The Harem King Chapter 557

The Harem King Chapter 557

Jiang Chen looked at Jiang Zhen Hai and smiled.

For Jiang Chen, he was now in the most crucial moment. There were 795 Dragon Marks in his body now, and he was just one step away from breaking through to the Divine Core realm, and he would just need to form another 5 Dragon Marks in the next two weeks. At that point in time, he would be able to break through to the Divine Core realm.

Immediately, a group of mercenaries jumped down from their mounts and dashed toward the large warbeast.


Jiang Chen turned around and asked Yang Shuang.


"Father, why have you come today?" Qin Xiao shot up from his chair in surprise.

Shaking his head in rage, Qiu Er had forgotten in that moment that Jian Chen still held the status of being the fourth master. With a snarl, he jumped towards where Jian Chen stood and sent a punch towards his stomach.

Right at this moment, a wild laughter suddenly sounded out from the bottom of the magma pool. In a split second, a man covered with flames suddenly shot out like a razor sharp sword, instantly turning into a handsome young man dressed in white.

"The three people next to master Cheng seem to be powerful Saints who have already condensed their Saint Weapons. To think that the elites that are normally rare to see would all appear here££."

"Yea! This scrap metal looks normal, you should show us something special even if you really want to cheat us."

Mu Rong Zhan said with an angry expression on his face.

Right now, the other two fighters of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had been blown ten meters away because of the fierce explosion. They wouldn't be able to get to Kris in time. Jian Chen knew this was an excellent time to pick them off one by one, so there was no way he would lose this chance. Immediately charging ahead, he chased after Kris without abandon.

"What an eerie gate! If I didn't know that this was the gate that leads us outside the Island of Ice, I would have thought it might bring us to hell!"

Deadlocked by four different Heaven Tier Battle Skills, Jian Chen felt as if he was carrying a gigantic mountain on his back. Movement was extremely difficult for him in this very moment and did not allow for him to dodge them.

"I££ I don't know. Something like this££ I'm afraid only my father would know the answer. If you wish to know££ then££ you must ask him." The eldest prince swallowed as he pushed the burden onto the king.

Initially, Jiang Chen thought he would at most have to fight an Early Combat Soul Ice Demon, but to his surprise, there was a really big, powerful demon here. There was no way he could possibly fight this monster! With Jiang Chen's current cultivating, fighting any Late Combat Soul existences was no different than committing suicide!

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