The Lady¡¯s Sickly Husband Chapter 1625

The Lady¡¯s Sickly Husband Chapter 1625

"Oh heavens! Who would dare kill that Mao Fang, he is simply courting death! No wonder why Sect Elder Mao Sheng looks so angry, it's all because his grandson was killed by someone."

"Heavens, how did this happen?"

The duo had walked for nearly an hour, and they kept bumping into skeletons. The place seemed really desolate.


"That guy is quite a helpful man."

The assistant immediately nodded, "We do, these herbs are very common and are not pricy at all. We have them all, but I don't know how much the honored customer wants?"

"Just kill them, they're so disgusting."

Hearing the group trying to guess at the real truth, Yun Li couldn't help but reveal a knowing smile on his face yet at the same time, his body couldn't help but shake and tremble for a moment. He could only lament over the fact that he too was not aware of Jian Chen's strength, but he did know that the event regarding him and the envoy in the garden not too long ago had forced both the envoys and him to take a major loss. This wasn't something that Yun Li was willing to share with the group.

Many of the members from the three clans had participated within the battle at the northern stronghold, so they naturally recognized the Imperial Advisors. Upon seeing all five of them gathered within the Changyang clan and when they helped them fend off the attackers, they couldn't help but feel extremely curious on what connection the two sides had with each other.

Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before finally agreeing to her request, "Fine then. If you want to come with us, then you can. Seeing how dangerous the continent is would be a boon for you in any case. Since you haven't materialized your Saint Weapon, I could also give you some cultivation advice to help accelerate your growth."

"Is the Shangguan Clan joking, or slapping Master Blissful's face? The Blissful Manor has all the resources, and is the strongest power in the ocean; they simply don't lack any rare treasures and ingredients. I know the Shangguan Clan can provide all ingredients and herbs, but do you really think the Blissful Manor doesn't have those?"

Hearing this, Qingsuo and Ziying both looked at each other in silence before Ziying opened his mouth, "Master, at that time it was indeed Qingsuo and I that brought you to this planet. In the previous planet, you had suffered a tremendous wound and the Qi of the world began to escape your body. If that continued then you wouldn't have been able to make any improvements, at the very most, you would never reach the strength of a Heaven Saint Master of this world. Because of that, Qingsuo and I took you from that planet, but when we entered the crack in space, the both of us suffered tremendous damages. With not much strength remaining, we were unable to deliver you to where we intended and thus we were only able to relocate you to a planet that was just stronger than your original world."

With so many people looking at the portrait, everyone could only grumble at the descriptions on it.

In the Saint continent, anything related to a Saint was a precious treasure. No matter if it was a cultivation skill, a combat skill, or a combat weapon, they were all the same. A demonic cultivation skill was even rarer. In Jiang Chen's past life, he had been involved in a lot of things, and he had still not found many demonic saint skills. Although he couldn't cultivate the Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill, he had still memorized it. Today he passed this skill to the old man. Aside from the reason that he had been given the Demon's Soul, Jiang Chen had another motive.

On the other side, Jiang Chen was even more vigorous. Each of his punches carried a powerful destructive energy, and each punch fell onto different parts of the Mayor's mansion. If this continued, then it wouldn't take long before the entire Mayor's mansion was in complete ruins.

Jiang Chen replied.

Everyone could see a golden, purple-dragon robed middle-aged man walking into the palace with an intimidating air. Right behind him was a single elder with a crane styled hairdo.

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