There is only one you! Chapter 202

There is only one you! Chapter 202

He had no thoughts. He simply sat there, his expression blank as he stared at the hourglasses and committed every aspect of them to memory. Eventually, one of the countless hourglasses that he had committed to memory vanished.

"Go then." There wasn't too much sadness on the old man's face. No one could see any emotions from those aged eyes either. But it felt like he was sending off a hero to the end of his road.

In the late afternoon, the Ye Clan's old man had temporarily sent the Ye Clan members along with Cang Wuya and the rest away from the Ye Residence through a secret passage. Qing Shui had initially thought of asking the Ye Clan's old man and Ye Guyan to not return until the next morning. However, the two of them wouldn't agree no matter how hard he persuaded.

Bai Xiaochun was more cautious than ever as he led them along for three days straight.

He still needed to cultivate, cultivation was an accumulation of days and months of effort, it was not possible to instantly turn into an expert. Even amongst those of the same cultivation level, without sufficient mastery or experience with martial techniques, it could cause a situation where they could be killed easily by another cultivator of the same cultivation level.

The man was built like a tower, and as he stood there, intense pressure radiated off of him that caused the pupils of Gu Tianjun and Sima Yunhua to constrict.

There was no response from the other side of the vortex, only ragged, shocked breathing. Apparently, the owner of that voice was completely terrified of the so-called Eternal Spirit World, the home of Allheaven.

"10% strengths of a Martial King Grade 10 can be considered quite a significant amount. If I manage to find demonic beasts that possess some innate talents, like ones that are especially violent, have fleshy shields, or even especially fast, then the 10% increment would not be a small number as well." Qing Shui's eyes lit up at the thought of it.

But now, he had to dredge up that name which he had so long been buried in the depths of his memory. The fact that Bai Xiaochun now possessed such shocking battle prowess caused him to frown.

Back in the jungle, Bai Xiaochun sat down on the pangolin's back. With no one there to look at him, he sloughed off the lonely hero look and began to proudly hum a little tune. At the same time, he tossed out medicinal pills to the nearby creatures.

"It must be a bluff!"

The Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee flew above Qing Shui, Qing Shui didn't have the opportunity to order the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee and Jade Emperor Bees to attack yet, but he discovered, that the nearby Gold-Silver Colored Butterflies had stopped and started flapping its wings uneasily.

A Foot long ghastly tiger claw appeared on Qing Shui's palms, gleaming with an intimidating glow as he struck the Eagle Jiao Beast's head in a swift motion.

"Here are four jade slips. The first will serve as your command medallion, identifying you as a sect elder. The second will open your new immortal's cave on Mount Daoseed. The third will allow you to enter the Ancestral Darktunnel to select the legacy that is yours right now that you've reached Foundation Establishment. The last is the key to the arcane pocket realm that you won entry to after taking first place in the Chosen battles." Zheng Yuandong placed four jade slips down onto the ground. Seeing how excited Bai Xiaochun looked, he was finally able to relax a bit. After emerging from Bai Xiaochun's immortal's cave moments later, he saw Li Qinghou off in the distance, waiting for news. As he walked over, he gave him a slight nod.

When Bai Xiaochun appeared outside of the trials, and the sect leader's voice echoed out, everyone who had been watching his performance was left completely shaken.

Within an instant, roughly thirty meters of space opened up between the two of them. Bai Xiaochun's hands were both crippled. His right arm was mangled, and although the left one was intact, his twisted fingers were incapable of unleashing the Throat Crushing Grasp.

Qing Shui liked mature women. She must at least show her independent maturity in her attitude. For example, Wenren Wushuang and Shi QingZhuang, although they weren't that old, their attitude had misled Qing Shui's perception of their real age. Also, there was the other mature Zhu Qing. Until now, Qing Shui still didn't know her age, but he could still sense her strength regardless. Nevertheless, Qing Shui could sense that she wasn't young, but she wasn't that old either. She was what he considered as a mature little woman.

There is only one you! Chapter 202 End!

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