Genius Sovereign: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration Chapter 1875

Genius Sovereign: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration Chapter 1875

Big Yellow spoke to Jiang Chen through his Divine Sense. Although the Firethorn Savage's bloodline was noble, if it was compared to a Dragon Horse's bloodline, it was still far behind.

Jiang Chen hated the feeling of having someone trying to harm him behind his back at all times, so Jiang Chen would do whatever he could to kill those who tried to kill him.

Ling Yi suddenly let out a raging roar and unleashed a skill called the Firmament Hand. It was an extremely dazzling, huge golden hand, and it carried a powerful spatial force, and it was shrouding toward Jiang Chen's head.

The Yangji Sect were all residing within their own special courtyard. Jian Chen walked along a passageway to get to this courtyard before being finally stopped by two middle-aged men at the doors.

"Arrogant child, let me test you for myself." Suddenly, Zhou Butong's figure flew toward Jian Chen with his sword bursting with Saint Force ready to split open Jian Chen as it flew down toward his head.

Right in front of his eyes lay a man who's vacant looking eyes stared blankly up toward the ceiling. From his neck, there was a single wound with some blood still drying.

Big Yellow had slept for two days, and during this period, Jiang Chen never disturbed him. He waited in the courtyard and spent some time cultivating his Six Solar Fingers and Clap of Thunder combat skill.

A ceasefire temporarily happened following Huang Tianba's entrance, allowing both fighters a moment of reprieve. Staring at each other in silence, both fighters waited for the other to make a move.

"Ha!" Hu Ba cried out angrily. The sabre in his hand shot out another three meter long blade of light, leaving behind mirror images of the blade as it traveled. The blade of light cut down the crossbow bolts around Hu Ba before he charged straight for Jian Chen.

Someone said.

Not only that, he now knew the requirements for breaking through to the realms above that. Ninth Grade Combat King, Combat Emperor, Minor Saint, Great Saint; it had all become clear and precise to him. The road to 100,000 Dragon Marks was opened up completely for Jiang Chen; he could see his future path bright and clear.

Jiang Chen started explaining, from the events where he wreaked havoc in the Black Sect, to his journey to the Qian Province, and then Inferno Hell, then his return and the Qi Province's change, the perish of the Heavenly Sword Sect and Burning Sky Pavilion, his ultimate battle with Nanbei Chao, and then, his most recent journey to the Blissful Island and Island of Ice. He told Yan Chenyu every single detail of what he had gone through.

Jiang Chen said.

The Tenth Emperor said with a frown on his face.

Wu Cong looked around the crowd as he spoke. None of them knew the exact purpose of these bronze plates, but now they did. In order to open the ancient pagoda, they needed all nine bronze plates. With just the five bronze plates they had now, they stone door wouldn't open.

After today's fight, Jiang Chen's status amongst the younger generation had been confirmed. He had become a top genius like Guan Yi Yun. The one-year fight date with Nan Bei Chao, who would be the last man standing, it would become hard to tell.

"Ah, so it's like that? It would appear that I must go and see this person to understand what he is like for him to be someone that Xiao Er would respect." The middle aged man murmured, all of his previous anger had evaporated suddenly.

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