Ancient Dream Collector Chapter 1259

Ancient Dream Collector Chapter 1259

Before leaving, though, he gave her a deva soul!

A moment later!

After a moment, his eyes went wide, and he stuck his neck a bit further out of his shell.

Qing Shui put down the Golden Snake Pellet recipe along with the Interspatial Silk Sachet once again. He had gained a few more Golden Snake Grasses now. He was initially planning to fish a little for these few days. Maybe he would be able to fish up more Golden Snake Grasses. That way, he would be able to concoct the Du Meridian Strengthening Pellet immediately.

Huoyun Liu-Li tossed Qing Shui a charming glance, smiled, and said, "Elder sister has gone out, saying that she's off to buy some things. Why? Do you miss her so much?"

In the briefest of moments, all of them went crazy, even going so far as to start fighting each other to be the first to grab a blood-soaked bun. Those who did manage to get ahold of one of them would excitedly take a huge bite and then start cackling madly.

News spread rapidly, much to Bai Xiaochun's alarm. It was also the same with Bai Hao. Everything had been going fine for the Master and apprentice team until this woman suddenly showed up. Not only was she beautiful, but Bai Hao could tell from the way she looked at his Master that there was something between themĄ­.

The audience which had gathered noticed him shaking, and immediately began to comment.

Even the mere motion of standing up caused a gale-force wind to spread out, blasting away all of the shadowy specters in the area, and completely wiping most of them out of existence.

"Get to Arch-Emperor City!!" he shouted. "The Celestial is going to try to kill you!!"

"You all are really going to such lengths to catch us. How free of you to be waiting for us everyday. Is this interesting?" Qing Shui frowned at the elderly man across him who looked refined yet with a dark look on his face.

What everyone else saw was Bai Xiaochun seemingly moving faster than sound as he pursued the patriarch!

"Qing Shui, do you still remember that you promised me something earlier?" Yiye Jiange lightly smiled.

That was why, Qing Shui had no worries that the fish would evolve into demonic beasts. It was even harder for beasts to reach the Xiantian state, tougher even than ascending the heavens. As for the black turtles, there were various records of turtles over 1,000 years old, but still couldn't even be considered at the desolate level. There was no guarantee that beasts would evolve and form their core after 500 years.

Beside the moonstone, there was a Golden Extract Essence that was the size of a human head. ?

As they conversed, they had arrived before the Mu Clan's courtyard. The group gradually came down from the Multi-colored Great Bird and formed their own formations with the seven old men in the front.

AST 309 - Qing Shui, Go Calm Your Fiancee Down

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