The King is Avatar Chapter 1131

The King is Avatar Chapter 1131

"As you wish. But you definitely need to go for the last 2 days." After saying that, Yiye Jiange carried the lass to the main hall.

"Yes, I am fine now!" Qing Shui replied happily.

Thinking of how 1 of it would increase overall power by 10%, and up to 5 could be taken. It would mean that on the overall, it could increase the abilities by 50%, regardless if it was strength, fireball, endurance, speed...

The grand elder from Corpse Peak laughed heartily. "I remember this kid. He's a pure genius when it comes to refining corpses!"

Normally speaking, after the world was destroyed, and Daoist Heavenspan received a mortal blow, it shouldn't have mattered that he had part of a Daoseed. He should have perished then. But it just so happened that he was teleported into one of the immortal domains controlled by the Vile-Emperor Dynasty. And the first person to detect the fluctuations of his Daoseed was the Vile-Emperor.

If not for his extremely good sense of hearing, he would have missed it. Qing Shui turned back slowly but was stunned by the sight of Yuan Su lying on the bed, with a thin blanket covering her.

"Qing Shui got me to come. He came to fetch me. It's the first time this old man has sat on a flying demonic beast." Qing Luo smiled happily and said.

"Good!" Canghai Mingyue was still smiling and pinched his cheek!

Qing Shui did not mind displaying the Elephant Form, however there was a stifled frustration within his thoughts. ?This was all due to having heard the news that Di Chen was about to leave.

Qing Shui knew about the Soulreaper Valley as well. He had heard Heavenly Palace's Old Ancestor talk about it before. This Kaiyang Country was actually not as well-known as the Soulreaper Valley, and the Soulreaper Valley was only well-known because of one person. Otherwise, it would only be considered a 2nd rate sect in Greencloud Continent.

If Qing Shui knew that other famous alchemist has used up one month to refine 2nd level King Grade medicinal pills, and the success rate was only 5%, no one could know what Qing Shui would think of it.

When the reputation of one was great, others can rely on it for cover!

"That's right. The Zuoshi Clan is truly something. To think that only the few of you are here to guard the place." Qing Shui smiled in the air and said.

Sometimes the gravekeeper wouldn't help them with a certain issue. But when that happened, they would continue to chatter about the matter until he gave in and offered some advice.

Qing Shui smiled after he sensed the opponent's strength. The elderly man taking the lead had strength of two stars, strength that's worth twenty thousand countries. The other three old men at the back on the other hand, had strength which slightly exceeded that of one star. The few young men in particular, they were at either the early or middle stage of Martial King. They were most likely here with their clan members to gain experience.

Never mind, let's try one regardless if there is an effect or not, to see if it is effective on the internal damage!

That day, Zuoshi Long actually made the decision to do something like that towards the end. Fortunately, he has been prepared for this kind of scenario, if not, the consequences would have been unimaginable. Even if he was to kill all of them, it wouldn't be able to help make up for his loss.

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