Starbound: A Space Odyssey Chapter 509

Starbound: A Space Odyssey Chapter 509

After all, the person returning to the Vile-Emperor was both Ghostmother andĦ­ not Ghostmother!

Li Tiansheng rose to his feet, clasped hands and said, "Brother Chen, if you have a way to fix this situation, then I would be more than happy to offer a gift in thanks."

Each time they stopped by a place, they would release their frustrations without a care on how much money they spent. Of course, it was an exception for those who had their partners with them. Those without would look for the brothels in the area.

Furthermore, two of the streams of divine sense from the prime elders began to pay closer attention to Shangguan Tianyou.

There were absolutely no clues present, and yet, Bai Xiaochun was certain that this was the area from which Bai Hao had messaged him urgently! As for the one hundred corpse troopers who had been assigned to protect Bai Hao, they were not harmed in any way. However, they appeared to have been tampered with in some way, as they simply stood in place unmoving.

"I didn't think it would achieve the 70th cycle; could this be a result of the pressure from the deity?" Qing Shui smiled and looked up at the gigantic statue. Such a pity, it was now difficult to walk closer even another step.

With such thoughts on his mind, he felt more courageous than ever, and glared back unblinking at Mistress Red-Dust.

Shield Attack! Increase in strength by 20%.

The eight ladies dressed in their uniforms bowed and clearly greeted Qing Shui when he reached the entrance.

In the middle of the nine columns was a gigantic green cauldron!

"That's good then. Those people think too highly of themselves. The two clans arriving to clearly establish a monopoly on the Sacred Land," Ji Yunlang said in anger.

"Are you really Chosen?" Bai Xiaochun asked coolly. He didn't stick his jaw out. He didn't put on the air of a lonely hero. But everyone looking at him in that moment felt like they were looking at a blazing sun. Gasps could be heard among the south bank disciples, and the north bank audience was completely stunned.

It was like a brooding thunderstorm that, if it touched Bai Xiaochun, would kill him in body and soul, regardless of how powerful his fleshly body was. In fact, Bai Xiaochun was fairly certain that it was even strong enough to render Chen Hetian and Mistress Red-Dust completely powerless!

"I did hear that their Spirit Stream Division has a very mysterious origin. Perhaps they have a spirit treasure that can broaden our horizons?" The boy was only getting more interested by what was happening.

Mu Qing read that letter too. She didn't say anything, nor get close to Qing Shui intentionally.

When the cultivators on the mountain saw that he was using Bai Qi's own flesh and blood to open the restrictive spell, their hearts filled with boundless coldness.

That was especially true becauseĦ­ the Grand Heavenmaster continued to enforce the Proclamation of Universal Grace throughout the Wildlands. Slowly but surely, things were stabilizing. Unless something very drastic happenedĦ­ it would only take a few more years for the very structure of the Arch-Emperor Dynasty to completely change!

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