C: Summoner And Magic Chapter 478

C: Summoner And Magic Chapter 478

The Eternal Mother had chosen to act in the most critical of moments.

The blood glittered as brightly as a precious treasure, and as it appeared, all light in the area went dim. It was clearly no ordinary blood. In fact, this was a magical technique of Mistress Red-Dust's, something that combined the power of her cultivation base and her life essence to create a drop of¡­ magical blood!

"If I want to shut these snakes up, I need a really tough medicinal pill, something that will really keep their mouths stuck shut...." Chuckling darkly, he began to select the ingredients he would use.

The cave itself had five rooms, with nightpearls inlaid in the ceilings that filled the place with soft light. There was a large main hall with a little hot spring in the middle. Warm water bubbled up, forming a small pond, within which a few hot spring fish swam lazily about.

Bai Xiaochun was immediately shaken. The deva's mere words immediately transformed into soldiers willing to follow his every command!

If a widow wanted to marry again, then they would have to seek the approval of her ex-husband's family. This was an iron-clad custom that was set ages ago. However, over the passage of time, this rule was slightly tweaked. It slowly became the sole right of rich families. This meant that once a lady was married to a family of status and power, even if the groom were to die, the woman was not allowed to remarry. Even if the lady and the man were not truly married, and only had the status of engaged, if the guy died, the women would still not be allowed to be remarried. The woman would then enter the family of the male counterpart as a toy, suffering a fate worse than death.

Although he was the grand elder of Corpse Peak, he knew that Nightcrypt was an extraordinary person who would likely become a patriarch. He had virtually limitless potential, and was also haughty and arrogant. Therefore, the grand elder had long since come to view him as a cultivator of the same generation as himself.

He competed with the Five-Headed Demonic Spider in speed once again, successfully casting it far behind him. In the past. he could only look at the Five-Headed Demonic Spider's speed enviously but now, to think that he could throw him far behind. This was a tremendous improvement.

Suddenly, the door was slammed open in a violent motion by a middle-aged man as he stormed into the room looking enraged. When he saw what had transpired, he grew increasingly furious and shouted: "You bastard, all you ever know is how to play with women all day and night. Even when your life's in danger, you still have no intention of repentance."

"If what the blood master of Lesser Marsh Peak said is true, then the pill furnace won't explode. The medicinal pills will eventually be completed. If that pill furnace explodes, it's not my fault!" The more he thought about it, the more he believed himself to be in the right. Feeling much better, he followed the Nameless Peak grand elder to meet the local blood master.

Despite Yun Duan being an intelligent woman, she only realized Qing Shui's love for her after he had told her everything - including things he had done for her. This made her extremely happy. All those years of suffering were worth this moment.

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He rested for three days straight.

They felt that Hai Dongqing and Qing Shui were very compatible, they even felt that there was not one better. When they saw Hai Dongqing recklessly saving Qing Shui, and Qing Shui's later expressions, they felt that there was a possibility, if they were able to be together, it would be a wonderful fate.

While attending middle school in his previous life, not only did he learn an exercise routine, but also Taichi. He could clearly remember the twenty-four stances of Tai Chi. Unfortunately, he felt that they weren't worthwhile in his previous life, and didn't even bother to practice or correct his form. In any case, he still remembered the correct forms.

After he looked at it, Qing Shui took a sip. That sudden mouth-watering sensation and the sense of freshness rushed through his forehead and went through the soles of his feet. Qing Shui was stunned by how relaxed his whole body now felt. It was like the moment when a man and a woman made love, the description ¡®extremely comfortable' couldn't even begin to describe it.

Qing Shui shook his head and once again charged towards Mu Qing. During the entire process, he didn't stop pointing out to her the things which needed particular attention about formations and explained to her once more about the Sixth Gate and other details¡­...

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