Infallible Oathbreaker Chapter 1652

Infallible Oathbreaker Chapter 1652

From every part of the Cloud Capital, several dozen factions that had aligned with the Flame Mercenaries came filing out. When they saw the two Heaven Saint Masters floating high in the sky, their faces had gone pale. Those who had been forced into joining had a happy look on their faces, but those who had willingly joined had felt a fearful look spread on their faces.

Jian Chen smiled. He picked up the skewer with the magical meat on it, and unafraid of the heat, directly used his hand to tear off a large chunk of the meat. Handing it over to Liang Xiaole, he said, "Go on and eat this. Be careful it's hot though."

"Punished again? We don't even have anything with us now!"

"The Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion bids 25,000 purple coins££"

Big Yellow was trembling, Jiang Chen's eyes had scared him.


Whenever Nanbei Chao was dealt a heavy blow by Jiang Chen, he would throw up a mouthful of blood. Both his eyes turned red, and his heart was suffering from a huge grievance that couldn't be released. He had the same feeling as Fan Zhongtang, he was regretting not killing Jiang Chen with a slap during the Qi Province competition.

"Haha, brother Ye, this kid is a big nuisance! I think it would best if you kill him before anything else!"

His face growing grave, Jian Chen leaned his head to the side and dodged Luo Jian's fist once more. His right leg immediately lashed out towards Luo Jian that was no slower than the fist earlier.

A dignified expression suddenly appeared on Guan Yi Yun's face, he said, "I am going to the Inferno Hell!"[1]

The emperor nodded his head and said, "Bi Dao, there's no time to lose. You must head out to Changyang Mansion immediately. With your strength, you should be able to arrive there before sunrise."

Huang Zheng scolded with harsh words. He walked up and kicked these two disciples onto the ground.

"That's right! We, the Myriad Sword Sect are going to go all out against these four guys. If prince really doesn't care about the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan, please go ahead and attack us, we'll just stand here and let you attack, we won't fight back."

Jian Chen, on the other hand, was still wrestling fiercely with the wolves. Suddenly, a wolf jumped from above, down onto Jian Chen.

"I was worried about that too. If that is the case, I don't think we can defend ourselves."

Hu Ba was a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master who could use a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. So avoiding an injury wasn't within Jian Chen's ability, but it was a light wound, nothing serious.

Ka Di Qiuli quickly strode towards Jian Chen, but when she was within 3 meters from him, she suddenly jumped up into the air to deliver a flying jump kick towards his face. Although Ka Di Qiuli was young, she was fairly strong since she was already at the 9th Saint Force layer.

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