Boredom kingdom! Chapter 2367

Boredom kingdom! Chapter 2367

The golden halberd in Jiang Chen's hand produced some buzzing sounds. Powerful energies turned into Dragon Marks and covered its surface. In a split second, Jiang Chen disappeared from where he was standing, and appeared within the range of the Blood Talisman.

The Jiede clan had actually received information at the very same time of the Shi family of what happened in Mercenary City. They had learned that the one who stole the Duanyun sword, Jian Chen, was still alive. Furthermore, they learned that it was he that killed five elders from the Shi family. When they heard the news, they had immediately sent out a group of people to run for Mercenary City as fast as possible. Even their Saint Ruler had set out when he heard the news to ensure that the operation would succeed without failure. In the eyes of the Jiede clan, Jian Chen killing five Heaven Saint Master was far too important to disregard.

"Yes, my lord." Immediately a few men dismounted from their horses and headed within the courtyard.

"It could be said that way, yes, " Jian Chen indifferently said as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Jian Chen turned to look at Senior An and Yun Zheng before cupping his hands together, "Fellow friends, we will be leaving as well, until next time!"

When the group finally left the center of Origin Mountain, Jiang Chen had managed to form two more Dragon Marks.

Jian Chen looked at the pavilion with some shock. He didn't think that such a small pavilion would be where the "Armory" with the Heaven Tier Battle Skill would be storedÿthere seemed to be no sort of security here.

When he could make use of the Chaotic Force, Jian Chen was confident that his strength would make another large leap in quality.

Jiang Chen said indifferently.

"Little Chen, you're such an overbearing man, I really wonder if there is anything you wouldn't dare to do."

That night, Jian Chen sat on his bed to meditate. Right below his window, Jian Chen could see several soldiers guarding the steel boxes on the chariots. Each one of them were guarding it with a cautious expression.

"Kid, seeing how unblemished your skin is, you must not be accustomed to pain. Be a good boy and tell us what we need to know. Otherwise your handsome face will be no more. Then, don't blame us for not being able to find a nice lady." Another fierce looking person said in a muffled voice. Although his words were straightforward, there was a sense of humor to them.

"No, I don't want to die!"

A Combat Soul warrior was extremely fast, they traveled the 100 kilometers distance in the blink of an eye.

"You££ you££"

Ming Dong's current focus was entirely on Kaizer. With each strike, he would force back Kaizer step by step without any hesitation in his movements. Taking advantage of any opening, he would draw close to Kaizer with blinding speed. His own longsword would every so often strike at Kaizer's chest with an astounding amount of energy.

Wu Jiu turned to Jiang Chen and said.

Boredom kingdom! Chapter 2367 End!

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