Jacob Dean RS3 Chapter 452

Jacob Dean RS3 Chapter 452

Jian Chen hesitated briefly before ultimately nodding his head with a smile, "Princess, prepare yourself then." With that, Jian Chen's right hand gently grasped the princess' arm. Despite her clothes serving as a barrier between his hand and her arm, Jian Chen could feel her gentle yet flexible skin underneath. Her arm was very minute and soft. Jian Chen's hand could fully wrap around it despite his hands not being too big.

Right at this moment, Yan Chen Yu shouted out as her hands began moving like they were dancing. After that, she began pushing towards the monster.

The Firethorn Savage had awakened. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow strengthened their spirits at the same time. They didn't dare make a single noise, and they held their breaths tightly.

"Damn it, I've heard that Jiang Chen is only a Peak Divine Core warrior, but he actually possess such formidable combat strength! He also has that incredible razor sharp longsword with him! I really wish to see what he looks like!"

"Yes, yes. I'll get on it right away!" It was only now that Jacob remembered that his life was still in danger.

"Without it, do you think there would still be so many herbs here? Not to mention this is only a garden with a 5 km circumference. Even a 50 km circumference garden would be emptied in an instant if there were no defense mechanism. Every single herb here is protected by a defense mechanism, meaning we have to break the mechanism before we can get the herb. Also, according to the rarity of the herb, how many years it has grown, and its value, the strength of the defense mechanism will be different as well. For the herbs with higher value than others and who are also old, their defense mechanisms will be more difficult to break."

"This chilling cold is so extreme;it is at least 10 times colder than what it has been before!"

The battle Jian Chen had been fighting in had originally started over the city, but as time passed, the battle had moved farther and farther away to the mountains where no one was. As it just so happened, these mountains were right next to the tungsten alloy.

"No, young master Jiang has really done a great deed for all of us! There is no way we can repay such great help! My name is Zhang Zhen, and I'll do whatever young master asks me to do from now!"

"We shall now proceed to auction the second Class 5 Magical Beast. Bring it up!" The host cried out as another group of people carried another stretcher with cloth.

Above the fighting stage, Nangong Wentian stored the Myriad Star Ruler and the silver spear in his storage ring, then he returned to the main Nangong family group. Of course, he wasn't going to return the silver spear to Nangong Wenyen. He didn't kill this cousin, therefore, this silver spear should be his reward for defeating him.

Jian Chen could not help but smile, "The fifth elder is extremely correct."

Tie Ta laughed, his heart finally taking comfort in his words, "Changyang Xiang Tian, could you tell me, how is it that you're able to tell if we're near a magical beast or not?" Tie Ta was naturally very curious about this, the whole day he had been puzzling over it, but it was only now that he found the perfect time to ask.

Right at this moment, a Peak Divine Core disciple rushed to the scene. His name was Zhang Yuan, a good friend of Qiu Tianba who always hung around him. When he heard Qiu Tianba's screams just now, he immediately rushed over to the place, and was shocked by their miserable looks.

Jiang Chen's expression changed. He was familiar with the voice, it came from Wang Heng. After splitting up with Tian Yishan and the rest of the men two and a half months ago, he had been trapped in the Poisonous Miasma Space, and now, he had just escaped from that shithole. Then, he coincidentally found Tian Yishan in danger.

Right at this moment, a deep and vigorous voice sounded out. Two men came forwards and blocked Jiang Chen's path. Both of them were old men, one had a strong energy and was an Early Divine Core warrior.

Jiang Chen said. Right now, there were black crows everywhere, and in order to get out from here, or even kill these black crows, they had to use some massive attacks.

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