King of Sports Chapter 830

King of Sports Chapter 830

"Kid, I don't wish to harm you, just hand over your Space Ring and tell us just how you were able to be immune to the poison. Then we'll let you go." The man ordered.

Changyang Ba snorted, "Cheng Fei, that year has long since past. It was clearly your son Cheng Mingxiang's fault after he inflicted heavy wounds upon my own child, Ah'Hu. The troubles that happened afterward came from the trouble that Cheng Mingxiang caused himself. If you wish to blame someone, then blame your own child for his lack of skill. A Great Saint having his arm cut off by a Primary Saint." Now that the strength of the Changyang clan was far greater than before, Changyang Ba was not afraid of the Hua Yun Sect. So when it came to them, Changyang Ba freely spoke his mind without any filter.

Big Yellow started laughing from excitement. He didn't manage to get anything good from the intense fight between him and Jiang Chen just now. He was really bored, and now, Jiang Chen gave him such a good opportunity. Now he considered him to be a good friend.

"May I ask something? Which province of the Profound Region does Hongyue City belong to?"



"It was all our fault, senior disciple Jiang, please punish us as you see fit!"

In front of them, the tall city walls of Wake City greeted everyone's eyes. Even after one year had passed, the city walls hadn't changed at all. The only difference was that the amount of soldiers on top of the city walls had multiplied. Even the amount of guards at the gates had reached a larger number than Jian Chen had remembered.

Therefore, the entire Jian Province became heated. Jiang Chen did show up to the Gathering of Skynet, and his courage was really worthy of admiration. In such a situation, he still dared come to the Jian Province and ruthlessly strike and kill both top geniuses of the Jian Province. People not only admired his courage, but were also terrified by his formidable strength.Sponsored chapter! Thank you for Jakov G.!

Even after the feast ended, nobody left. Instead, they gathered back in the giant hall of the Changyang clan, where they began to converse once more. It was only at night that the entire group split ways.

The old man currently raging suddenly shouted He could feel a strong sense of danger from deep inside his heart.The speed of the Single Solar Finger was too fast, and he couldn't avoid it.In this dangerous situation, he could only hope to defend himself with a palm attack.

Moreover, the current situation was different. Since they had entered Blue Wind Kingdom, they were temporarily safe. Now, they could mention the battle skill that Mu Yun had.

Both of Changyang Ke's hands clenched his axe tightly, as he attentively looked at Jian Chen. Thanks to the lesson he had just learned, he wouldn't dare to underestimate Jian Chen a second time, so in this round, Changyang Ke moved around carefully.

After resting for a moment to regain some energy, he began to use the Radiant Saint Force within the world to treat his wounds.

Besides, the sacrifice of the first teenage girl was almost done, he needed to get a second girl to continue his ceremony.

Another old man said as he drew out a longsword about 1,5 meters in length. With a large killing intent, he had completely locked down Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. If they dared move a bit, he would strike without hesitation.

Dazed, the young woman stood transfixed to her spot to stare earnestly at Jian Chen to try and confirm for herself. After a standoff for what had felt like an eternity, she finally let out a cry of sorrow, "Master, where in the world have you gone? Do you no longer want Little Spirit anymore? Little Spirit has missed you so much! Master, where are you!" She cried out bitterly. As she cried, her body continued to convulse with shudders, and just slowly, Jian Chen could see her body start to fade before finally disappearing and plunging the entire room back into darkness.

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