Vampire Chronicles Chapter 2155

Vampire Chronicles Chapter 2155

Qing Shui looked at the innumerable Berserk Dragons and his goosebumps stood up uncontrollably. Their scarlet bodies were like a lion's and they were approximately 30 meters long. Their fierce heads were a cross between a lion and a camel, and their jaws filled with massive sharp teeth. A thick stench of blood came hurtling over.

AST 888 - Five-eyed Lion Wolf King£¬Hovering between life and death

As of this moment, he was not powerful in the simplistic sense of the word. He was powerful in a completely flabbergasting fashion. He could crush anyone in the Mortal-Dao Nascent Soul stage, no matter what techniques they used against him. In fact, someone with a Mortal-Dao Nascent Soul, even one half a step into the Deva Realm, could be easily crushed!

Intense whistling sounds filled the entire world as the boat rocketed in pursuit of the huge lizard, whose face fell at the sight. Even as the lizard prepared to dodge, Bai Xiaochun shouted at the top of his lungs and clenched his hand into a fist, whereupon a shadowy figure appeared behind him.

"They're¡­ they're going crazy!! They're eating the lotus leaves!!!"

Forming a pellet... Although Qing Shui had thought about it before, he was still very astonished to see it happen. The Upper Dantian didn't form a pellet and was still in a liquid state.

Qin Zongheng gritted his teeth and his body grew limp. The color drained from his face as blood streamed down the side of his mouth. They could even hear his teeth clattering because he had grit them so tightly.


Her words made Bai Xiaochun feel more nervous than ever as he hurried to follow her. The two of them became two beams of bright light that shot off into the distance.

As for the other chiefs, they headed in other directions to start fighting the five legions' colonels who had been pulled out past the shield!

Unexpectedly, the direction it picked was where Daoist Heavenspan was located. As soon as the lizard got close to him, his eyes flickered with black light, and he rapidly performed a double-handed incantation gesture.

"Well, who cares? When I make a move, I frighten even myself!" Despite trying to work up his own courage, he was still worried. After taking a step forward, he flew up into the air, then looked over his shoulder at the clan chief.

The three of them were hanging out, but doing nothing. 3P? Qing Shui didn't even dare to think about it.

In addition to the giants were the beasts, which were kept beyond the tens of thousands of tents. Each beast was secured by iron chains, and occasionally let out thunderous roars that shook heaven and earth.

He continued to temper the Soulshake Bell every day in the same manner, even to this day. The violet color of the Soulshake Bell gleamed in an enchanting light that was faint and gentle.

Qing Shui remembered him as he knew that Polu had cared for Qing Qing.

When the clan chief from the little cultivator clan saw that, his heart shook with fear that Big Fatty Zhang would try to get revenge on him, and put a look of ultimate remorse and supplication on his face.

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