Heroes Shed No Tears Chapter 2998

Heroes Shed No Tears Chapter 2998

At this very moment, Jiang Zhenhai could hardly remain sitting. He could feel countless stars spiraling above his head, and he was struck by a storm of happiness. He wasn't prepared for this at all.

And at the same time, Jian Chen finally stopped his wild dance, the leaves that were all previously flying around him disintegrated into powder and scattered onto the ground. Only a few leaves were left completely intact, but written on some of them was the word "Sword". Although the size was different on each of them, it was written clearly and covered the entire area on each leaf. Although, there were some other leaves with the word "Sword" on it that had missing strokes, being either unclear or incomplete.

When the phantom was destroyed, the real Jiang Chen's attack had fallen onto it at the same time.

Chapter 181 ÿ The Gargantuan Formation

A peak Mid Divine Core disciple shouted out loudly toward the Blissful Island. With his cultivation, shouting with his Yuan energy could send his voice very far. Also, since Mao Sheng was a Combat Soul warrior, his senses and hearing was extremely sensitive. There was no doubt he heard what the disciple just shouted.


Jian Chen showed no signs of stopping. Swinging his sword in another arc of silver light, he swiftly cut off Luo Jian's arm under the owner's disbelieving eye.

"Pa!" A clear resounding slapping sound could be heard before the young man was sent flying by Ming Dong's slap. Ruthlessly tumbling to the ground three meters away, he staggered back up with a face that was dripping with blood.

1 ÿ It was actually just one really, really, really long piece, so I split it in the middle.Earthly Demon Beast > Earth Devil

"Then have you investigated whether Jian Chen carries a winged cub that's completely white?" An old man beside him asked.

Everyone's head began to turn as they looked at a cyan robed man kneel to the ground as he spoke respectfully to the king.


The ten Imperial Advisors and the three generals immediately flew toward the Sect of Dragon and Tiger and Heavenly Eagle Kingdom's fighters. As the core members of the Qinhuang Kingdom, they were well aware of their own kingdom's strength, so they didn't think of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger to be of any major importance. Whether it was in terms of Heaven Saint Masters or Saint Rulers, the Qinhuang Kingdom owned far more than the other side. Even in subsidiary kingdoms, the Qinhuang Kingdom possessed even more that added to their strength.

The angry snarls continuously flowed from their mouths like a bullet of energy that rippled through the air. As soon as the roars left the magical beasts' mouths, the air shook with the vibrations and caused every other sound in the area to be drowned out.


Wu Jiu said.

Jiang Chen said.Chapter 418 ÿ Something Is Going To Happen

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