The Wishful System Chapter 2986

The Wishful System Chapter 2986

"Blast it all, it's a wind attributed Heaven Saint Master." Jian Chen cursed before reactivating the Heaven's Stolen Fortune. His speed instantly skyrocketed so as to escape the Heaven Saint Master behind him.

Changyang Hu looked up and down the iron rod; but it looked the same, he had already recognized the bloodstained iron rod in Jian Chen's hands and it was a still a normal rusty broken iron rod.

Jiang Wei said this out loudly. This was his true purpose for coming here, as long as Jiang Chen agreed to the deathmatch, Jiang Wei would have the chance to kill him in public.

In front of a Saint Ruler, all else were ants. To intimidate a Saint Ruler would require another Saint Ruler.

Two waves of Yuan power slammed into each other, and the air exploded from the collision. The blast even affected the ground, lifting a large marble tile on the floor.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows.

Jiang Chen asked while maintaining his friendly smile.

Yan Chenyu was an extremely powerful Early Combat Soul warrior, she was completely bringing out the Nine Yin Meridians' strength. With just two ice-cold beams, she impaled the two Early Combat Soul Dimensional Creatures, freezing them into solid ice cubes.

"Seems about right, I heard that Changyang Xiang Tian is at the 8th Saint Force layer but he ended up beating several students who were a layer higher, how amazing££"

Jian Chen nodded his head and said, "Let me ask you, what method is the Tianxiong clan using to deal with me, and how did your group recognize me?"

Jiang Ru Long said with a helpless expression.But he was laughing in his mind because if Jiang Chen didn't want to marry her, then he would naturally be the one to replace him.

Only now did Yan Chenyu notice that there were other men around. She immediately pushed Jiang Chen away like a scared rabbit, her face blushing.

Ming Dong pulled back at his sleeves with a smile, "Tie Ta, you can rest assured now. Come, fight me without holding back. If I as a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master am injured by a Great Saint Master, then I, Ming Dong, won't be able to continue my life in this Tian Yuan Continent anymore."

Jiang Chen stood in the air and kept unleashing beams of light. Having such precise control over the Great Illusion Realm, he could only do so because of the Great Soul Derivation skill. If it was Yang Shuo, there would be no way for him to trap so many strong warriors at the same time, as this was something that would consume a lot of energy.

"That might not be the case here lord Qin Ji. Do you see that yellow-robed girl behind him?" The man spoke with a smile.


"I've told my dad I'm going to the Divine Continent with you."

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