The Blood Monarch Chapter 845

The Blood Monarch Chapter 845

The night passed uneventfully, and when he walked out of the room the following morning at dawn, Bai Hao could see that, despite his exhaustion, he was very excited. In fact, he was even laughing loudly.


"Qing Shui, I'll go make some food and let's have a meal together. My culinary skills have improved a lot recently!" Yiye Jiange's words made Qing Shui fall into a daze.


"With the help of the power of a deva, your Eldest Brother's Core Formation should proceed smoothly from here on out. However, he did drain a lot of his life force. The process should take a full half year before it's complete." He sighed. "Fine... you can leave him here for me to watch over."

Only when Qing Shui saw these formations did he feel that the Sky Prison Sect's saber formation was but child's play. Real formations could kill opponents by binding them without even needing them to move their hands.

The feast went on all the way until high-noon. After it finished, Qing Shui looked for an excuse to rest. The others said goodbye to Qing Shui. After all, he spent one whole night treating Lady Duanmu, it was just that they were not aware of how he had treated her.

"I'm the only child in the family and there are only three of us, myself and my parents. They are very nice people and would definitely like you when they meet you." Canghai Mingyue smiled and said.

The bids were increasing by one or two or at most by ten taels on the first storey, but the total had not even increased to four hundred gold taels. The person on the second storey may not have been able to hold it in anymore and just shouted out a massive bid to shut everyone up.

They were always profoundly grateful, and he would always ask them about Big Fatty Zhang and his other friends. He would even show them pictures he had stored in jade slips.

They were his trump cards when it came to medicinal pills, his Fantasy Pill and his Aphrodisiac Pill!

After she finished dressing up, she regain a little of her usual composure. However, her mannerism was vastly different from her usual cold and distant demeanor, right now, she couldn't even look at Qing Shui when she was talking to him.

By now, more than half of the Heavenspan River water had merged into his first spiritual sea. Before long, the process would be complete.

"QIng Shui, take this. We believe our judgement, and even trust that you will take good care of YueYue," Canghai stuffed the Token into Qing Shui's hands.

As for everyone else, they were also stunned, but at the same time, somewhat happy. However, in the following instant, their expressions flickered wildly.

Sima Yunhua and the others similarly spread out.

Blood-colored light emanated from Bai Xiaochun, and rumbling sounds could be heard as he barrelled forward. He vanished into a blur, and then, one of the Foundation Establishment cultivators who had just been about to launch a divine ability let out a miserable shriek. Bai Xiaochun bashed into him, along with three other nearby Foundation Establishment cultivators. It almost looked as if the group of four was one person.

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