To My Sunflower Chapter 2389

To My Sunflower Chapter 2389

"60 million."

Whenever a human or creature receives a serious injury, there will be a cushion of time where the strength that they exhibit, as well as their reaction speed, will be at its worst.

The gratefulness he felt towards Jiang Chen couldn't be described with words. No matter what Jiang Chen wanted, he would give it to him.


Wu Ningzhu cried out in shock. She now finally understood. That cold gleam she felt just now was the sword cutting off her veil. It didn't hurt her skin while cutting the veil. One needed to be incredibly skilled with the sword in order to accomplish something like that.

As the golden arrow made contact with Bi Hai's Saint Weapon, an ear-deafening explosion rang out in the area. The energy backlash flooded the area and distorted the space itself to an extent where several pitch-dark cracks began to manifest before disappearing just as quickly as it appeared.

Kai Er and the other three were once more floored by Jian Chen's strength since he had easily cut off and crippled the man's remaining arm. Their faces soon became ecstatic. If the Flame Mercenaries follow a strong figure such as Jian Chen as their captain, then their success would be immeasurable.

A vat of scalding hot oil was suddenly poured down from the walls and splashed down onto the magical beasts below. Immediately, the fur of those who got splashed by the oil caught fire before turning the magical beast into a moving bonfire.

In the distance, Nubis and Jin Feng were still stuck in an intense battle. Although they were at a similar level in cultivation, Nubis was an ancient magical beast. His battle ability could be compared to a powerful Saint Ruler of the Sixth Heavenly Layer. Even with a Ruler Armament, Jin Feng definitely was not Nubis's opponent, so it was an uphill battle for him. Also, he had already been poisoned by the venom of the Silver Striped Golden Snake. It was currently spreading in his body, so at this very moment, Jin Feng's complexion had already turned to a bluish-black.

"Great Manager, is there anything else?"

"Sect Elder Fan, are you doubting my decision?"

"Brother Yang Yutian, as a vice-manager, I can't leave the branch for too long, so I must hurry back. I won't be able to accompany you, please forgive me." Jamie bid farewell to Jian Chen, before leaving with a heart full of joy. This was because he had just received the news that the headquarters were extremely happy with what he did, and would promote him to the manager of a second-rate branch, which held much more power than the vice-manager of a third-rate branch.

It was Xuan Ye who said this. If it was in the past, even he himself wouldn't have believed his own words. But now, he could see all sorts of possibilities through Jiang Chen. Or, put it this way, there was nothing impossible when it came to Jiang Chen.

Right now, facing the powerful Jiang Chen, Liang Xiao had lost his calm and confidence. The appearance of nine identical Jiang Chen's had made him confused, and he couldn't find out which one the real Jiang Chen was.

Many people within the inn had been talking about the death of the Saint Ruler, but just as many people were talking passionately about Jian Chen himself.

Two kilometers££.

Lin Anying said while gnashing his teeth in anger.

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