The CEO¡¯s Villainess Childhood Friend Chapter 1835

The CEO¡¯s Villainess Childhood Friend Chapter 1835

Regarding the fact that he was a Radiant Saint Master, Jian Chen already knew that revealing it would cause some certain effects. Though, he was confident that with his strength as a Saint Ruler and the important status as an Imperial Protector, the small troubles caused would not be problematic. However, he never thought that the situation was much more severe than he had initially thought. It had completely exceeded his expectations.

"That's right. Everyone is taking what they need, and trading for treasures that they need. Who wouldn't want to participate in a trade fair like this and try their luck? Also, there will be many Combat Soul warriors in the event as well."

After listening to Guo Shan's explanation, Jiang Chen nodded his head. With a stern expression, he said, "They are just good for nothing. Their actions brings no benefits, they only harm. They shouldn't even be allowed to exist in this world. I'll accept this task. I want to see this Lord Blood Moon with my own eyes."

Smiling, Jian Chen replied, "Big brother, what you heard is a half-truth and a half-lie."

Furthermore, the Heavenly Saint Sword was even more incredible! A Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapon was like tofu in front of it! Perhaps only the best Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapon could resist a blow from the Heavenly Saint Sword, but only resist it. The Heavenly Saint Sword's mighty power could only be matched by King Weapons.

In fact, Big Yellow's approach to things in the outside world did not work at all in Inferno Hell. All men here lived on the edge of hell, they had seen lots of bloodshed, and this made them become even crueler and more merciless than devils and demon beasts. If they were pushed too hard, they would do anything in order to strike back. Besides, they had now grouped up, and had very powerful combined combat strength. This removed their fear off Jiang Chen.

When he saw Jian Chen floating in the air, Hu Xiaotian had been surprised, "Eh? Isn't that brother Jian Chen? So he really did become a Heaven Saint Master, I underestimated him. But isn't he amazing, he's fighting against four other Heaven Saint Masters and managed to withstand four Heaven Tier Battle Skills. Perhaps brother Jian Chen has become a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master?"

"We're quitting too, surrender, we're willing to surrender, please spare our lives!"

"Situ Qing was an extremely wealthy person I see. Several dozen purple cards to his wealth? There has to be more to this I'm sure. I wonder just how many purple coins there are in total though." Jian Chen sighed to himself after looking at the contents of the Space Ring.

"Master Blissful, I'm sure you know what's going on here. Furthermore, it was the Shangguan Clan who struck first just now."

Yan Yang looked at Jiang Chen.

The cyan light on the sword scattered into thousands of pieces before melting away into the air. Suddenly, the area around them erupted as stones began to float into the air before forming a giant tornado with Jian Chen at the center.

Right at this moment, a deep and vigorous voice sounded out. Two men came forwards and blocked Jiang Chen's path. Both of them were old men, one had a strong energy and was an Early Divine Core warrior.

Seeing the Light Wind Sword travel towards him, the elderly man couldn't help but have a look of disdain. With a sneer, he lifted his powerful looking right arm into the air and caught the blade in between his two fingers. Despite the strong amount of Sword Qi, it had not damaged the elderly man at all.

"Definitely, I'll come here frequently just because of this wine alone."

On the other side, after suffering from this heavy blow, the Dragon Transformation's circulation speed had reached a maximum. One hundred new Dragon Marks were instantly formed. Right now, the total number of Dragon Marks in Jiang Chen's body had finally reached 10,000.

Big Yellow waggled his tail with a satisfied expression on his face. The Energy Spring Water had provided Big Yellow with huge benefits, and it had taken him one step closer to the Heavenly Core realm.

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