Vampire Reporter Chapter 597

Vampire Reporter Chapter 597

In the next moment, the elder had no other choice but to chase after Jian Chen while trying to ensure that Jian Chen did not get too far away.

"Sect Chief, what these disciples said is correct. We can't blame Jiang Chen for this mess. In other words, Jiang Chen is a victim as well."

"Youngster Jiang Chen, I'm going to get revenge as well!"

Nangong Wentian stood right in the middle of the courtyard and let out a heavy sigh. He knew what his problem was, but it wasn't easy for him to break through his current bottleneck.

Han Yan threw his glance at Mao Fang and his group.

"Wahaha, what a pleasant day! I don't think the Crown Prince can be considered a man any longer!"

Nangong Yunfan said.

Handing the Space Belts back to Jian Chen, she turned around and headed toward the second floor. Not too long after she had left, a man wearing an embroidered blue robe came down with the same female worker.

"How about we do it like this; let's just leave the Martial Palace!"

Even the fourth elder had been attracted the tiger cub with extremely serious eyes.

"This old man will throw away his life if it means that you won't be able to claim your prize so easily!" The man howled as the Saint Force within him burst outward. Abandoning all defense, he began to fight against three people at once.

Jian Chen stopped at the closest tent before carefully entering. Inside the tent it was so dark that Jian Chen couldn't see his hand when it was right in front of him, so his entire figure wouldn't be spotted.

"Everyone be careful!" Jian Chen cried out. Unable to have enough time to identify what type of magical beast this was. Both of his hands slapped onto the ground as he leapt up from his sitting posture on the floor. Flying in midair, Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword instantaneously appeared within Jian Chen's right hand.

"Who are you?" Jian Chen growled. Against this foreign threat with untold power, Jian Chen was extremely vigilant. This girl could be an evil being after all.

"Apologize to my brother!"

Half of the island had emerged above the ocean's surface. Many people could easily tell that it was an island, an island covered with ice.

Hearing this, the young lord cast a dangerous glare at Jian Chen before growling, "Just who are you to provoke my Tianqin clan, do you truly think my clan to be that easy to bully?"

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