Queen Of The Sea Chapter 649

Queen Of The Sea Chapter 649

Jian Chen arrived right in front of Tu Fu and spoke, "Officer Tu Fu, take your men and go back, you needn't bother yourself with the matters here."

"Mao Sheng, I heard your grandson was killed by someone, congratulations!"

After that, the man had left the compound, leaving the three of them alone.

The crack in the sky continued to expand before quickly filling up the entire place. By now, the entire place was pitch dark without any light visible. Not even a single star could be seen, causing everyone to feel a little pressure.

Xiu Rui shouted at the group. However, a scene that brought great shock to everyone was revealed. Before the group could even attack, the crystal-like shield just disappeared without a trace. The formation that protected the Heavenhawk Island had vanished, as if it had never been there before.

But regardless of that, the Crown Prince was a mighty warrior by himself. With incredible reflexes, he immediately threw out a powerful punch in order to counter the attack. The punch carried a tremendous force, and not only did it shine brightly, it had also merged with his formidable combat skill. The two punches quickly collided.

Zhao Chongyang looked at Nanbei Chao who had an indifferent expression.

Hearing this insult from the fourth elder, the other three brothers grew dark in the face. The four brothers were friends against the same enemy, so when the fourth elder insulted one of them, he had insulted all four of them.

"It's drivel. That's what it is. The three of them were all Earth Saint Masters. Who in Fengyang City could possibly kill all three of them? It has to be false. Men! Go out and investigate the truth behind this matter and report back to me." The head of the Yun family boomed with an irritated command.

"Hmph!" The girl snorted before turning her head in disgust.

"Right now, everyone will be separated. Those students who aren't a Saint may partner up with someone in the second region to hunt for monster cores. For those students who are Saints, please make your way towards the 3rd region."

Basked in the powerful but docile power of the pill, Jian Chen nodded his head in satisfaction. "Master He Yun, you've worked hard these past two days. For your assistance, I will be sure to treat you well. What might it be that you desire, I, Jian Chen, will do my best to reward you."

Hearing Tianmu Ling speak, Shi Xiangran's face grew even darker and darker. Before he could say anything, his face instantly returned to normal and then adopting an apologetic expression and cupped his hands together. "I apologize everyone, when I saw a hated enemy of mine, I had somehow made a silly mistake. This one is called Shi Xiangran; I've no intentions on being anyone's enemy, I hope no one pays too much attention to this." Turning to point at Jian Chen, he said, "Do you dare to see who's stronger between us two? Or could it be you only know how to hide behind a woman? If it's like this, how are you any different from a coward?" Shi Xiangran spoke with disdain to Jian Chen.

Suddenly, just as Zhou Yun resigned himself to death, a large broadsword flew out to come across Zhou Yun's body. At the same time, Zhou Yun could feel two elderly but powerful arms grab him around the shoulders and pull him away from his death.

Humming, Jian Chen began to communicate with the azure and violet Sword Spirits. "Ziying, Qingsuo, is there anything else of value here?"

The Youlan clan were already a group of people Jian Chen disliked, so they would be the first people he would eliminate.

Big Yellow showed a rarely seen serious expression.

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