Lost Souls? Chapter 2410

Lost Souls? Chapter 2410

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. Using his Great Soul Derivation skill, he sent out his soul energy like a razor sharp sword into the talisman, destroying the divine sense within.

"Take a look at the people in front of the soldiers. That white-robed man isn't he our king? With his Majesty leading the troops, do you think that he is off to fight against the four kingdoms?"

Most importantly, the king of the Gesun Kingdom couldn't help but be skeptical of the reason why the Qinhuang Kingdom was so willing to help the Gesun Kingdom. He had thought that it was because of the Changyang clan. It was very possible the mysteriously vanished ancestor of the Changyang clan had been responsible for this, so the king of the Gesun Kingdom didn't dare neglect the Changyang clan.

When Jian Chen departed from the Qin Heaven Palace, it was already evening. Around a thousand meters from the front of the Qin Heaven Palace, a group of people had already gathered there for a very long time. The person who stood at the very front was the king of Qinhuang Kingdom, and behind him, there were a few members of the royal family, as well as an Heaven Saint Master Imperial Advisor.

"Your strength has already reached Saint Master, right?" Jian Chen asked, his gaze fixed on the middle-aged man opposite of him.

"That year, I was only ten years old."

"15 million."


A day later, the group of people arrived back at the imperial palace of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. As soon as they had descended, a single silver-armored soldier came running forward and knelt in front of Jian Chen, "A report for the honored Imperial Protector. The treasury has been completely dismantled. All of the materials have been placed within Space Rings and are ready for transport."

"Oh heavens, what's actually happening in that real? Why are those people fighting each other?"

"May I know how the Third Emperor plans to approach this matter with Jiang Chen? He is an extremely dangerous man with a cruel and ruthless approach; he isn't easy to deal with."

And so Jian Chen and his group were seated by the inner halls while they waited for the captain of the Bloodrose Mercenaries to arrive.

An evil laughter echoed throughout the scene. Following that, a few geniuses of the Heavenly Devil Palace walked out from the crowd, all of them wearing black clothes. When faced with such a treasure, no one would be willing to let it slip away in front of their eyes.

"I know that much as well, but when I see just how easily you all fly through the sky, I feel an urgent feeling in my heart. I simply want nothing more than to become a Heaven Saint Master; that way, I will be able to fly through the air by myself." Ming Dong spoke.

Seeing how the mercenaries were slowly losing control of the situation, a middle aged man began to worry and shouted, "Do not panic! These are only a small portion of the Boundless Bandits, they're no stronger than us. As long as we work together, we can defeat them. Otherwise, we will all die together. Brothers, for our lives, we must come together!"

"Hahahaha, Luan Er, it's a good thing that you made such a ruckus here or else I never would have been able to find you. You've made me suffer quite a bit." Suddenly, five men came out of nowhere and landed nearby.

Jian Chen's eyes had lit up when he heard Huang Luan's suggestion. He did not know just how strong the Saint Ruler was, but if he was able to go toe-to-toe with two other Saint Rulers, then he would definitely belong to the higher echelons of the chart. In the case that a Saint Ruler did help him, then very few people would dare work against him.

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