Distinct and Lonely Chapter 340

Distinct and Lonely Chapter 340

Jian Chen gave a small smile as he thought about Fang Hui's words with a secretive thought of disapproval, "This one thanks elder sister's idea, but I still have things to do in the outside world. So for that reason, this one won't stay here longer than necessary," He replied with a bitter smile.

Daoist Profound River asked Jiang Chen.

Mao Fang was greatly alarmed. This was simply unbelievable. Jiang Chen's attack caused him to feel a tremendous pressure.

"Third Emperor, are we really going to release all the people?"

Taking advantage of this, Jian Chen struck out once more with the Origin energy straight through the elder's head, extinguishing his soul straight away.

Yunzhong He who held a feather fan in his hand threw his glance over at Wu Ningzhu and spoke with an indifferent voice.

As the four began to calm down, general Liu sat down, "Honored Imperial Protector, your trip to the Qiangan Kingdom went smoothly, I take it."

"Captain Kendall, what is your greatest wish££."

"Okay, you can stay here by yourself and take your time to read them. Remember, you only have this once chance to enter the seventh floor of the library, I hope you treasure it. The bindings at the entrance will only prevent the people who are trying to enter, if you want to leave, you can leave directly." After finishing, the headmaster immediately turned and left the place, disappearing outside the bindings on the seventh floor, leaving Jian Chen standing there dazed.Chapter 57: Arranged Marriage

"How can you not know? Only you could get hold of this blood talisman, and if you don't know what it is, how are you going to use it to deal with the Earth Devil?"

"Captain, those three factions are not to be belittled. We have no conflict with them, and even if they would rather die than submit, it is not worth going to war with them only to suffer a disastrous result. The ends do not make up for the means."

"Haha, when this master dog unleashes the Soul Crunching Tune, no one in this world will be able to match my mightiness! All foul enemies will have to die!"

Another miserable shriek was heard. Within seconds, Baoshan Xiong's gigantic body was seen falling down from the lightning. He died in a miserable manner, and not only that, his head had been cracked open. His demon soul had been taken by Jiang Chen.

A voice could be heard from within the carriage, "Uncle Zhou, your words seem to ring true. That man seemed to have killed one of our own with chopsticks, meaning his strength is quite vast. If we were to try and capture him now, our losses would not even compare to our gains. Let us wait for tomorrow so that third uncle can look for him instead."

After saying that, Jiang Chen swayed his body and swung his sword.

Daoist Black was suddenly feeling dizzy, he felt like he was going to faint at any time. What had he just witnessed? In just half an hour, a girl had broken through to the Peak Divine Core realm from the Late Mortal Core realm, this was extremely unusual event! If he hadn't witnessed it himself, he would never have believed anything like this to be possible!

"How did you know I was killed in the Myriad Demon Mountain?"

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