Ascension of the Chaos Emperor Chapter 1752

Ascension of the Chaos Emperor Chapter 1752

"What, Mercenary King? This means that this brat should possess a Heaven Tier Battle Skill." As for Jian Chen identity, even Li Gui felt slightly flabbergasted. However, a sneer quickly formed on his face with unconcealed greed in his eyes.

"Fine. Chiefs, once you return later on, please send out a notice immediately. Every young man in this city is qualified to join the examination. Tomorrow morning, those who desire to join the examination will enter the outer section of Origin Mountain. They have 4 hours to kill demon beasts, and they will be ranked by the amount of beasts they kill. The three of us will bring a few of them back with us. Of course, we will just recommend them. Whether or not they can join the Heavenly Blade Clan depends on their own abilities."

"Li Wu Shuang is really terrifying! Receiving skills from a Combat Soul warrior? That's extremely fortunate! There isn't even a single Combat Soul warrior in the entire Qi Province!"

During this month, Jian Chen would explore the outskirts of the mountain range during the day, and cultivate during the night. During this period of time, he had focused primarily on improving his strength, unlike back in Changyang Mansion where he had to slow down his cultivation speed so that his performance wouldn't be too outstanding. Because of that, Jian Chen's strength had practically skyrocketed in the course of a month. He had already broken through from a Peak Saint to become a Great Saint.

Seeing how a single stone thrown by Jian Chen had caused Mu Zhaye's hand to bleed, the spectators had gone into an uproar. Each one looked on in disbelief, this display of strength had been nearly as great on their hearts as it was for Mu Zhaye.

Jian Chen nimbly dodged Ka Di Liang's attack, while returning the blow with his own fist that was even faster than his opponent's.

When only three days remained in the competition, a bad rumor could be heard circulating about. Up in the north, three exceptionally strong men were talked about. Each one of them were a Radiant Saint Force user. This type of Saint Force was seldomly rare to see, but these Radiant Saint Force users were called the Radiant Warriors by most, and the undying by others.

"It seems senior is fond of jokes. This matter is far too important of a decision. This junior cannot represent the Qinhuang Kingdom in such a matter, and even if this junior agreed, the other Imperial Protectors would not agree." Jian Chen replied.

"The Combat Soul realm is the most critical step for all warriors, and it is also the most difficult step. When stepping into this realm, the Divine Core will transform into a real Combat Soul, completely breaking away from the foundation realm. When a Peak Combat Soul warriors comprehends the Dimensional Power, the Combat Soul will transform once again, and will start carrying King's Aura. At that point of time, one will be a real Combat King warrior. In this realm, the Qi Sea in the warrior's body will become a dimension by itself, and the warrior won't need to use a storage ring any longer, as he can just place all his items within the Qi Sea."


"This one greets the patriarch!" Elder Wu spoke respectfully.

Everyone in Fragrant Sky city was paying attention to the fight between the two tigers, everyone knew that the situation in Fragrant Sky city will change sooner or later.There will be a loser for sure, and the battle in 3 days will play a major role in deciding their fates.

"Why do I have this feeling that Fan Kun has a real grudge against Jiang Chen? Besides, Jiang Chen and Jiang Wei fought a deathmatch, it's against the rules for Fan Kun to step in!"

"Yes sir!"

Very soon, Lin Bai in white clothes quickly walked out from inside the branch. Beside Lin Bai were his two personal bodyguards.

As usual, the energy within the monster cores was absorbed into Jian Chen's body at an alarming rate. However, the only difference this time was that the moment it entered Jian Chen's body, it automatically rushed toward the violet and azure Sword Spirits within his dantian without a single speck going toward Jian Chen's own body for refinement.

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