I have Been Reincarnated! Chapter 162

I have Been Reincarnated! Chapter 162

Qing Shui smiled back at him unthinkingly. He must be this nice to him because he knew about the complicated situation that he, Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li were in. Regardless of the reason, Qing Shui would remember this in his heart.

"This is the last deva soul I need.... Merge with it, and my five elements deva souls set will be complete.... At that point, I will be able to break through!" Eyes shining with excitement, he took the deva soul... and pushed it into his chest.

Qing Shui moved. The speed of his movement was swift like the wind, and was astonishingly fast, yet people could see the direction in which he was going. It was as if he could leave a trail of dust behind. But still, many recognised that it was the Cloudmist Steps, even the normal disciples. After all in the Heavenly Palace, those who had never eaten pork had never seen a running pig.

Bai Xiaochun moaned inwardly as he realized that the white light shining out from him was also causing his cultivation base to drop. In the briefest moment, he was half-drained! Backing up, his scalp tingling explosively, he suddenly felt a sensation of intense, deadly crisis. As of this moment, it was obviousˇ­ that he was in big trouble!!

"Little Bei, careful! Qing You might kill you if he hears that!"

"The true pity is that I've eaten so many spirit tail chickens on Fragrant Cloud Peak that only the chicks are left. They don't taste very good, otherwise I'd invite you to live with me over there, and we could eat our fill every day. You would definitely gain all your weight back." Bai Xiaochun sighed.

The piercing cry was a literal shrill that could burst one's eardrums. What came next was a shocking revelation to Qing Shui as he saw the four severely wounded heads rolling down from the spider's body. He felt cold shivers all over his body when he heard the awful cry of the spider that sounded quite similar to the wails of a banshee.

"Bai Xiaochun? Impossible!" She could only watch as Bai Xiaochun shattered the solidifying pressure and then shot onward like a bolt of lightning.

When the sword qi in which he had placed so much confidence struck Bai Xiaochun's fist, a popping sound could be heard, and the sword qi shattered!

Shi Qingzhuang was still in a deep slumber, her brows wrinkled. Her expression seemed as if she could wake up any moment. Qing Shui put the pot, along with a bowl and a small spoon, and placed them on the wooden table in the room.

The clan chief shivered in reaction to Chen Hai's shout and the killing intent of the Nascent Soul experts. As for the clan elders, they were also shocked.

Unfortunately, he still had no clues or ideas to pursue. Perhaps Gongsun Wan'er might have learned more about it in recent days, but she wasn't in the second immortal domain anymore. Bai Xiaochun could only bury his suspicions in his heart.

"You wanna steal my animals and then rob my Dao bottle? You people are nothing but bullies!"

"The Profound Stream Sect tried to sow disharmony between our sects, with the goal of getting us to slaughter each other. Not only did they murder Fellow Daoist Droughtflame, they tried to kill one of our blood masters. We cannot tolerate such things! When the Blood Stream Sect goes to war, we don't return home until blood has been spilled. Therefore, the best thing to do is go wipe out the Profound Stream Sect!!" As his words reached the hearts and minds of the Blood Stream Sect disciples, their confusion was quickly replaced with fury.

The vital energy poured into his skin which, although it was covered with cracks, was like iron; anyone who saw it would surely be shocked.

Although in some ways he wished he could do something to interfere with Bai Xiaochun's skills in seducing women, he also couldn't help but admire him a bit because of it.

Qing Shui was very fond of Di Chen's voice even though his other women had better voices. Each and everyone of them had a distinct quality to their voices though. Hearing this woman from the Tantai Clan speak gave him a familiar feeling.

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