Grand Magus Chapter 52

Grand Magus Chapter 52

Each one of the elders looked on at this conversation with a helpless face. They all knew that Bijian had admired the Heavenly Enchantress. Back when Bijian had been a middle aged man, when he had came across the Heavenly Enchantress, it had been love at first sight. Using a secret method, he had managed to rejuvenate his face back to his youth so that he could win her affection.

"Haha, a good shot is soon arriving! Now that such a long time has passed, I bet the warriors of the four major powers have already arrived at the Chaotic Ocean. However, why hasn't the monk left this area after receiving the treasure, and instead began absorbing it here? The warriors of the four major powers will definitely find him here, and at that point of time, an intense fight will be unavoidable."

Seeing that only a month had passed by, Jian Chen let out a small victorious smile as he spoke, "I've finally gotten rid of the Imprint of Death. Who would have known that this small interlude would have taken three months? Any longer and two years would go by before little fatty and I met again. I can't put it off anymore and head out right away."

Jian Chen knew that the Chaotic Force was extremely strong, and despite it having no use at the current moment, there would be day in the future where he would be able to use it after establishing a foundation for it. This foundation was his body. If he could strengthen his body, he would be able to withstand the Chaotic Force coursing through it. So right now, he needed enough Chaotic Force to strengthen his body.

The second day of the competition quickly progressed. Because there were less and less people, the top 8 were quickly decided by the end of the day. After the top 50 had been established, the academy had canceled the rule that prevented students from the 8th layer to fight against those from the 9th layer. The students were now free to fight with whomever they were matched up against, so aside from Jian Chen and another suntanned student, the other 6 students had already reached the 9th layer of Saint Force. In order for the suntanned student or Jian Chen to enter the top 8, they had to defeat some students who had already reached the 9th layer of Saint Force.

"What the fuck, who do these two men think senior disciple Jiang is? Why do they sound like senior disciple Jiang is dead for sure?"

"Oi oi oi, brother, don't leave so hurriedly. For you, I've waited outside for the entire three months. I haven't even left there for food, shits or piss. Even if it's not meritorious, it's still hard work. How can you treat me like this?" Quan Youcai immediately chased behind Jian Chen in a fashion that did not suit his status, chattering away beside Jian Chen.

The Old Emperor was no idiot. He guessed that Jiang Chen must have gained a huge improvement in the midst of their battle, and that's why he was able to force him back. Because of this fact, a storm began raging in the Old Emperor's mind, as it was extremely terrifying to know someone who could level up in the middle of a battle.

"Because of some unknown reason, no demons or devils can be found within 2,000 miles of Inferno City. Beyond this 2,000 mile radius, the amount of demons and devils will become greater."

"Damn it! We must kill him today!"

Within the academy, those under the level of a Saint would have the chance to receive a Class 1 Monster Core every month to use to help their cultivations. The students who were at the Saint Level and condensed a Saint Weapon would be able to earn a Class 2 Monster Core every month. Aside from this, these students would also be able to go to the forest 20 miles away from the Kargath Academy to hunt magical beasts for their cores. Although the forest wasn't big, it still took up around 10 kilometers of area. The magical beasts inside the forest were all set free by the academy, but most of them were generally low leveled magical beasts. Their attack strengths were amongst the lowest of the beasts, and receiving a serious injury was unlikely.

Old Man Ling Shan patted Jiang Chen's shoulder. With a bright smile, he said, "An old man like me really likes someone as daring as you. The Qingyi sect is nothing! Daddy hates seeing those big sects bullying people! They always wear those superior expressions on their faces, disgusting!"

In the Southern Continent, humans and demons had been all-time enemies. As today was the Wu family's ancestral worshipping ceremony, the sudden appearance of these mighty demons had clearly shown their evil intentions.

"I don't believe I will be defeated by a Qi Hai warrior! Even if you have broken through to the Late Qi Hai realm, I will not be defeated!!!"

Jiang Chen leapt into the skies after saying that. But, at the same time, the stone golems also flew up into the sky, blocking Jiang Chen's path.

The three men and the eagle were flying above the clouds extremely quickly. Both Nangong Wentian and Nangong Wenyang wore ghastly expressions on their faces. Their eldest uncle, Nangong Yunzheng was well prepared this time, and was supported by the Profound River Palace. He was determined to seize all of the Nangong family's resources and the Family Chief position. Nangong Wentian couldn't let this happen, as he didn't want to let the hundred year old Nangong family fall into the hands of that guy.

At that moment, each one of the magical beasts had broken free from the fearful control of the Class 5 Magical Beast.

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