Medical Sovereign Chapter 17

Medical Sovereign Chapter 17

"Allow me to give you a proper burial, my brother." Bai Xiaochun could tell that he was recovering rapidly now. However, his spiritual power was still so depleted that he couldn't even open his bag of holding.

In addition to the physical structure of the wall, there was a black, shimmering shield of light that rose from the top of the wall into the heavens. With that shield in place, everything on the other side was completely sealed out!

Bai Xiaochun blinked a few times. For some reason, the situation seemed familiar. Without even thinking about it, he said, "Ladies and gentlemen, Junior Brothers and Sisters, Sect Nephews and Nieces, I shall miss all of you...."

If the result was indeed positive, then they would stick with the Azure Dragon Society and wait to see how things developed. If not, then they would have to start considering how they would survive after having offended the Celestial Sky Society.

These days were very peaceful, despite the fact that he was still unable to form that single strand of Qi, Qing Shui was still practising the Ancient Strengthening Technique relentlessly. He believed that he would succeed sooner or later.

"How do you intend to prove that?" Huoyun Liu-Li was skeptical.

With this, her physical strength had reached 25 stars. Only then he let her consume the Hallow Pill and Violet Qi Pellet.

A strange expression could be seen on his face as his right hand flashed with an incantation gesture, and then he waved his finger. Immediately, the one-colored tongue of flame flew out and merged into the turtle-wok. Moments later, a design appeared on the wok that then began to shine with dazzling light.

"Hmm, could you help me to pass my clothes over first?" After washing himself, Qing Shui realized that his clothes were actually placed far away from the pool, so now, he could only helplessly beseech the help of this ravishing beauty, what a rare opportunity indeed.

As the pillars of light continue to cause everything to shake and rumble, quite a few people headed toward Green Crest Peak and Ghostfang Peak! Numerous beams of light could be seen racing through the air as the Spirit Stream Sect's second wave of teleportations began!

"Father treated me very well. He may be an ordinary blacksmith but he is the greatest father," Huoyun Liu-Li said happily while thinking about it.

Chen Hetian looked at him closely, then coolly said, "So you're the one with the spine...."

His divine sense was currently far beyond the Nascent Soul stage, and was actually comparable to a deva's. Therefore, his final scan of the clan revealed that some distance away, there was actually a subterranean cavern.

"The Grand Heavenmaster?" There were a few people from the Heavenspan Realm who had left a deep impression on him. One was the aloof gravekeeper, and the other, the cruel, callous Daoist Heavenspan. And then there was the Grand Heavenmaster, who came in second only to Daoist Heavenspan when it came to ambition and ruthlessness.

This woman was actually the Misty Hall Palace Mistress!

Intense rumbling sounds filled Heavenmaster Hall as the majestic seventeen-colored sea of fire caused everyone who looked at it to be filled with shock. And yet, none of them were yet ready to believe that Bai Xiaochun really would become an earthly necromancer!

Even as he reappeared in another location, countless hairs slashed through the air into the spot he had just occupied, causing popping sounds to ring out.

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