Reborn in Dragonball World with Naruto System Chapter 2648

Reborn in Dragonball World with Naruto System Chapter 2648

Too bad, Li Wu Shuang was totally immersed in his sadness and grief. Today's battle had given him enough shame for a lifetime. What made him feel even more pain in his heart was that the Source of Combat Strength Talisman had been wasted just like that.

"Pfff!" Feeling an extremely large amount of energy slam into his back, Jian Chen spat out a large mouthful of blood and grew extremely pale in the face. The space that had frozen around him disappeared and returned to normal. Jian Chen's body flew forward like a bullet from the impact. Five hundred meters away he crashed into a nearby mountain peak. The entire area shattered, leaving Jian Chen in a hole for him to sink into.

"What? You still have the courage to chase after me?"


Jian Chen looked around himself before asking elder He Mu, "What did you use to find me?"

"The one who is selling these Class 5 Monster Cores has to be the very same Wu Yun as two years ago. Bah, he killed plenty of the expert of our Youlan clan, and siphoned away plenty of our power. This time our Youlan clan will show our true might without forgiveness. Not only will we obtain the Class 5 Monster Core, we will take what blood he has spilled from us out from his own body." A middle-aged man fumed with rage as his eyes reflected his hostile intentions.

This feeling hadn't been lost even after she had split ways with Jian Chen. Instead, it had been like a poison that spread through her body. It reached deeper and became even more serious to the point where she could no longer free herself from her thoughts.Chapter 520: Determination

"Chen Gege, you're back!"

"The fuck!"

The reason why this leader had captured so many teenage girls was to use them for his Blood Sacrifice skill. After all these girls had been sacrificed, he would be able to break through to the Mid Heavenly Core realm. However, what pissed him off was that just right after he completely sacrificed the first girl, something like this happened.

"Ge Qiu, how goes detoxifying the poison?" The second man asked the first.

"Indeed an evil man, killing you is a right thing to do."




Even though she felt swamped in disbelief, the young lady returned to her senses without much time. She hurriedly bowed to Jian Chen, "I thank lord Jian Chen for his help."

Mao Sheng unleashed a huge golden hand toward Jiang Chen and tried to grab him.

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