God Of Soul System Chapter 2276

God Of Soul System Chapter 2276

A whiff of light fragrance akin to that of orchids, drifted over and assaulted the nostrils of Qing Shui. Looking at that enchanting visage of Wu-Shuang, Qing Shui couldn't help but to feel a reaction. This woman, her name also stood for unparalleled (Wu-Shuang), so beautiful that she could topple empires!

"Even if you can't get a deva soul, and only get a single deva beast soul, you can still bring it back to the sect and trade it for a precious Nascent Soul Pill!!"


Even as the other disciples' killing intent soared, the four grand elders on the Precipice of Never-Ending Blood exchanged surprised looks. Then, their eyes began to gleam with keen interest.

Qing Shui's question made the other four turn puzzledly to look at him. Qing Shui rubbed his nose and smiled awkwardly, "I might be buying some stuff these next few days and am afraid that I might not have enough money with me."

"You naughty idiot! I'm asking you a serious question about the pricing of the soup, and yet you replied with horny sentences." Yu He speechlessly pouted.


The young man stood there quietly, face absolutely expressionless. When he spoke, his voice didn't seem to contain even a hint of emotion. "Ghostfang of the north bank."

Lightning danced around the soulship as its speed suddenly increased exponentially!

Within that glowing sphere were more than 10,000 vengeful souls!

"Nightcrypt!!" he screamed. He wanted to stop moving and right himself, but the force which had been unleashed was something he couldn't fight against.

He ended up with a combination leading to an invigorative medicinal pill¡­¡­..

Diamond Qi!

Nine heavenly demons all appeared behind him, causing his fleshly body to rocket to unprecedented heights. The cultivation of the Undying Live Forever Technique required life force; with enough of it, the potential for progress was virtually limitless.

In unexpected situations, the ¡®Critical Damage' would also be considered a killer move. But now, the defensive boost provided by the cloth was soon unable to catch up. He can only hope his abilities in forging level up quickly.

The wind blowing his hair up, he left his courtyard.

The Sixth Wave that was shot out abruptly had pierced through the old man. However, it wasn't enough to kill him just yet. Qing Shui was confounded for a bit. His strength was nearly drained but he couldn't afford to let this chance by pass by.

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