Once upon a time in HEN!! Chapter 1483

Once upon a time in HEN!! Chapter 1483

"You hoodlum, you're not allowed to bully me." snorted Di Chen with rage as she was drawn into Qing Shui's embrace. The previous pat was extremely soft and gentle, therefore she had only acted like that.

The most important fact was that the person who consumed the golden colored pellet would gain an additional 10% strength of the person or demonic beast which had consumed the bluish green pellet, but this was only limited to strength, speed, defense, and spirit energy! The strength of the person or demonic beast that consumed the bluish green pellet would not be reduced in any way.

"I'm not satisfied that your trust is worth more than the safety of the countless citizens of the Saint-Emperor Dynasty!!"

"You people push things too far!" he said, letting out a powerful roar. At the same time, the Mountain Shaking Bash appeared in his mind, a divine ability that could be unleashed after reaching the first level of the Undying Heavenly King. Before, he hadn't been able to use it, but considering his recent accomplishments, he decided he might as well utilize it.

Last time, Qing Shui had a feeling that the Howling Moon Silver Ape should be the Guardian Beast of that Deity Cave. Unfortunately, he didn't really know what it was protecting. In the end, turned out it also didn't leave with Qing Shui.

According to the initial investigation carried out by the Spirit Stream Sect, there were suspicious aspects to all 37 of those clans that needed to be examined further. As for whether they ended up being spared, or wiped out, that was up to Bai Xiaochun's judgment. Thankfully, the jade slip had a marvelous function that allowed the person holding it to detect fluctuations that would point directly toward any member of the Profound Stream Sect.

Once he started training, Qing Shui put his whole heart into it. His almost photographic memory made it easy for him to remember the crucial points.


"Wuma is a very special surname."

"Du Lingfei doesn't want to see me," he murmured to himself. "However, I already have the answer to my question." He shook his head. The fact that he had been formally installed as blood master indicated that no one in the Blood Stream Sect was aware of his true identity.

"For some reason, it almost seems like he's enjoying himself. Look at his facial expressionˇ­."

"What did you just say?!?!" Bai Xiaochun interrupted, vanishing and reappearing right in front of Bai Xiaochi, his eyes shining with madness and excitement.

"It has been half a year, that is normal. It is about time for acupuncture again, let's begin now!" Qing Shui had calculated the time back then, the next acupuncture session could not be in more than half a year later, now about half a year had passed.

He spent the rest of the day strolling through the sect, until he was sure enough time had passed. Under the cover of night, he snuck back to the corpse cave. Only after confirming that there was no more smoke present did he edge forward toward the cistern.

However, they knew that Qing Shui would be heading towards the Central Continent very soon, they repeatedly reminded Qing Shui to visit the Duanmu Clan after he arrived in the Central Continent!

"The people remaining are getting lesser and lesser. That's hard!"

The colorful lights gradually faded, but the Diamond Demonic Boar that appeared before Qing Shui stunned him!

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