Rebirth: Minato Namikaze Chapter 156

Rebirth: Minato Namikaze Chapter 156

The free market of Fengyang City was exceedingly large. All sorts of peddlers selling all sorts of things could be found here. There were plenty of buildings constructed all over the overflowing streets, making it hard to walk from one place to another.

"Changyang Xiang Tian, from here on out magical beasts will be appearing often, we definitely can't be careless." Tie Ta said with a solemn face. He had been hunting in forests for magical beasts since he was young, so it could be said that he had a rich experience about them. He also understood the dangers that lived within the forests, and if one wasn't careful, then they would lose their life easily.

Jiang Chen who was standing beside furrowed his brows. This Lee Shan Yue came here just for him.

"Ai, every man is innocent, but envying another's treasure is a crime." The city lord let out another breath as he spoke out another command, "Let every guardsmen know, this group is not to be obstructed"

Jian Chen brought out his Saint Weapon as well and began to fill the air with Sword Qi near the charging young lord.

Jian Chen's family members exchanged several words of greeting with the higher echelons of the clan before heading off to rest. On the way back to his own room, every single guard that saw Jian Chen immediately gave him a respectful salute. Each one looked at him with an eye of adoration while several others showed a tint of jealousy.

Upon arriving, the Eighth Grade Devil King immediately locked its eyes onto Jiang Chen and his friends. Its eyes burned with raging fury. It knew that these three damn humans were the culprits, the ones who caused all the problems here. To make things worse, there was actually a monk among them!

"Master He Yun, on your way back, please assemble all of the alchemists you know. From today onwards, the alchemy hall will be yours to govern. As long as the Flame Mercenaries have enough pills to recover with, then the business of the hall will be up to you order as you will." Jian Chen spoke.

With a Purple Card, not only was it a symbol of one's identity, but also of one's wealth.

"Can a Crown Prince intrude private property? You're at the Martial Palace now, if you have anything to tell us, tell us now! If not, get the hell outta here!"

Nangong Wentian said.

Sweeping past them, he disregarded the boxes that contained the Class 1 and Class 2 Monster Cores since there were far too many to be counted.

After saying that, Jiang Chen simply turned toward the Black Sect and started flying. Covered by the Heavenly Saint Sword, those three hundred men had no choice but to follow along. Each and every one of them wore twisted expressions on their faces. They knew that none of them were going to escape their ill fates today.

Right as the white figure appeared, the mighty Dimensional Creature's head suddenly exploded. After that, its entire massive body exploded into a bloody mist, and it died miserably on the spot.

"I can't. The bronze plate can only let me find the exact location of the Island of Ice. Although the Island of Ice is constantly moving around, it will always remain in the ocean surrounding the Eastern Continent. Therefore, I will have to fly back on my own."

Seeing the expression on Jian Chen's face, the short one began to feel annoyed at him. Without another thought, he glowered at both Jian Chen and Yun Zheng, "If you know what's good for you, hand over your Space Belt at once or else, hmph!"

The alarm caused every single soldier and any other expert not yet there to be startled into disbelief. Quickly, they gathered themselves up and immediately headed for the palace gates to see what had happened.

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