There is only one you! Chapter 2069

There is only one you! Chapter 2069

The most important thing about a warrior was still their own body strength. Normally, techniques increasing body strength would result in hefty consumption. As for things like Qing Shui's battle armor and battle weapon, it went without saying that they were mere worldly possessions.?

When Bai Xiaochun heard the words ¡®Hall of Justice', his heart thumped, but then he thought back to the incredible service he had performed. Chest puffed out just like before, he clasped hands respectfully to Ouyang Jie.

She had a pleasant voice that could sooth the hearts of those who heard it. Realizing his manners, Qing Shui stood up and gave a warm smile as he said, "Please, sit down!"

Time passed. Four days went by, in which Bai Xiaochun would go out when it was light to familiarize himself with the Blood Stream Sect. As he did, he would get more information from imposter Nightcrypt, and began to commit the faces of the Inner Sect disciples to memory.

"Mmm." The gentle sound of assurance rang out, but no one knew if this was the response of love from Wu-shuang, or Qing Shui's mastery of tempo control.

"How dare you fight back, you little brat!" Although the prime elder's expression was one of pure rage, Bai Xiaochun's terrified appearance had him almost laughing.

"Foundation Establishment Pills can be used to reach Mortal-Dao Foundation Establishment. As for the success rate, it varies. Some people only need one pill, others might need two or three. There was even once when a disciple needed six of them to succeed!" With that, she pulled out a medicinal pill bottle, and then smiled in an extremely enticing fashion. It was a somewhat wicked smile, but that didn't make it any less beautiful. In fact, in some ways it made her even more attractive. After all, even roses have thorns. "Within this pill bottle are ten Foundation Establishment Pills."

Qing Shui quickly pitched his tent. After a while, four people came out with shocked expression as they gazed at Qing Shui.


Instead of backing up, he advanced, waving his hands out in front of him as he barked, "Living Mountain Incantation!"

He was like a rowboat on stormy seas, his mind reeling as his connection was attacked ferociously. If he had been in the Demigod Realm, his mind would have already collapsed, and his connection broken.

"Kill him!"

Even devas like Duke Deathcrier felt pressure because of him. After all, nobody had done more for the Giant Ghost King than him.

The other men also consecutively did the same. It was because even if they were to retaliate, their fates would still remain the same! They were better off keeping their honor!

"I'm not sure!" Zhao Tianjiao said, looking even more miserable than before.

Armor Break Talisman!

When Bai Xiaochun realized how obedient he was acting, and saw the fawning expression on his face, he sighed even more deeply.

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