Data Dragon Danika Chapter 1222

Data Dragon Danika Chapter 1222

Han Yan said.


"What?! How can this be possible?!"

Hearing Big Yellow's name, many people in the crowd immediately threw their glance in the direction where he stood. Many of them had seen Big Yellow before, so they could easily recognize the trio.

"Let me say this for the last time, it is best for the Green Sanctuary Sect to not provoke me. You will be able to train as you want, and I will be able to carry on with my own business. We will not fight each other."

At the very front of the division, Jian Chen and the other thirteen members of the Qinhuang Kingdom lead the soldiers. The king of the Gesun Kingdom, princess You Yue, Changyang Ba, Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Khafir, Ye Ming, Senior An, and Yun Zheng stood at the back so as to avoid any accidents that may occur. This battle would undoubtedly be far more intense than the one at the stronghold this was the battle that would determine the continued existence of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. For that, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom would surely go all out to defend their city, and for the sake of everyone's welfare, Jian Chen had all of his close family and friends stay behind.

"Xiang'er, who might this senior be?" She asked. Inside her chest, her heart was already starting to beat rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, all First Grade Combat King disciples of the four major powers were killed. Ye Wuyou from the Invincible Sect was dead, and now, even Ye Hui had been mercilessly killed by the monk. Although losing two Combat Kings was a matter of losing face for the Invincible Sect, it was an inestimable loss for the Ye Family.

A Divine Core warrior's eyes turned red as he rushed over to a treasure. But, when he saw his opponent was Nangong Wentian, he immediately woke up, and dared not show any disrespect.

Suddenly, a moment after the mercenaries were happily rejoicing, another voice was heard.

With a plan like this, no matter where Jian Chen went, he would be followed and blocked by any one of the Heaven Saint Masters.

"Dad, this!"

Jiang Chen raised his head and stared back into Li Hui's eyes. It made him even angrier when Li Hui said that he had bullied fellow disciples.

This is also why this chapter came 10-15 minutes after 415-419..

"Dad, this!"

"Look, isn't the monster in that cage the Class 5 Magical Beast cub? So, the beast was stolen by lord Yun Li after all."

"Brother Jiang Chen really possesses a god given talent, you have my eternal respect!"

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