Life Of The Vampire Girl Chapter 2638

Life Of The Vampire Girl Chapter 2638

Fifteen minutes passed but the fishing bobber remained still. When Qing Shui was fishing earlier, he could reel in about four Grass Carps and some other fishes in just fifteen minutes.

He tossed them out with the Hidden Weapons technique.

"Martial Saint!"

Even Li Qinghou heard about the matter. After all, in only a month of time, a few dozen chickens had gone missing from the three spirit tail chicken farms. However, Li Qinghou didn't pay much attention to the matter, as he had important affairs to handle which ended up taking him off of the mountain.

Soon, the Celestial Sky Society was stirring. They didn't have any Core Formation cultivators, only people in the great circle of the Foundation Establishment stage, and a few quasi-Core stage experts. After all, there were only red- and orange-robed disciples in their organization. Those who had reached the yellow-robed level had already left, and couldn't easily be called back.

Sometimes, the simpler a person was, the more they would receive, whereas sometimes the most direct method was also the best method, and of course nothing was absolute.

Very soon, a waitress brought in two bowls of soup. Qing Shui saw that it was the same cute girl from before. Seeing that Qing Shui and Yu He were seated next to each other, she threw Qing Shui a crafty look as she blinked that pair of clear eyes!

There were no facilities that a clan of nobility would lack as they had all the necessary furnishings of a proper home. The members of the Dong Clan were all equipped with a set of basic martial skills, including the servants of the household. In a pavilion nearby, there was an old man performing swordplay all by himself.

"How is this possible?!?!"

Bai Xiaochun did his best to hide his pleasure, but as for the little turtle, it was with immense pride that he looked disdainfully at the Giant Ghost King and said, "Think you can hide your stuff from Lord Turtle? Dream on!"

"I still have some things to do. When it is time to leave, I will come and meet up with you."

Rumbling booms filled the air in the regions surrounding the River-Defying Sect. A glittering spell formation shield protected the sect, which was powered by the Dire Skybanyan. Countless divine abilities and magical techniques battered the spell formation, which was already twisting and distorting on the verge of collapse!

"And it's not like you didn't know, I told you about how worried I was!!" Bai Xiaochun's yelling had the Giant Ghost King's chest heaving in rage, and yet, there was nothing he could say by means of retort. Back when Bai Xiaochun had shaken down the three clans, the Giant Ghost King had merely reaped the benefits, and hadn't thought much about what pressure Bai Xiaochun might have come under because of it.

"Brother Qing Shui, I heard you got injured." Yan Ling`er asked worriedly as she saw Qing Shui who looked weak. Having some care for him at a time like this felt pretty good.

"So does Grand Elder mean to say thatĄ­"

As he disappeared, Gongsun Wan'er was back in the tiny city, about to be covered over by dust. And yet, she was still chuckling. As she did, she extended her right hand, performed an incantation gesture, and waved her finger.

These poisonous creatures were only illusions but they would feel like the real thing when they made direct contact. However, the victim would not be poisoned, this kind of attack mainly targeted the mind.

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