Cipher Chapter 1600

Cipher Chapter 1600

Big Yellow said.

Within the isolated room in the auction hall, both Master Blissful and the man in black stared at Jiang Chen without blinking their eyes, especially the man in black. A nervous expression could be seen on his face. Only he knew how important the Nine Soul Restoration Pill was to him.

"What a load of bullshit! The lives of those from the Martial Saint Dynasty are precious, but the lives of my family members are not? Let me tell you; in my, Jiang Chen's eyes, the life of a servant in my family is worth a hundred times more than yours! I will kill both of you today, and tomorrow, I will bring your heads to the Imperial Emperor as a big gift! I'll let him taste the feeling of knowing that his family members have been slaughtered by his enemy!"

The Old Emperor sensed his life force gradually fading away with a face full of despair.

To the side of Amethyst Thunder Lion was a gecko like magical beast that was a meter tall and ten meters long. Four stumpy legs held it up from the ground and its body was completely covered by brown colored scales.

"I see no problems." Jian Chen smiled.


"You're just a dog slave, how dare you show such a superior expression here?! Let this master dog give you a free ride to hell!"

"I'll immediately go report it to the four honorable Imperial Protectors." The king did not dare to delay this in the slightest and immediately left, hurrying towards the Qin Heaven Palace.

Jiang Chen let out an explosive roar, then he too threw out a punch containing tremendous force. As he punched out, his arm was immediately covered with blood red dragon scales, and an illusionary dragon emerged as well. The dragon was formed entirely from the concentration of incredible energy, and as it carried the raging True Dragon Flame and Heavenly Thunder Flame along its way, it simply looked so mighty that none could stare directly at it with the naked eye.

"Jiang Chen, I've heard you found a broken piece of an Emperor Weapon on the Island of Ice, could you show it to me?"

Jian Chen understood what Tie Ta was feeling and went to comfort him. "Tie Ta, the Tian Tuan Continent is a world where the weak are the food for the strong. The future will remain like this in almost a daily experience. Wait until you have the strength and you'll learn to adapt."


Georgien stepped forward with a earth-shattering amount of power flowing out from his body. "It appears that your Gesun Kingdom is dead-set on making our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom your enemy. Changyang Xiangtian and Ming Dong are two characters that we will definitely bring back. If you continue to intervene, then our two kingdoms will meet again with swords and shields."

The spectators were all certain that this trio would die today. Judging from how this fight has been playing out so far, it was impossible to hope for a miracle now.

"Little brother, could you cheer me on?" Tianmu Ling laughed into Jian Chen's ears before walking into the Space Gate. Afterward, another middle aged man walked into the other Space Gate.

Hearing that, Bi Hai furrowed his eyebrows slightly. He stayed silent for a while before speaking, "Your grandfather once travelled the continent, so I do happen to know a little about Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters. They're extremely rare on the Tian Yuan Continent, and even if you count all them on the Tian Yuan Continent, they're extremely scarce. Grandson, why've you suddenly found interest in Class 7 Radiant Saint Master?" Bi Hai looked at Jian Chen in doubt.

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