoidable. Any sect that aspires to get to the Middle Reaches will have to go to war eventually. If we don't fight now, if we compromise, we will be bringing certain disaster down on ourselves in the future. We will wheeze and gasp our way to death over a thousand years. Does that really compare to going out in a blaze of glory in battle?!

According to Qing Shui impression, Lan Tong was a very strong and resolute girl but now she appeared fragile and helpless. This made him feel extremely unhappy.

Qing Ming and Qing Yan were more than four months old now and already knew how to laugh. Their melodious laughter soothed Qing Shui's mood. Whenever Qing Shui was free now, he'd basically be playing with those children.

The powers of the cauldron were mysterious and enigmatic; when the countless streams of sword qi from the Celestial slammed into it, they were like eggs slamming into a boulder. They shattered, and the golden cauldron wasn't harmed at all. A moment later, the cauldron then slammed into the howling Celestial himself.

In this kind of situation, Old Demon Ba could only retreat backwards. Otherwise, he would be inflicted with a few more heavy wounds, which would seal the deal to his imminent death.

This statement made Mu Qian feel a little awkward. He could tell what Qing Shui was hinting. Earlier, he had also wanted to test out Qing Shui's abilities and he was sure that Qing Shui was stronger than that Young Master Yin. However, this wasn't something he could say.

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