Wife Slave President Club Chapter 171

Wife Slave President Club Chapter 171

"He is going for more powerful combat strength."

In the far distance, Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian who were in the middle of flying heard a loud eagle cry. The sound instantly shocked Nangong Wentian. He quickly turned to the direction where the sound came from, then saw a white dot quickly approaching them.

£¦This guy has a calm attitude and presence of mind, he doesn't show any signs of unease. Besides, he has a dignified appearance and an innate aura of supremacy, I can foresee that he will have a limitless future. A genius such as this is the future hope of the Black Sect. His talent and potential is not any weaker than Nan Bei Chao's.'

Big Yellow started laughing in a vicious manner as his eyes lit up. Before he had even stepped into the city, had already started planning his evil plot against the City Lord Mansion. Jiang Chen helplessly shook his head. Bringing this dog with him was like bringing a heap of trouble. If he had to find the being most capable of causing trouble, Big Yellow would definitely be the number one candidate.

"Don't speak right now."

With the Sect of Dragon and Tiger retreating, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was reduced to a balloon without air. In a single moment, they had lost their fighting spirit. The Qinhuang Kingdom was stronger than them, so much so that they could fight them two to one with ease. Even with less people, they were easily capable of fighting them on equal grounds. With the incoming pressure on them now, not only would they lose if they continued to fight, but they wouldn't even have the ability to flee.

For Jiang Chen, one way or another, he had to help the successor of Ancestor Greenlotus, let alone the fact that he and Tyrant found each other as kindred spirits, and thus became brothers.

Slowly bringing himself back to a calm, Jian Chen stared at the nearly-touching Huang Luan with a complex stare. Hesitantly, he opened his mouth to ask, "Miss Huang Luan, are you alright?"

"This place should be an isolated space, and it doesn't look big. We just need to find another exit, then we'll be able to leave this place."

Jiang Chen grabbed the black-clothed man's neck, then they both simply disappeared from the scene.

When Jiang Chen stabbed his long sword into Ling Ao's chest, the entire square turned silent. Everyone in the square had their eyes wide opened as they held their breaths, it was as if they couldn't believe what they had just seen.

If Jian Chen was determined to make the Flame Mercenaries the number one mercenary group within the continent, then the mercenary rankings were unavoidable. This would have to be the first step to accomplishing Kendall's last wish.


"Dad, everyone."

"It's the vice-headmaster, he has arrived££"

Facing the two bandits who were preparing their weapons, Jian Chen did not look panicked at all. With a calm face, he grabbed his sword and used the Profound Steps to approach the two bandits at rapid speeds. At the same time, the blood red sword in his hand lashed out and stabbed one of the two bandits in the throat.

Big Yellow cursed. The feeling of missing an attack almost made him go crazy.

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