A Song for Stig Chapter 2488

A Song for Stig Chapter 2488

After all, he was already a blacksmith, Qing Shui abruptly realised that he should start forging some hidden weapons for himself. He decided to use the 1,000 years cold steel to forge a set of Coldsteel needles similar to the size of the golden needles for his own usage.

"Your warped logic is killing me! You are blatantly taking advantage of me!" Shi Qingzhuang exclaimed as her body arched slightly.

"We'll go with River-Defying Sect," the founding patriarch interrupted, worried about where Bai Xiaochun would go next, and that he might say even more unseemly sect names. "There's another matter to discuss. During the ceremonies, we need to officially name the junior patriarch of the sect. In addition to the name of the sect itself, we also wanted to ask your opinion on who to pick!"

After a moment, Wu Dao took his leave, still a bit suspicious about everything. He even took some subordinates over to the Underworld River bank to search around, but none of them found anything.

"Yeah, the Immortal Crane can understand the simple speech of humans, but I don't know why it chose to follow me, although I'm not complaining. Events of such good fortune don't occur often."

And yet, he simply wasn't resigned to letting Bai Xiaochun leave. Rushing forward, he blocked his path.

After seven days, he emerged yet again, flustered, fleeing at top speed as a fourth deafening explosion nearly destroyed his medicine concocting workstation.

Although that pair of eyes was still unmatchedly sexy, the glow that was revealed and her exterior were at different extreme ends; was it natural or a guise?

"Heavens! How deranged! Could it be that because that bird couldn't take any more of Elder Zhou's torment, it finally went mad?!?!"

Even as the shocking scene played out up above, the armed forces of the three clans, as well as the soldiers of the six heavenly marquises' armies, all began to pour into the city.

It didn't take long for the news of Bai Xiaochun killing a heavenly marquis to reach the farthest corners of the Wildlands.


For the Saint-Emperor, enough was enough. Never before had any cultivator dared to do the things Bai Xiaochun had done in Saint-Emperor City. But the little turtle was too important. That was especially true considering that the Eternal Turtle was rumored to be able to give cultivators better control of Willpower. To the Saint-Emperor, that was beyond crucial, and could give him the edge he needed to break out of the Archaean Realm.

The two elderly men who were past their seventies were emitting a strong vitality and their whole bodies gave off a restrained aura. It was like a normal elderly person that had not trained in martial arts kind. It was like they were without an edge, like a smoothly rounded pebble.

"How is that even possible? Heavens! More than three hundred?! Either the Arch-Emperor has gotten stronger, or¡­ he never got pushed to the point of actually calling upon the full power of his trump card before!"

That was the fifth among the Twelve Heavenly Meridians!

The lake in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had become wider after it had been upgraded from the fourth level of the realm, which was double its size. The lake stretched wide in every corner, and made the distance between the plantation and rocks alongside the lake seem further apart and even farther away from each other.

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