Classroom of the elite Chapter 1087

Classroom of the elite Chapter 1087

"I know what happened today, it was just a conflict between disciples. We, as the Sect Elders, it's better if we don't out our hands on their matters. The way Fan Kun handled the matter was inappropriate, I'll punish him when we return."

At the same time, after Yun Li had arranged some things, every single street and alleyway was filled with announcements regarding news about Kendall that rewarded information with a prize reward that left everyone speechless. If one had a clue that could be verified, then they would be awarded ten purple coins, and if the right person was found, then a prize of a hundred purple coins would be awarded.

"Boom!" There was almost no time given for them to think when yet another explosion rocked the battlefield. Ripples of energy flew across the sky, reshaping the earth around them. Such power was capable of terraforming the earth, mountain peaks within a few kilometers distance crumbled apart.

Jian Chen's eyes narrowed, "Qin Xiao, if I am your brother, then don't say such words."

Wu Jiu was completely furious right now. He simply unleashed his energy and prepared to launch an attack toward Shangguan Sheng, who stood closest to him.

A loud roar sounded out from the illusionary Dragon Horse. It was so loud that both Heaven and Earth shook. The loud noise immediately alerted everyone in the Nangong Family, including Daoist Profound River and the Great Elder who had yet to leave. They couldn't help but look at the enormous golden beam in the sky with awe.

Energy waves were fluttering about violently. Nangong Yunzheng's energy was becoming stronger and stronger.

"Of course I wouldn't lie to you. There was nothing within the isolated world of glaciers, but if you can follow the real inheritor of the Ice God, you will have limitless achievements in the future."

The old man said angrily, this was pure humiliation.With the number one genius from the Mu Rong family having his legs broken and being stripped naked in front of the public, the Mu Rong family's reputation would disappear.

"Honored Five Imperial Advisors, if living here for the past few days has not been to your liking, or if there is something not satisfactory, then please speak up and we will definitely strive to improve." Changyang Ba spoke with a laugh. Although his own son was the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom making the five Imperial Advisors his subordinates Changyang Ba did not wish to treat them impolitely. After all, they were still Heaven Saint Masters in the end.

This sudden development caused the man to become shocked. Even the arm that was going to grab at Jian Chen's shoulder instantly stopped as he stood completely still.

"Ziying, Qingsuo. Just what is this white stone? If it excites you two, does that mean it a treasure of some sort?" Jian Chen asked the two Sword Spirits. This question was on his mind ever since the very first time he had bought the white stone. At that time, neither Sword Spirit was capable of communicating with him, so he had never been able to learn of the oddity or history behind the white stone.

Taking out the 100 Purple Coins from within his Space Belt, Jian Chen slowly counted them out for the stall owner and then took the white stone for himself to store into his Space Belt before departing from the stall.

"Just ignore them. Our target is the Heavenhawk Island."

Jian Chen stifled his breath so that he would not be heard gasping in shock. This price was far too expensive; it was practically beyond what was believable.

"Little Spirit, what question is it? As long as I know, I'll be sure to help you." Jian Chen asked.

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