Dying in the Middle of a Class Summoning Chapter 1170

Dying in the Middle of a Class Summoning Chapter 1170

Wu Ningzhu's beauty was different from Yan Chenyu. Yan Chenyu was like an icy lotus, holy and ethereal, pure as the purest crystal, whereas Wu Ningzhu was a girl full of wild beauty. Any casual movement made by her seemed so charming; she was like a rose that bloomed independently, unleashing varieties of colors at will. This was truly a lady worth dying for.

The geniuses who were now free furiously cried out, and their eyes turned red. The immediately pounced toward the army of demons. Each of these now freed geniuses were the elites of the younger generation, and they all possessed incredible strength. However, as they had been imprisoned by Lord Nether, they had no way to show their mighty strength. Now that Jiang Chen freed them, they were going to vent all the anger that had built up during these few days on these foul demons.

"Alright, I won't decline."

Xuan Ye shrugged his shoulder, then he turned around and exited the room.

An hour later, the blood red light covering Firethorn Savage had completely disappeared. Even the golden color on his body had faded away. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow could both tell that the Firethorn Savage was extremely fatigued, and the energy of his source had become extremely weak as well.

After that, the rest of the mercenaries began to pledge themselves to the Flame Mercenaries. If their old captains had acknowledged him, then naturally they would follow suit and try to appease their new captain.


"What is it doing now?"

Hearing that, Jian Chen's eyes sparked together. Taking this book to see the contents, he had to make sure himself that it was truly a battle skill for only a water attribute cultivator.

In the past, even when Jian Chen used the Sword Qi, it was when he used the Spirit Sword to fight from long range. The azure and violet Sword Qi wasn't limited to the Light Wind Sword anymore. He no longer had any restriction other than the distance away from his body, but other than that, he could use any living thing and infuse it with Sword Qi.

"Who is this Jiang Chen? How come he made the Chief of the Lee family so angry that he would even come here personally to get him? I don't think there's anyone from the Misty Rain Tower named Jiang Chen?"

Within a beautifully decorated main hall sat five men, the Tenth Emperor in the master seat. These four men were the Shangguan Clan Chief, Shangguan Sheng, the Myriad Sword Sect Chief, Tiangang Yi, the Seventh Emperor, and at last, Wu Cong, son of the Tenth Emperor. In fact, his hatred of Jiang Chen was much stronger than anyone else's hatred, and he had a tremendous desire to kill Jiang Chen. Whenever he thought about his trip to the Island of Ice, he felt as if his face was being thrown into the ground.

"Young master, what are your plans?"

Growing silent to think to himself, the headmaster grunted, "Zhou Tong, this Wu Yun is a person our pavilion should not offend at all costs. If possible, we should rope him into our good graces; this man is not a regular man."


"Honored Radiant Saint Master, this man here is brother Jian Chen." Yun Li spoke courteously toward the Radiant Saint Master. A Radiant Saint Master had the ability to wield a unique energy that in turn made their position within the Tian Yuan Continent rather majestic. Even a lower leveled Radiant Saint Master had the same ranking as an Earth Saint Master.

Big Yellow felt like throwing up blood.

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