Coward Magician Chapter 928

Coward Magician Chapter 928

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"Ha!" A thunderous shout exploded outward as Zhou Butong didn't let Jian Chen have a single second to breathe before sending another sword strike at him.

Everyone was frightened, the Lee family was just too cruel. Most of the people here had never seen a warrior at the Mortal Core realm before. This was their first time seeing one, and it was scary.

Jian Chen swaggered into the courtyard of the Tianqin clan as he was fused with the world. Even though he brushed past many people, no one noticed him. Very soon, Jian Chen arrived at the hall of the Tianqin clan. Just at this moment, his fusion with the world silently disappeared and hereturned to normal.

Nangong Wentian was shocked.

After returning to his room, Jian Chen sat cross-legged on his bed. He held a Class 1 Monster Core in each hand, and began to cultivate. Although Jian Chen's power had already reached the peak of the 10th Saint Force layer, he could clearly sense that the Saint Force in his body had not yet reached a state of saturation.

Dugu Feng returned the stare with a bitter laugh, "I didn't think that I would be fighting against you."

When the lord of the Cloud Capital himself had heard what had transpired, his entire person went as stiff as a board. He simply couldn't believe what he had heard--the ten or something factions that had once been separate were now united. With their powers united, they were now stronger than not only the city lord, but most of the factions in the Blue Wind Kingdom--a fact that was completely shocking to think about.

The patriarch only needed to take a single look at Qin Xiao to know what event had just transpired. With a dark look, he turned to look at the middle aged man, "Tian Zhou, brother Jian Chen is an honored guest of our Tianqin clan, just how could you be so rude to him?"

Jiang Chen shook his head before he turned around and started walking towards Yan Chong and the other two men. He never took a second look at the three men from the Lee family. Big Yellow was going to attack; there was no need for him to think about the fates of these three men.

Jiang Chen waved his hand, signaling for everyone to stop the discussion.

"I'm sure the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect are going to collaborate with the Seventh Emperor and Tenth Emperor, and that will definitely alert the Imperial Emperor. With what I've done to them, perhaps it will be really difficult to handle even for brother Jiu. Therefore, you don't need to protect me, I just hope you can provide shelter for those people I brought yesterday. As for myself, haha, this world is huge, and I can go anywhere I want. It will be really difficult for them to kill me."

Since the other party had not been rude to him, Jian Chen returned the smile, "Senior is too polite. For such a small matter, I, Jian Chen, have already forgotten about it. As long as no one else looks for trouble with me, then I will not recklessly declare anyone as my enemy."

To Lin Bai and Jamie, although Jian Chen possessed the power of a Class 5 Radiant Saint Master, he was still not truly Class 5. As a result, as Jian Chen took the test, the two of them observed very attentively, along with some anticipation.

Bai Hua Die continued, "I'm sure Li Wu Shuang is definitely going to lose!"

The demon soul kept shrinking in the hand of this young man, and soon, it disappeared completely. It had been absorbed by the young man.

Yu Zi Han asked worriedly.

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