PRIONS Chapter 2610

PRIONS Chapter 2610

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. He was on the very brink of going berserk, and the Dragon Transformation skill's circulation doubled once again. The number of Dragon Marks in his body were increasing like crazy. Nine thousand four hundred, nine thousand six hundred, nine thousand seven hundred, nine thousand nine hundred££

"Needless to say; just rob them back and kill them. Who dares rob daddy, daddy will turn around and rob. Who dares try to kill daddy, daddy will send to hell."

Late in the evening, outside Greenlotus Mountain, Jiang Chen, Tan Lang and Tyrant were saying their farewells to Great Master Ran Feng.


Although seeing Jian Chen take control of two elements in the world was extremely surprising, the elder calmed himself down quickly. "You speak correctly, there are still many things unknown to us in the world. It seems this old man has forgotten himself." Pausing his breath, the fire sword appeared in his hand once more "Today, I shall find out for myself just how strong a wielder of two elements is."

The injuries were extremely severe. If any other man had suffered from such injuries, he would have collapsed by now. However, Jiang Chen could still barely support his body and hover in the sky. He loosened his palm, revealing seven golden pills that shone brightly. Strong Yang energy and Lightning energy was leaking out from these pills, and shadows of dragons could be found within. One could easily tell that these pills were the best of the best.

The impact caused an intense aftershock. A Mid Mortal Core warrior was far stronger than someone like Lee Chang Ming. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were forced to take a step back from the shock.

At his current level, he was well aware of how frightening Heavenly Tribulation was, and he knew the source of it. By attracting Heavenly Tribulation at the Combat King realm, it proved that this young man possessed monstrous talent, far beyond what ordinary geniuses could ever compare with.

A fearsome glint entered Jian Chen's eyes as he took in this information. "If someone else knows the answer, what use is there for you?" He spoke. With a single burst of Sword Qi, he stabbed it straight into the last man's head.

Despite Jian Chen's current strength of a Peak Saint Master and being unafraid of any Peak Class 4 Magical Beast, Jian Chen was not completely confident that he could run away from the two Class 5 Magical Beasts after this display of strength.


"Haha££ kill them all for me! Ignore that monster, just go and kill the other men!"

"Giving up is uncle's best option now, as it is meaningless for him to keep fighting this unwinnable match."

The novice disciple stood blankly in the same spot. Fear covered his entire face, he was hoping that Jiang Chen could slap him as well and make him unconscious. However, Jiang Chen didn't. To him, this was torture, he could only stand there without moving a single inch.

"Everyone, disperse!"

Nodding his head, Jian Chen said, "Correct. He is an Earth Saint Master. It seems that he didn't feel confident and decided to flee. Well then, let's continue on our way."

However, the headmaster of that pavilion was only just a Heaven Saint Master and wasn't too incredible-looking.

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