A universe acquires a body Chapter 860

A universe acquires a body Chapter 860

With some effort, Jian Chen crawled up from the ground unsteadily with a pale face as he looked at the Light Wind Sword that was impaled in the magical beast's skull. He couldn't help but have a victorious smile adorn his face at this fortunate sight.

Tyrant whispered.

"Older brother, this soul cultivation skill is called the Great Soul Derivation skill. I passed to you the first portion of it, and once you master it, I will teach you the second part. If you can master this skill, you will definitely become one of the greatest alchemists in the world."

Big Yellow said while shaking his head.

"Hurry up and chase him!"

Big Yellow said. He looked at the black lock which was held in Yang Shuo's hand, al although he didn't fear it as much as the Shamanic Fire Ape did, he still felt hatred towards the thing.

At that time, Huang Luan remembered how she had first felt about this person. Truly, she hated him to the bone. She wanted nothing more than to scalp his skin, tear his muscles, drink his blood, and eat his flesh. At that time, her body had been seen by this man, a man that was both very weak and a stranger. Huang Luan had been left with a very deep impression of Jian Chen for that reason. It was only when she returned to the villa that she had brooded over her feelings and tried to forget that it had ever happened. However, the feelings she had for Jian Chen had only made her feel even more hurt.

Tiangang Yi couldn't help but ask.

Wu Jiu furrowed his brows.

The king narrowed his eyebrows and shared a look with Changyang Ba with an awkward expression.

Jian Chen gave a small smile, "Allow me to keep the answer a secret for now. Ying Changkong, we will meet again in the near future." Yulian had already finished the transaction. She handed the Class 5 Monster Core and the purple card back to Jian Chen by now.

Jian Chen couldn't help but have a happy smile on his face.

Ka Zhafei stood in front of him with sluggish eyes and a dazed expression.

Lee Chang Ming had an insidious expression on his face. He took a deep breath and released his energy again. At the same time, a shining golden blade appeared in his hands. It was another low ranked combat weapon.

"It's because of that talisman! Nangong Yunzheng did prepare himself, he actually has the ability to increase his combat strength by such great amounts in such a short amount of time! Family chief is going to lose this time!"

Under the arena, Ka Di Yun felt the veins in his forehead throb as he watched his younger sister get mistreated in such a way. A murderous intent was focused on Jian Chen as he watched him; if it weren't for the vice headmaster Bai En presiding over the match nearby, then Ka Di Yun would have charged onto the arena long ago to teach Jian Chen a lesson.

The battle lasted for another five small breaths before the group of a hundred men instantly fell down to half its original numbers.

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