The Supreme Assassin Chapter 309

The Supreme Assassin Chapter 309

However, waiting around was very boring. Soon he started to think about the baby girl that was the true spirit, and the River-Defying Pill. As the time passed, he became wrapped up in pondering the issue of how to concoct the pill.

"Dammit! Didn't he go out to get experience? It's only been a few years, how come he's back so soon?!?!"

"That shrew's temper is ridiculous!" he grumbled.

As their voices resonated through the area, Li Hongming and the other colonels exchanged odd glances. They had seen quite a few commanding officers give speeches to encourage their troops, but had never heard anyone say things as directly as Bai Xiaochun had.

Considering everything, it was only natural that the fighting would be more desperate than it ever had been in previous conflicts.

The majestic Azure Dragon Society had almost completely fallen in only nine days. The matter shook all of Sky City, and further reinforced the Celestial Sky Society's reputation of being powerful and having deep resources. In some ways, it was not a big surprise. Everything about the Azure Dragon Society had been based on their incredible income of merit points. Without time to truly settle down, they were like an empty building that could collapse when hit by a single big wave or a single gust of wind.

Qing Shui felt slightly stumped when he heard her saying those words with such ambiguous feelings. While her expression was that of embarrassment and her goddess-like face was extremely beautiful, Qing Shui knew that she was afraid that she would not be able to survive through this ordeal. She did not want her lovelife to be a complete blank and wanted a warm and unforgettable hug.

Eventually, he got them calmed down. At that point, he returned to his residence and angrily grumbled to himself, "I can't believe the little brat knocked up two at the same time°≠."

This careless phrase of his caused the three girls to blush, Mingyue Gelou even lowered her head, Canghai Mingyue avoided his gaze. However, Huoyun Liu-Li playfully looked at Qing Shui while blushing, then looked at Mingyue Gelou.

Once he started eating, Qing Shui could tell that it tasted alright but it was normal°™ actually too normal. The contrast between the pleasant smell and the oddly normal taste made him feel uncomfortable. It might be better if it did not smell so good. The contrast annoyed him.

"If not, 200 silver, I wanted to come here and treat patients. I can't offer any higher, I am a poor man!" Qing Shui grimaced as he said that.

"You guys can leave. I'm sure that Qing Shui will not stop you. No one is allowed to come in." The old man's voice was calm and amiable, it could even calm their erratic heartbeats.

From the look in its eyes, it was waiting for him to finish his sentence....

When the surrounding Outer Sect disciple heard the words extreme high-grade, even more discussions broke out, and numerous envious gazes were cast in the direction of the spiritwinter bamboo.

"I know you are a honest person, so I won't take advantage of you." Qing Shui took out a pair of shoes, bracelet, a Great Revitalizing Pellet, and a Tri-Acupoint Clearing Pellet.

"You are back! It's good that you are back!" Qing Yi extended her arms and rubbed Qing Shui's head happily. It was the same when he was younger - she still needed to stand on the tips of her toes in order to touch his head.

One of them was the previous honor guard, Inner Sect disciple Sun Wen, who had handed his duties over to Bai Xiaochun half a year before.

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