My boss is my ex-lover Chapter 229

My boss is my ex-lover Chapter 229

Yun Can had no idea why Jiang Chen was so strong, but he had to admit that Jiang Chen really was a peerless monster. He was no match for Jiang Chen. What Yun Can could do now was put this matter aside, wait until he broke through to the Mid Divine Core realm, then come back to seek revenge.

The sun has already long since set into the horizon. With the colors of nightfall rapidly approaching, Jian Chen walked towards the small city with a group of people, however while he was walking on foot, many of them were traveling via carriages being pulled by magical beasts.

A short fat man said in an eerie manner.

Walking straight into the room, the Saint Ruler sat down right in front of the other elder unceremoniously and stared at the tea-drinking elder. "Even after so many years since our last meeting, you're still living a life of pleasure it seems."

"Jiang Wei, face your death!"

"Chen'er, you should know that even though our family owns a lot of businesses, in Fragrant Sky city what produces the most money is the pill concocting business."

"Punished again? We don't even have anything with us now!"

A victorious smile appeared on Jian Chen's face at those words; he knew that Zhan Tian was more or less won over. All he needed was proof of power, and the Carnage Mercenaries would swear their allegiances. A development like this had let Jian Chen's worries decrease by one.

"No, young master Jiang has really done a great deed for all of us! There is no way we can repay such great help! My name is Zhang Zhen, and I'll do whatever young master asks me to do from now!"

Jian Chen's family members exchanged several words of greeting with the higher echelons of the clan before heading off to rest. On the way back to his own room, every single guard that saw Jian Chen immediately gave him a respectful salute. Each one looked at him with an eye of adoration while several others showed a tint of jealousy.

"Haha, you want the sword? Come with me!"

Jiang Chen continued asking.

Sensing that the silver spear had a great amount of Saint Force within it, Jian Chen grew solemn as he saw the second Saint Master had finally taken action.

"I won't explain the rules for the first round. As usual, we only need the top 30. As for the rewards for this year's competition, I won't announce it now. Let's begin."

Tian Yishan said.

"One hundred forty thousand five hundred purple coins££"

Yan Chen Yu was very anxious. Any major incidents related to Jiang Chen would make her worry.

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