Falling for Chaos Chapter 878

Falling for Chaos Chapter 878

"Let's go. After bringing you there, I'll need to prepare for my trip to the Inferno Hell. This might be the last time we meet."

At the sight of Changyang Hu, Luo Jian's eyes immediately burned in hatred, as if he could spit out flames. Perhaps Changyang Hu was too absorbed in his practice, but he didn't sense Cheng Mingxiang's people's arrival.

Beneath Jian Chen and them were the Heaven Saint Masters, Ming Dong, and the others of the Flame Mercenaries standing together.

Daoist Profound River was in a really good mood, and he invited Jiang Chen to be his honorable guest.

Chapter 351 ΓΏ Orders to Kill

The battle between the Earth Saint Masters had gotten progressively more intense, forcing the audience to take yet another few steps back to guarantee their safety. A wide open area had been left behind for the two sides to battle it out, but the men of weaker strengths had still been slightly injured by the whiplash of energy that exploded from the battle.

"Big brother Jian Chen, how far away was the outside world to our valley? When can you bring us there to play?"

Two bright beams shot out from Liang Zhui's eyes. He wasn't alone, the way everyone looked at Jiang Chen changed as well. If Jiang Chen really killed both Combat Soul warriors with his mere Divine Core cultivation, it would be an amazing achievement! Because, he didn't only just defeat them, he killed them!

However, Jiang Chen wasn't in the state those outsiders thought he was; he wasn't completely trapped in his own fantasy with no way off escaping. He was in a strange condition right now, as if he was merging together with the version of him from one hundred years ago.

As the Freezing Hell Jail was an important place for the Asura Palace, he would alert those powerful figures upon forcefully breaking out. More importantly, with Jiang Chen's current strength, he couldn't forcefully break the space in this place. Of course, Jiang Chen still had other ways to leave this place.

Everyone were shocked. They were all trying to guess who this Wu Jiu was, and why a Combat Soul warriors was bowing to him.

"Hmph! How savage the Xia clan are." Duo Kang sneered from the side before immediately swinging down onto the whip with his Saint Weapon.

Fury erupted from Shangguan Chong; he truly hated Jiang Chen to the core! He was about to get the Combat Weapon, but Jiang Chen was faster than him, which really pissed him off!

Shrugging, Jian Chen spoke helplessly, "There's no other way, although it'll be a headache, but some headaches have to be endured. I've already killed two other Ruler Armament users, so trouble is unavoidable, another one shouldn't matter too much."

Looking back at Tie Ta's arm, Jian Chen could see that the golden blood dripping down Tie Ta's arm was indeed shining. If not for the fact that they were in a relatively dim place, this glow would have been very difficult to discover.

Soon, Jiang Chen reached the bottom of the magma pool. With the Great Soul Derivation skill, he could easily sense everything around him. Within a split second, he had found the warmest spot. Upon finding that spot, he turned towards it direction, and swam toward it like a fish. This his surprise, he found something not far in front of him, a human-head sized flaming red crystal! It just hovered in the middle of the magma, constantly rotating.

Jiang Chen really wished he could leave a huge footmark on Big Yellow's face. Before the pedestrians could truly erupt with anger, Jiang Chen pulled Big Yellow by the ear, turned into a trail of light and disappeared from the street.

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