Origins : Blood Fall Chapter 1189

Origins : Blood Fall Chapter 1189

At the same time, Qing Shui aimed at the middle eye on the Scorpion King's abdomen area and shot the arrow without hesitation!

"Look at me, I'm fine." It felt great to have someone show her concern about him once in awhile. Moreover, that someone was an extremely beautiful woman. On top of that, she didn't mind the intense smell of blood on his body either.

"Over the years, we have tried every possible method to concoct another River-Defying Pill. Unfortunately, all such efforts have failed. After we get back to the headquarters, I need you to go offer formal greetings to the true spirit, and also, think of a way to concoct a River-Defying Pill, before?we get to the Middle Reaches!

Qing Shui then took out his Violet Gold Divine Shield and Thunder God once more. The martial warriors who had their strength reduced to nearly one and a half star would never be able to evade the tiny speckles of flames from the exploded Primordial Flame Balls due to the close proximity to the explosion.

When Bai Xiaochun heard that Hou Xiaomei was one of several disciples to go to Heavenspan Island, he felt a bit better about the situation. And he felt even better when Song Junwan pointed out that such arrangements had been made many times throughout history. In fact, it had been this way for thousands of years. Furthermore, most cultivators who served as special guards on Heavenspan Island eventually returned to their home sects.

Qing Shui never thought that Di Qing would react so dramatically. In the past, she had been forced once by her dad to do so, it's just that Qing Shui didn't really care about this, hence he let her address him anyway she liked. Let alone she was also older than him.

Most of the scorpions were red, Qing Shui felt depressed when he noticed their size, however, he did not see the Tricolor Scorpion King the lady mentioned.

In that moment, the gasps ceased... and the entire world went silent.

The Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly and Jade Emperor Queen Bee were also summoned out by him. But he made them hang on to either the Fire Bird or the Diamond Gigantic Elephant as they continuously initiated their unique attacks at the people from Zhuoshi Clan.

She was smiling as she looked over at Bai Xiaochun, and he was just about to wave to her when he suddenly found that he couldn't move his arm. Looking over, he realized that Hou Xiaomei was casually holding it in her own arm. First, she glared at Song Junwan, and then she pointed up into the sky and excitedly said, "Look, big bro Xiaochun, an irispetal ibis!"

Qing Shui said in an assertive yet calm manner. His words shook the old man for a moment, but he recovered his composure and slowly replied: "I will do it myself!"?

The area of the Southern Ancient Pass was very wide and close to the southern gates. The numerous buildings stretched endlessly down the road. It was the first time Qing Shui saw such a generous and spacious structure. It had an indescribable feeling to it.

He pressed the tip of the Golden Calligraphy Brush on the correct position on the refined Talisman-Shape Tigon Beast Champion Beast Skin that he found. After drawing in a deep breath of air, he started dragging the brush in his hand.?

"Dammit, I got too excited and wasn't paying attention to the time. The spirit automaton is awake! He merged into that big tree last time¡­ if he merges into this lizard, I'm dead!!" Even as he gasped in shock, he could sense the spirit automaton's divine sense rumbling toward him like ocean water.

Spirited Snake Movement: The ability to increase the overall power of the Spirited Snake Turtle by twofold.

"How dare a Core Formation cultivator ambush a Foundation Establishment disciple!"

"Hey, don't blame me. Before the fighting even started, I told Beihan Lie to concede. He didn't listen. I made it clear... that even I'm afraid of my own attacks!" Bai Xiaochun really felt that he was being given the short end of the stick. However, his explanations did nothing except pour fuel onto the fire.

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