Branch Adventurers Guild Chapter 1945

Branch Adventurers Guild Chapter 1945

The Gilligan clan member spat out a mouthful of blood. His body was still trapped by the invisible force, unable to move at all.

Tianmu Ling returned the whip before adopting a face of traumatized fear and placing a hand to her chest, "How scary! That iron seal is too scary! Big brother, I can only assume that you are Shi Xiangran of the five experts. Ai yo, why can't this little girl remember when I offended big brother? Just why is it that the moment big brother appeared, he wanted to kill us all? It's a good thing this little girl has some self protection and so many big brothers to help us in this time of need. Otherwise, this little girl would have been smashed to the ground."

The shopkeeper smiled, "My lord, you are far too polite. This is nothing that could warrant your thanks. The future patronage of my lord would be more than enough to keep this servant happy." She spoke before handing the purple coins back to Jian Chen after processing it. Taking out a exquisite Space Belt, she handed it over to Jian Chen, "My lord, here is your purple card and the heavenly resources are within this belt. Please hold it well."

Slapping Ming Dong on his shoulders, Jian Chen gave him an encouraging look without saying anything.

"Return my son!" The Firethorn Savage shouted with a thunderous voice as he stared angrily at Qing Styx.

"This is insane! Not only was that man and dog not killed in an instant while fighting three Combat Soul warriors at the same time, they also look like they still have the strength to fight back!"

At this moment, the leader of the guards, Jiang Cheng, came in and said, "Mayor, Master Yan, there's a man named Yan Meng outside the door. He said he comes from Red city's Yan family, and he has something to tell the mayor!"

"My lord!"

"Jian Chen, you're back!"

"Ming Dong, hand me a piece of parchment and a brush." He asked Ming Dong.

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. With his full strength, he unleashed the True Dragon Palm. Every time he formed a new Dragon Mark, every time his cultivation progressed, the True Dragon Palm would become stronger. The gigantic blood red dragon claw grabbed the blade light unleashed by Eldest Mang, and shattered it in the most formidable way. After that, Jiang Chen unleashed the Sonic Hawk Cry. The tremendous sound-waves immediately crashing into the Devilish Lute Tune, causing a huge amount of sparks to emerge when the sound waves collided.

Jian Chen's actions caused the four students to be startled. This situation had gone against their expectations, and none of them had expected to see Jian Chen so straightforwardly decline their protection.

"Ha!" Tian Zhou shouted. With a heavy swing, his giant sword came raining down on Jian Chen.

"Just listen to what our young master said; he has never been wrong before."

"Protect the madame, I'll save the young master!" One of the captain guards cried out before plunging into the burning room before Changyang Ba could speak.

"You're so weak, yet you dare call yourself a genius?Looks like the Mu Rong family doesn't even have a dog that can biteŁŁoh right, you haven't admitted defeat yet, so accept my next attack."

"Jiang Chen, since you're courting death, don't blame me for killing you later on. But, I really want to know, with what are you going to fight me all alone?"

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