The Prodigy Chapter 2972

The Prodigy Chapter 2972

There was also a fragrant aroma which spread out from it.

Of course, he was no fool; he knew that killing everyone wasn't an option. He was in a very precarious position and situation here in the Wildlands. If he killed one or two of these chosen, it might not be a big deal, but if he killed too many, he would end up offending all of the Wildlands. That would be putting himself in far too precarious of a situation.

What kind of power did Qing Shui possess? How old was Qing Shui this year? No one knew the answers to these questions. He was worthy of the title the evildoer of the Qing Clan.

AST 0117 - The State of Xiantian

At this moment, "Young man, can we negotiate?" The second old man from the left said slowly.

Roar! Roar!

On the other hand, if Bai Xiaochun acquired it, then he... would become something that hadn't appeared in the eastern Lower Reaches of the Heavenspan River in thousands of years.... A nine Tideflows Earthstring Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment expert!

Sighing, he said, "Hey old man, I've been in here for a while now, and I've talked to you a whole bunch. Are you ever going to say anything back?"?

The Spirit Stream Sect's most powerful offensive weapon, the Heavenhorn Sword, which had received a tenfold spirit enhancement, had been forged from the shed horn of that very dragon.

Mingyue Gelou looked into the far distance, and mumbled to herself!

Unfortunately, the Giant Ghost King's complexion was ashen, and he only seemed to be getting colder as time progressed. His aura was currently very weak.

The majority of the topics of conversation between Qing Shui and Baili Jingwei were started by Qing Shui, while Baili Jingwei answered him. In this short period of time, Qing Shui had broadened his knowledge, and came to understand many things, such as famous landmarks and the strong sects and family clans from the Cang Lang country. For example: the Heavenly Sword Sect, Incense Valley, Joyful Sect and Giant Sword SectĄ­

Qing Shui could feel that the hands of Feng Wuxi were smooth and silky to the touch. Blood rushed to his head as he stole a glance at Feng Wuxi, it appeared that she was just nonchalantly leading the way.

Qing Shui was happy that he had finally seen a 3rd grade piece of furniture!

Then, another group of men on horses appeared, accompanied a burst of loud shouting.

The twin Master Cloud Lightnings had been suppressing their anger for too long now. Bai Xiaochun had killed their beloved apprentice, creating a grudge that could only be resolved by death. However, the details of Bai Xiaochun's identity had caused intense fear to spring up in their hearts. Not only had they not dared to try to kill him, but being worried that he would try to get revenge on them, they had already considered giving him some gifts to smooth things over.

"Tell me why the General Manor still exists in such a poor Greencloud Continent?" Qing Shui stared at Ji Wutong and asked softly.

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