Harry Potter and the Demigods Chapter 2499

Harry Potter and the Demigods Chapter 2499

"What were those magical items!?!?"

Eventually, footsteps could be heard from off in the distance. Someone was walking through the muddy rainwater and fallen leaves, to eventually come to a stop next to Chen Heng.

"Patriarch, it's me, Tan'er! Help me!!!"

"Are you not going to invite me to sit down?" The woman noticed Qing Shui staring at her but without a shred of excitement or eroticism. From the beginning, his expression was as calm as the serene waters, which ironically caused her heart to skip a beat.

In a while, Fei Wuji came down. Qing Shui saw the black hammer in Fei Wuji's hands and was shocked when he saw the hammerhead which had the height of half an adult human with the thickness of an adult's waist.

As evening fell, Big Fatty Zhang suggested that they go back to the Ovens. The Ovens crew was delighted to see everyone, especially the fatties from years before who were still working there. Without any hesitation, large amounts of food and alcohol were produced.

"Bai Clan secret magic, Hundred Ghosts Haunt the Night!!" His voice seemed to erupt from the Nine Serenities underworld. Gusts of sinister wind pulsed out as his divine sense filled the area. This secret magic was different from the similarly named secret magic from the Spirit Stream Sect. The Bai Clan's version used divine sense to transform into ghosts....

Afterward, the parasol looked different. The basic shape was the same, but now it looked like it was made from metal. It was pitch black, and radiated an intense, murderous aura. Furthermore, the ghost face which would appear on its surface looked even more fierce and bizarre!

The first time, Qing Shui almost fainted. But as time passed, the number of times the little girl called him that increased, and to Qing Shui it no longer felt weird. She had called him "daddy" so many times that he was used to it.

What he feared the most was that Bai Xiaochun would do the same thing he'd done before, and refuse to even listen to him.

There was even a black market within Great Wall City itself. However, Bai Xiaochun wasn't interested in that.

"This time I'm definitely going to show those measly ghosts a thing or two!" Feeling prouder of himself than ever, he concocted some more Soul Convergence Pills, then settled down cross-legged to do some breathing exercises.

Along the way, everyone who saw him was deeply shocked. Regardless of the level of their cultivation base, they gasped and bowed in greeting.

Qing Shui stood there and blanked out for a long time. Qing Shui felt that the thing that he was worst with were things which involved feelings. The thing that he didn't understand the most was woman's hearts. For a moment, he felt really tired.

"Your cultivation is going a bit too quickly, isn't it?" he said. It didn't seem fair. He had worked long and hard to reach mid Foundation Establishment, and had even risked his own life. All Bruiser had to do was fool around all day, and he got the same result.

"You foolish girl, even one with a Extreme Yang Body would not go through all that. Although I have not tried it before, I do know that I'll have no problem going through it for three days and nights." Qing Shui chuckled.

"The pocket realm inside the chasm is a land of treasures, and contains things from the ancient era. There are many places that even I haven't visited. There are places of destiny, and places of danger. Remember not to stray too far. If anything untoward happens, crush this jade slip of retreat to be returned to us immediately!" With that, he waved his sleeve, sending jade slips flying out to everyone present.

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