Death is Only the Beginning Chapter 2047

Death is Only the Beginning Chapter 2047

The Crown Prince responded with a smile. He clearly enjoyed the flattery, as he was confident in his cultivation and combat strength.

"Master, the power of the Primordial Godsilk is very strong. You can only use Chaotic Force to break through the Primordial Godsilk." At this moment, Jian Chen heard Zi Ying's voice in his head.

Han Yan also had a gloomy expression.

The moment he saw Jian Chen leave the restaurant, the young master cried out at the mercenaries to chase after him.

Whenever he broke through, Jiang Chen could precisely feel how many Dragon Marks he needed for him to break through to the next stage or realm. Thus, in order for him to break through to the Heavenly Core realm, he would need a total of 100 Dragon Marks. Now, Jiang Chen had 65 Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea, so he needed another 35 Dragon Marks in order to break through to the Heavenly Core realm.

This amount of Sword Qi was almost unbelievable to imagine. It allowed anyone to believe that it was strong enough to set the heavens aflame or even destroy the firmament of the heavens. But in the Light Wind Sword, there was still a minute crack to be seen.

All the Combat Soul warriors of the Black Sect were shocked. Big Yellow's move was indeed brutal and unpredictable. It allowed them to witness how a mighty Late Combat Soul warrior could puke in public without any concern for his own image. It all seemed very exaggerated.

Jiang Chen gave a snort of contempt. He walked slowly towards Liang Dong and the other man. A faded aura of someone superior could be felt from his body. Just his gaze alone had made these two men feel like they were being suppressed.

"What a strong defense." Jian Chen gasped, his face deathly pale; because of his cultivation methods, his attacking power was extraordinarily strong. Although he only had the power of a Great Saint, his attack was not much weaker than a Saint Master's. But an attack with his entire strength hadn't left even a single trace on the Silver Striped Golden Snake. By this point, Jian Chen was aware that this Silver Striped Golden Snake was at the very least a Class 3 Magical Beast, maybe a Class 4 Magical Beast. This was not a fight Jian Chen could afford to have.

"What should we do, senior disciple Guo? Looks like the one who burnt down our courtyards was Jiang Chen! He isn't dead, and he is here to find us££"

"Yes. If we have three Saint Rulers join us, our power will increase a lot. We just don't know what relationship Jian Chen exactly has with the two, and whether he can pull them towards our Qinhuang Kingdom. Perhaps they are unwilling to interfere in this matter."

The ancestor's excitement could barely be contained as he took hold of the white jade into his hands. "Many thanks for senior's generosity!" To be able to receive the assistance of a Saint King was far too important in meaning to the Huang family. Although he only had this one chance to use it, it would bolster the might of the Huang family and would resolve the issue of the Huang family's conflict with the other Saint Rulers.

"Manager Liu, the reason why I came here is to exchange for some Heavenly Yuan Pills. Can we discuss this?"

Nanbei Chao said with ultimate arrogance.

Because, they recognized this man and dog. They came to the devil cave around two months ago, and they thought that these two had been killed by their chief. They never thought they would see them here again.

The excitement in his heart persisted for a while before Jian Chen was finally able to calm down. Gingerly putting the stone slab into his Space Ring, he pretended as if nothing had happened and continued to stroll around.

Shangguan Chong's exploded from Jiang Chen's powerful punch, and he died on the spot. After killing him, Jiang Chen didn't even take a second look at this dead body, he just turned around and continued walking toward the other Combat Soul warriors who previously tried killing him. On the other side, Big Yellow immediately jumped next to Shangguan Chong's dead body and began looting. Many people really hated what he was doing, but none of them dared speak a single word.

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