Im Really a Superstar Chapter 1756

Im Really a Superstar Chapter 1756

Hearing that Big Yellow said she was too small, Ruan Ling's anger was instantly raised to new heights.

The old woman was already embroiled in an intense fight high up in the air with the five powerful Saint Rulers. They had already fought their way up to an altitude of a dozen or so kilometers from the initial thousand meters. Their battle was devastating, to a point where even the sun or moon would struggle to shine. In the azure sky, pitch-black cracks in space would appear from time to time.

The warrior instantly became furious. He pointed his finger at Jiang Chen and shouted at him. At the same time, two men arrived next to him. Clearly, they were his helpers.

"Fine, please follow me."

Changyang Ba's eyes lit up when he saw the return of the elder and immediately called out to him, "Chang Bai, you're back! How is A'Hu, did you bring him back?"

"Wait till you break through to the Combat Soul realm, I'm sure the Manor Master will show you some respect then."

"Kaka, see that? I told you he would be number one!"

"Ai, how can second brother be this careless, how-how annoying. He'd better not lose to a brat like him." Ka Di Qiuli cried as she stamped her foot in anger. Though the longer she looked at Ka Di Liang, the more easily one could tell her face was full of concern for her older brother.

Guan Yi Yun reminded.

Yan Zhan Hun wiped away some sweat silently but still asked.

Mu Rong Zhan asked.

Qian Province, Green Sanctuary Sect.

Immediately rallying up an army of soldiers to protect the city gates, the soldiers of the Gesun Kingdom tried to fend off the invaders so they could not gain access to the city. In a flash, another battle broke out with the vanguards of both sides slashing and stabbing at each other fiercely.

At the same time, Big Yellow turned around and disappeared without a trace. A few minutes later, he returned with Yan Chenyu.

Jiang Chen shouted out loudly. He forcefully pointed his finger, like a sword. In an instant, five sky piercing fingers shot towards the Shamanic Fire Ape. Along the way, all five fingers merged into one, which gave it a tremendous increase in power.

"The five of you are working with the Gilligan clan, doing things that betray the human race. We have come under the sect master's orders to captureÿ andÿ kill!" The man said expressionlessly. His tone was extremely cold and carried no emotions. When he got to the last three words, he said it with great pauses.

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