Fratres Aeterni Chapter 1064

Fratres Aeterni Chapter 1064

"How££ how could I do such a thing?" The mother was bewildered at such a request. Her entire life, she had been a commoner at the lowest rungs of society, but even she knew the proper etiquette of society. If even the high ranking general in front of her had to call him as an honored Imperial Protector, the idea of her calling him by the name Jian Chen absolutely terrified her.

After saying that, Jiang Chen started flying towards the Qian Province. The task in the Qian Province was not an easy task, his opponent was too strong. In order to obtain the Firethorn Savage's demon soul, he was have to use his mind.

Jiang Chen said.

A few of the blades flew past Jian Chen's sword; one of them had even managed to burrow its way into Jian Chen's chest before protruding out of his back.

All the outer circle disciples of the Black Sect flattered, almost putting Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu on top of this world. None of them were idiots, especially after witnessing what Jiang Chen was capable of. Such a freaking monster, even if he was in the Black Sect, he would be amongst the top disciples, and the sect's management would put a lot of focus on him. Besides, after today's battle, Jiang Chen's name would spread across the Qi Province, so he was a somewhat famous figure now. The one year deal between him and Nan Bei Chao pushed him to a higher level, this is why all the disciples were trying to hug this big tree as early as possible.

Wang Yun told Jiang Chen everything he knew in detail.

The ancestor did not reply right away. He instead took a sip of his wine. After a small while, he finally continued, "Jian Chen, this old man does not enjoy beating around the bush, so I'll speak honestly. Our Huang family wishes to ally ourselves with the Qinhuang Kingdom. If the Qinhuang Kingdom is able to help us survive something, then our Huang family will never be able to thank the Qinhuang Kingdom enough."

"Let's go. After bringing you there, I'll need to prepare for my trip to the Inferno Hell. This might be the last time we meet."

Yan Xing said.

Based on Jiang Chen's estimation, once the Dragon Transformation skill completed its evolution, his cultivation base would immediately reach the Late Combat Soul realm. And, once he reached that left, Jiang Chen was confident that he could kill a Second Grade Combat King warrior. At that point of time, the Martial Saint Dynasty would no longer pose any threat to him.

At that moment, a guard came running in with a message. "A report for the fourth master Changyang Xiangtian. There is a man named Ming Dong seeking audience."

Jian Chen's growth was far too fast. It was so fast that the entire continent would be stunned by it.

When the hidden Yan Chenyu saw this, her gaze became determined. Regardless of whether or not she would be able to save their lives; she couldn't just sit back and watch as her own family members got killed.

Jian Chen caught Ming Dong as he fell from the sky. Although the snake had been cut apart from him, the head of the snake was still attached to Ming Dong's legs.

Chapter 317 ÿ Garden in the Sky

Wu Ningzhu stood in the sky with one hand holding the zither, and the other above the strings. She started gently plucking them, sending out three visible soundwaves in the form of three sharp blades toward the three great guardians.

According to his own thoughts, if the Flame Mercenaries were captured and tried for a sin as grave as rebellion and conspiracy, even the figures behind the mercenaries would be useless.

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