Marvel Rebirth Chapter 864

Marvel Rebirth Chapter 864

"I have time to wait!" Qing Shui looked at the small grass and was filled with hope.


"How despicable!"?

The rest of them did not dare to come forward as no one could counter Qing Shui's moves. It was a ridiculous concept since Qing Shui had a higher level of strength and power than the rest of them. Most importantly though, his sword skill was exceptional.

The Inner Sect disciples were equally astonished, and all of them felt their hearts pounding with bitter astonishment as they looked at Bai Xiaochun and Ghostfang. As far as they were concerned, these two weren't even Outer Sect disciples any more. Oftentimes, years would pass without a single inhuman disciple rising up from within the ranks. And yet now... two had appeared at the same time.

And thus, the landscape of the five immortal domains of the Eternal Lands experienced a drastic change!

Soon, Squad 9 was having a meeting in the captain's quarters, in which they split up all of Old Devil Zhou's treasure. Bai Xiaochun got the largest share of all, a soulhoarding pagoda filled with countless vengeful souls and more than a thousand portions of mid-grade soul medicine. Even Bai Xiaochun gasped at the sight of all the treasure.

Qing Shui smiled and said, "Today, you can learn this set of hammering technique."

It was at around this time that Bai Xiaochi woke up.

However, on the battle stage, an outrageous situation arose, so much so that it instantly stunned everyone.?

When they recognized the city, and then looked back at the bare earth, they began to gasp in shock and cry out in alarm.

"Elder Luo is right, Family Chief. We have prepared for so many years and the title of Chief Disciple is a critical step for us; it is a strong stepping stone for both attack and defence," commented a refined young man as he stood up.

Bai Xiaochun shook as his fleshly body power skyrocketed. He was now vastly stronger than he had been before, and when he opened his eyes, they shone so brightly that they could surpass the light of the sun and the moon!

Thankfully, not all of the giants were affected, only some of them. Even still, the group that did join in the attack was not small compared to Bai Xiaochun and the cultivators he led.

If the chilly aura from this inch of sprout was even more threatening than that of the thousand-year coldsteel, what would become of it in the future? Could it be that this thousand-year Gloomy Wood was also chopped down from a tree?

"Who knows? But it's true that they are holding a banquet. I have another friend telling me the same thing too. The people who are attending the banquet are all people from the Di Clan and those few people who came to help them," someone added in.

If they had to come out, they could unseal the entrance first then let Luan Luan release a demonic beast to sense if there were any danger lurking outside before coming out. But for one month, they had to stay in there. They mustn't come out whatsoever.

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