White Snow- Princess Baixue Chapter 1801

White Snow- Princess Baixue Chapter 1801

Jian Chen stared at Zhou Butong's fall to the ground coldly without any emotion. Thanks to the memories of his previous incarnation, his determination had been rather resolute. Even if he were to massacre many people, he wouldn't be affected too much.

At this moment a loud commotion could be heard from behind as the entire crowd finally came into this room. In a flash, the small room was filled to the brim as even more people tried to get in until the room. It seemed as if the room was like a steamed bun and could not fill up anymore. In front of Jian Chen and the others, there was still a small empty space as everyone recognized who they were. They all knew of their strength and while they did not wish to be constantly pushed in from the others behind them, they did not wish to get close to Jian Chen and so they kept their distance in fear that getting any closer would mean their lives would be in jeopardy.

However, there was no way they could back out in the current situation. In this group of more than a few hundred men, each and every single one was an elite existence from the Martial Saint Dynasty, and the emperors and the Crown Prince even represented the Martial Saint Dynasty's face. If this incredible group was forced back by a single person, it would be incredibly shameful.

Yan Zhan Yun turned to Jiang Chen and asked, "Brother Jiang Chen, how is Yu'er?"

"Jiejie, alright!"

But Jian Chen had already left the area. Even after searching for a moment, the master of the clan could do nothing else but give up.

At the same time, different voices sounded in the remaining great clans.

"Brother, rest assured. I promise with my life that in the entire Eastern Continent, your father's status will be the highest. Even when he comes to the Martial Dynasty will he receive the highest degree of welcome."

Tyrant said.

Big Yellow descended next to the body from the skies. Laughing heavily towards the skies, he said, "Kakaka! I'm the invincible master dog!"

"Brother Jiang Chen, are you satisfied with the provided residence?If you're not satisfied I can change it for you!"

"We have lost the second match, and the third match will begin immediately. I think we're going to lose, as we have no idea what kind of warrior Nangong Yunzheng invited here."

The Flood Dragon was furious. It struggled with all its effort, but it was unable to escape from the True Dragon Palm. Furious roars left the Flood Dragon's mouth. It knew that its doomsday had arrived, but fury and unwillingness still burned within its heart.


Jiang Chen shouted toward Big Yellow.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Changyang Hu's injuries greatly affected Jian Chen's emotions. Although Jian Chen didn't kill these dozens of students, he would definitely not let them go lightly. If these people weren't attending the same school as Jian Chen was, and if Jian Chen wasn't worried about stirring trouble within their families, he would definitely end their lives without hesitation.

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