Naruto : The Wraith of Konoha Chapter 1350

Naruto : The Wraith of Konoha Chapter 1350

In a flash, Jiang Chen appeared in front of the Flood Dragon and stopped it from flying. Without saying anything, Jiang Chen instantly unleashed the True Dragon Palm. A huge blood red dragon claw appeared in the skies and pushed down toward the Flood Dragon.

Pieces of herbs were circulating around Jiang Chen, and his entire body was glowing brightly. Right now, he himself was an incredible treasure! If someone had to ability to catch Jiang Chen, that person could use Jiang Chen's body to concoct some precious pills.

"Ha!" At the same time, the patriarch let out a deep grunt. His palms shot out as fast as lightning, letting loose the mysterious energy he had been accumulating. This energy contained the profound mysteries of the world. It could not be seen nor felt by those who did not comprehend it. It was something that fused with the world and space itself, mysteriously and indescribably.

"Hmph!Jiang Zhen Hai, you and your son, don't try to fool me.Jiang Ru Long is a 9th level Qi Jing master!He was alive and kicking yesterday, there's no way for him to die so quickly."

You Yue smiled back at him, "That's fine, I won't hold you up any longer. I haven't finished reading my book either, so I'll be returning to the library. Changyang Xiang Tian, I'll see you later!"

The moment Jian Chen had opened his eyes, he took in the sight around him. It was only then that Jian Chen had truly taken notice that his soul had grown inexplicably stronger. He could easily sense anything within a kilometer from his position. It was only because he was depressed at first that he felt as if there was no such change from his soul.Chapter 374: A New Power

Following Jiang Chen's shout, a bright white beam suddenly appeared within the courtyard. The 30 meter tall Ice Demon King made its debut in front of Yan Chenyu.

"Puh! It stinks, how disgusting!"


Jiang Chen had waited for this moment for some time. He cried out a thunderous Sonic Hawk Cry, and with such a close distance, together with the lack of defense, Jiang Wei met everything head on. Layers upon layers of sound waves penetrated into Jiang Wei's brain and attacked him all over.Chapter 130 ÿ Killing Jiang Wei

"Tsk, I'll show you the strength of my battle skill!" Just at that moment, Ka Di Yun let out a loud shout and began to charge his Saint Force into his two-handed sword before slashing out at Ling Zhengtian.

Qing Styx felt immense anger. As one of the biggest sects in the Qian Province, the Green Sanctuary Sect was a majestic and well respected sect, never once had anything like this happened before. They had suffered greatly today, and their foundation had almost been shaken. If they didn't find and catch the main culprit, all of the Green Sanctuary Sect's face would disappear, and they would have a hard time continuing to stay in power.

The president quickly glanced across the Inky Stratus, stopping as soon as he reached the exhausted Jian Chen. A sliver of shock flashed across his face and he cried out, "Yang Yutian, did you cast that God's Descent from before?"

Looking at the zither, Jian Chen hesitated for a moment, "Miss Qin Qin, this one has once had the pleasure of meeting the Heavenly Enchantress in Mercenary CIty before. In the future should I meet her again, this one will ask to see if she will impart any guidance onto you."

Big Yellow gnashed his teeth in anger.

Firethorn Savage became furious once again. He felt that this old fool's explanation was too ridiculous. How could he used a bullshit young man story? This was just an insult to his intellect! Besides, what young man had the abilities that allowed him to have the guts to steal the golden egg from his cave, wasn't this just bullshit?

"Yes. Those golden rays have the same aura as that treasure. That monk must be hiding on this island."

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