The System Of Somatosensation Chapter 2106

The System Of Somatosensation Chapter 2106

A wild night had dissolved his longing for Zhu Qing. The room was filled with a passionate atmosphere throughout the night. Qing Shui admired the satisfied smile of the woman lying on his chest and thought she looked very feminine.

Qing Shui was speechless. Why would the Beauty Pellet be unlocked after the Large Revitalizing Pellet? Initially he still thought that it was because the Beauty Pellet had some other special effects that wouldn't lose out to the Large Revitalizing Pellets. He was sorely disappointedĄ­

Bai Xiaochun sighed and decided that since everyone was refusing, he might as well forget the idea. Having no other option, he would have to settle for second best and try out some of the other beasts in the Beast Conservatory.

The young Core Formation cultivator let out a howl like a caged animal. The sensation of deadly crisis he felt caused his heart to tremble. In his madness, he realized that he couldn't flee, and that his only chance to get out of the situation alive was to withstand this palm strike. Suddenly, he was in almost the exact opposite situation as before!

"Mmm, I feel that I seem to have more strength," a brute middle-aged man said doubtfully.

"I want to hug you!"

Qing Shui shook his head and smiled, not saying a word. He walked up close to the bed and said softly, "Take off his clothes."

"This thing is so mysterious! I wonder what it is. And I wonder when I'll encounter something like it againĄ­." He was truly torn between his desire to collect souls, and his fear of the potential danger.

The atmosphere between the 3rd generation members was extremely competitive. Ever since Lan Yan`er discovered that the battle technique Qing Bei had used to defeat her had originated from Qing Shui, she started to actively hate Qing Shui as well. Every time they met, she would glare hatefully at Qing Shui.

The eagle was only a Peak Martial King poison beast. Qing Shui had faith that he would be able to instantly kill the eagle.

The Fiery Golden Eyes specifically weakened temporary strength. What surprised Qing Shui was that the effects were significantly damaging to warriors at or above Grade Ten Martial Saint.

It was a pity that he had used up his Nine Continents Steps for the day. Otherwise, they could just use it!

This continued for two hours before it was time for New Year's Eve dinner!

"Alright, you reckless fool. I shall accept this challenge. When and where?" Donggong Taiqing was so infuriated that his expression turned into a sinister smile.

The clothing visible was not the clothing of Wildlanders. Bai Xiaochun could immediately tellĄ­ that these were Heavenspan cultivators!!

"As they say, only the diligent will survive. If you set your heart on one thing and train until you lose your mind and forget yourself, there is nothing in this world that you cannot do. Not to mention the barrier to Xiantian, which will seem like a common thing to achieve after that."

"Lotus seed pods!" Curious, he went out and started to ask around. What he discovered caused his eyes to light up.

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