Hacking Eden Chapter 2063

Hacking Eden Chapter 2063

Tianmu Ling slowly looked around herself before seeing the still motionless figure of Jiede Wukang and laughed, "This younger brother is quite strong. The sword in your hand must be some sort of strange Saint Weapon to be able to cause this little girl's heart to flutter with such fear." With that, Tianmu Ling took on a scared expression, making herself seem quite pitiful.

When Huang Luan heard him, her heart immediately felt nice and warm as it pulsated with emotions. In the end, she couldn't help but hug Jian Chen tightly once again. Her entire body began to shake from her spasmodic sobbing. In the silent moment of crying, tears could be seen flowing down her face.

Yu Zihan felt as if a bomb had been dropped on him because of what he had heard.

The old man didn't even look at the person, he just indifferently repeated his word. He knew that if someone didn't want this demon soul, he would still consider one Earth Restoration Pill to expensive. But for those who really wanted it, they would buy it even if it cost 500 Earth Restoration Pills."

For the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness, casualties like this were devastating. Once the amount of strong warriors were reduced, that was the moment of their elimination. Besides that, Nanbei Chao hadn't even attacked yet. Daoist Black and Granny Feng were both struggling with their fights. But luckily, the elders of the Heavenly Sword Sect didn't seem to be fighting with all their strength. This actually gave them some room to breathe.

Jiang Chen's eyes brightened, he was not backing off even when facing a Mid Qi Hai warrior!The Dragon Mark in his Dantian started wobbling.He pointed his finger as if it was a sword.He was going to unleash a full-powered Six Solar Finger!


With a quick and swift motion, Jiang Chen without hesitation grabbed the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil's devil soul with his hand.

"Grand elder, there are people fighting in Mercenary City! The twenty-fourth elder and I have tried to stop them, but the barrier not only stopped us, it threw us back into the palace!" The twenty-third elder spoke.

Jian Chen grabbed at empty sky and sent the flame sword at the Sword Qi coming at him. Upon contact, a shock wave was formed as the flame sword and Sword Qi canceled each other out with an explosive explosion that scattered even the clouds overhead.

Han Yan said with a faint smile on his face. Since he knew the important of the bronze plate in his hand, he felt much relief. As long as he still had it in his hand, no one here would have the courage to attack him, because if he broke the bronze plate, the ancient pagoda would not be opened, and all these people would have to return empty handed.

"None!" Bi Dao shook his head, his tone filled with complete certainty.

Probing the azure and violet specks of light that had just appeared within his dantian, Jian Chen's heart momentarily grew heavy. This was the first time he had ever encountered an uncontrollable circumstance within the dantian. He had no desire to encounter such an issue. However, what he could say for certain was that these azure and violet light specks were definitely related to the uncontrollably crazy absorption of the World Essence that he had experienced earlier.

The darkness of the night was nothing too major for any of the Heaven Saint Masters to be affected by so all of the elders increased their speeds once more.

Yu Zihan was so excited he nearly started jumping. Seeing Jiang Chen at this moment made him happier than seeing his own father. Perhaps only this man in front of Yu Zihan could solve the Black Sect's crisis.

No one could compare with Jiang Chen's fighting experience and the ability to judge his opponent during a fight. He knew that with his current combat strength, even if he attacked with all his strength, he could at most have a balanced fight with Nanbei Chao; there was no way he could kill him at all. Therefore, Jiang Chen decided to target Nanbei Chao's mind, then he would use other skills to attack him, such as the Great Illusion Realm.

At this moment, the young man finally sensed the aura of death. Fear emerged from the bottom of his heart, and during this last moment of his life, the only thought in this young man was regret. He was truly regretting his desire to participate in this Gathering of Skynet, and was even regretting being the first one to come out and say something.

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