Coincidence Or Fate Chapter 1300

Coincidence Or Fate Chapter 1300

Tan Lang also began coughing. Manager Liu nearly fainted. He once again gave the monk a thorough look. Could this guy really be a monk?

"Jiang Chen, you are trying to exchange all the people of the Black Sect with just a single person! Don't you think this is unfair?!"

Jian Chen smiled and put his hand onto Qin Ji's shoulder. "I have no qualms with that. How could I not? You've welcomed me into your home, naturally, I have no doubts my family would be happy to receive you."

"This is too intense! Putting aside who'll end up winning, being able to witness this high-level battle has already brought me a lot of benefits!"

It wasn't difficult to tell that the Old Great Emperor had used up all his available tricks. Also, fighting desperately just now had brought him a negative impact, and combined with the injuries inflicted onto him by Jiang Chen as well as losing his King Weapon, as well as the fact that Jiang Chen had an incredibly powerful skill, faced with this situation, there was no way the Old Great Emperor could be a match for Jiang Chen any longer.

Jiang Chen waved his hand towards Liu Hong who was coming towards him with great speed. At the same time, he spread his blood wings, and together with Big Yellow, they flew away with incredible speed.


Two ice-cold beams instantly shot out from the Old Great Emperor's eyes. The two beams behaved like sharp swords, and they instantly poked through the air, creating cracks.

"Esteemed master Yang Yutian, I am a member of the££"

For someone like Jiang Ru Long, having his hard work and efforts all wiped out, he will not take it easily.He hated Jiang Chen, and he hated everyone in the Mayor's mansion.With his talents, he would be able to live a good life even after leaving the Mayor's family.

After killing the several dozen Golden Guards, Jiang Chen leapt into the sky above the Black Sect. He didn't feel sorry for those Golden Guards; he knew how to treat his enemies. The Golden Guards that were stationed here were prepared to kill Jiang Chen, and they were here to imprison the ones of the Black Sect. As long as their leader gave the order, they would turn into butchers and slaughter everyone in the Black Sect immediately. Therefore, Jiang Chen couldn't show them any mercy. In his mind, all those outsiders who appeared in the Black Sect deserved death.

Falling down before even meeting any enemies, this was a sad thing.

Some of the Divine Core elders joined the discussion as well. All of them knew how much a new energy vein was worth, it was definitely not something the Black Sect's current energy vein could compare with.

"The ocean is a place filled with dangers. Normally, this many people won't appear at the same time, so these groups are certainly going to participate in the Blissful Island's trade fair. Let's follow them, we might also be able to get some news from them."

Besides, what Jiang Chen said was right. This combat skill and combat weapon was useless for him. Jiang Chen's abilities were far more powerful than both of them.

The white glow in Bi Yuntian's hands grew stronger and stronger, yet the light never hurt one's eyes. After a few deep breaths, she flicked her arms and the milky white light left her hands and floated down to Changyang Ke's stomach, slowly merging with the wound there. The white bandages that were already there obstructed Jian Chen's view of what exactly the white ball of energy was doing, and what changes were occurring.

Han Yan's messed up black hair was fluttering in the wind, and there was no fear on his handsome face. When Li Wu Shuang adjusted his momentum, the energy surrounding Han Yan's body started getting stronger.

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