Triple Survival: Rpg Chapter 264

Triple Survival: Rpg Chapter 264

"What's going on?"

"Senior elder, the Yan family went to war with the Lee family last night, and today, there is no Lee family! Lee Shan Yue died as well! Right now, all of Red city belongs to our Yan family!"

"Oh Heavens, what a brutal man! He simply kicked him without any warning, so aggressive!"

Just as Jian Chen entered the arena, his opponent crossed into it as well through the other side. A burly looking man with the waist of a bear and the back of a tiger appeared. Compared to Jian Chen's slim build, the two were completely different. The man had a short inch of hair with fierce looking eyes that made his expression seem intrepid. He had a two-handed sword that glowed red, signifying that he was a fire attribute Earth Saint Master.

"Damn it! Couldn't you just tell me earlier?! Puh! It stinks!"

Shortly afterwards, the core members of the Flame Mercenaries did not bother to continue breakfast. They all left the dining hall, walking towards the outside. When they arrived at the main entrance of the palace, they saw a flirtatious-looking girl who seemed to be in her twenties, standing silently outside the entrance. She was Tianmu Ling.

A faint smile appeared on Bi Yuntian's face. "Good good, you will now go by the name Bi Lian. Lian'er, you needn't worry about a thing. With your cousin, no one will dare bully you. You don't even need to worry about the other members from the Changyang clan. From the outside, it would seem that the power of the clan resides within the master of the household or the abdicated elders. I reality, it is your cousin that holds all of the power. Not a single person would dare ignore his words. Even the king of the Gesun Kingdom is no exception."

Jiang Chen's words were like sharp blades poking right into the Crown Prince's weak spot.Chapter 437 Ă¿ Jiang Chen's Wisdom

Xuan Ye told Wu Jiu through his Divine Sense. He couldn't stop the shock from reaching his mind. Sweeping across the Inferno City, and now this; Jiang Chen was like a mighty warrior killing his way through. No one could stop him.



"This is a Perfect-Ranked Devil Source Stone, and it was brought to us by a special man from the ocean. The stone was found in a devil cave deep underneath the ocean. Vast amounts of natural devil energy filled the cave and gave birth to this Devil Soul Stone. It contains a massive amount of devil energy, and it's as hard as pure steel. Even ordinary High-Ranked Combat Weapons can't break it. The starting price for this Perfect-Ranked Devil Source Stone is 10 million."

Outside, everyone in the village was currently in the courtyard exercising.

Seeing the sudden spread of the fire, even the king of the Qinhuang Kingdom was surprised. But a white figure suddenly shot towards him as a cyan colored man brought both the king and himself into the air by using his wind attributed Saint Force. With a grab of the king's shoulder, the two of them flew away from the fire.

Cheng Fei had a cruel smile on his face as he looked around the ruined gates and halls. With a pejorative voice, he spoke, "Changyang Xiangtian, do not mistake that your experience these past years will help you here. Six years have gone by, today, I will settle the hatred from when you cut off the arm of my son." Cheng Fei moved back and spoke, "Forward, but don't kill him."

A Late Mortal Core warrior started laughing out loud. He was sent by the Mayor's mansion. This group had never taken Jiang Chen seriously. In their minds, with the collaborative might of the nine of them, as long as their opponent would definitely die as long as he wasn't a Heavenly Core Warrior.

"No need, big brother Nan Bei will look down on me if I seek credit for such a minor matter. He is now focusing on his cultivation, as his goal is to conquer this world. The Qi Province is just the beginning. Let's perform our best and help big brother Nan Bei, I'm sure lots of benefits will await!"

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