Rift Between Worlds Chapter 1903

Rift Between Worlds Chapter 1903

"Something big is going to happen! I believe soon, Misty Mountain won't be at peace anymore! The Green Sanctuary Sect is a big sect, six Heavenly Core warriors were killed during their training, and their rules were violated by someone. They will not let this matter be resolved easily, they will definitely send someone strong into Misty Mountain to hunt for this guy!"

A merciless smile appeared on Ming Dong's face as he watched Kaizer's reaction. Without giving him anytime to react further than that, Ming Dong began to inject his Saint Force through his sword and into Kaizer's chest. Directly infiltrating his body, the Saint Force instantly began to destroy his internal organs.

Jiang Chen moved as swift as a dragon, and in a split second, he appeared in front of Lee Chang Hong.Using both of his hands like an iron pincer, he grabbed both of Lee Chang Hong's shoulders and raised him up high.

"No, you can't let this guy go! He has killed many of our disciples, and even defamed our Great Tycoon!"

Followed by some horrified screams, Yu Zi Han's attack had killed about 6 Mortal Core Blood Devils in an instant.

Ye Xiao said in a cold tone. It wasn't hard to see that he wasn't as calm as he previously was.

Jian Chen flew from the mountain range as fast as a wind fueled fire. He had no wish to fight against the thousands of Godkiller Ants.

Jian Chen's gaze was as sharp as a sword as a sneer began to form on his face. He shook his arm, and once again lashed out with the iron rod in his hand at an unfathomable speed, his objective being the black panther's neck. Up until the end, the black panther had absolutely no time to react, as the iron rod's sharp point plunged deeply through its throat. In addition, since the black panther's body was currently lunging in the air, its heavy body quickly dropped downwards, pushing the iron rod deeper and deeper through its neck. Eventually, the point had drilled a hole directly through, and the end had come out of the other side.

Seeing the two come back empty handed, it was clear that the middle aged man had escaped.

"Chief Yu, since we have completely resolved the problems regarding the Blood Devils, I'll return to the Black Sect tomorrow. I'll take my leave now."

By the riverside, Jian Chen laid down on the ground with blood dying his clothes red. The elder's fist had caused serious damage to Jian Chen, the bones in his chest were crushed, and his organs suffered extreme trauma. Right now, aside from being fully conscious, Jian Chen was powerless to move. It could be said that ever since Jian Chen was born, this was the most serious damage he had suffered. If it was not for the fact he had used a unique way to cultivate and had refined his body in ways that far outstripped others, the elder's hand would have sent him to a messy death.

However, Jiang Chen could actually sense something. However, he was too busy escaping together with Big Yellow using all their strength to mind it. Besides, all this time, the man in black had been attacking using his combat weapon, Jiang Chen didn't expect him to suddenly attack with a poisonous needle.

Ming Dong stared curiously at the old-fashioned walls of Wake City before speaking up, "Jian Chen, your mercenary group is staying in this city?"

Leveling a cold look at the horrified expression Kris had, Jian Chen revealed a callous grin, "Sectmaster Kris, so we meet again so soon."

Ka Di Yun's face became incomparably dark, as he used all the Saint Force within his body began to combat the power that was rebelling inside. Since his Saint Force was stronger than Jian Chen's, the foreign power within him was cleared away quickly, but the damage was done. At this point, Ka Di Yun was suffering from internal damages as well. The damages weren't very serious, but it would definitely impact his performance in the battle for the worse if it dragged on.

Looking at Jian Chen's serious expression, Tian Jian sighed softly, "There's not much time left, Jian Chen. You must quickly get the Winged Tiger God to mature. Only when you or it is truly powerful do you possess the power to resist the guardian clans."

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