Lord of Hell Chapter 2580

Lord of Hell Chapter 2580

The old man nodded in admiration, then said, "People usually have a hard time adjusting after their first time in the arcane pocket realm. Go meditate for a few days and you'll be fine."

Indescribable emotions ran through his heart. Initially, the ingredients needed to concoct the Large Revitalizing Pellet gave him a headache. Both the Flowers of Life and the Phoenix Tail caused him to be helpless. Who would have thought that it was so simple for him to get ahold of the Flower of Life.

In fact, there were even some people who had special types of command medallions with which they could watch the competitors inside of the trials. Obviously, such medallions were extremely expensive, so people wouldn't waste them on a cultivator who hadn't made it into the top 1,000.

"This looks great! I'll take it!" That was Bai Xiaochun when the Azure Dragon Society was beginning to rise to prominence in the north district.

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The arch-patriarch sighed. "That's probably the only item in all of the eastern Lower Reaches that has a tenfold spirit enhancement."

The old man had a head full of grey hair and even his eyebrows were snow white in color. His eyes, however, looked bright as they seriously observed everything going on on the battle stage.?

"Fuck, self-destructive dantian¡­¡­." Qing Shui couldn't help but spout a swear word.

This time, they were finally able to control the people in the surroundings. Everyone was still aware of how strong the Clan head of the Feng Cland was, and yet, he was unable to take a random attack from her.?

As he faded away, the Vile-Emperor sighed helplessly and cast a deep glance at Bai Xiaochun. Aware that he had lost an immortal domain, he picked up Celestial Vir¨±p¨¡k?a and vanished!!

The paper people appeared to be either sleeping or absorbing energy from the corpses. In fact, many of the corpses had more than one paper person on them, with some having as many as seven or eight....

The last few customers exchanged glances, smiled bitterly, and shook their heads as they left!

"Nightdevil?" When Bai Xiaochun heard what the blood trees were screaming, his jaw dropped. He had no way of knowing, but because of the brutality of the previous day's events, quite a few people had taken to calling him Nightdevil.

"10% chance of doubling your damage again." Qing Shui explained to her from the side.

Shangguan Tianyou's eyes flickered, and a cold smile appeared on his face. He had been shaken by the fact that Bai Xiaochun started his seventh and eighth Tideflows simultaneously, but now he wasn't so nervous.

"Considering how things work in Sky City, I almost can't believe this guy dares to sell a fasting aid pill. He's either a con artist or a psycho."

At that moment, the only move Qing Shui could use was his Taichi Fist. That was the only thing that was keeping him from being swiftly killed on the spot!

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