Can GODOPEDIAOLOGY do this? Chapter 851

Can GODOPEDIAOLOGY do this? Chapter 851

"Humph! Mu Rong Hao, you must have come here to cause havoc."

Immediately a dozen men ran back toward the caravans at the back of the group. The moment they saw the caravans, each one of them became thunderstruck. Each one of the caravans had been broken apart from the shockwaves, making it impossible to run away.

"Hmph! As expected, this Yin Zhong Cheng doesn't want to give up. He didn't even come here himself; he sent someone else. Not only will he not offend the Little Devil King, he will also be able to have his revenge."

The mighty Green Sanctuary Sect was a respected sect in the Qian Province, but it was fooled by a young man. If they couldn't do something about it and bring back their reputation, the Green Sanctuary Sect would become a laughing stock in the Qian Province.

"This kid is seeking death!"

Chang Wuji's eyes had a thirst for blood in them as he stepped forward without letting the man escape him. With a thundering clap of sound, his sword stabbed straight through the man's chest.

Jiang Chen sat with his legs crossed and took the Earth Fruit out from his storage ring. The fist sized Earth Fruit was emitting some yellow light, and intense energy was overflowing from it.Chapter 103 ΓΏ 40 Dragon Marks

The Third Emperor said.

Looking at this situation, Wu Cong could only clench his fist tightly and let the flames of fury burn inside the heart. In fact, he could actually enter the pagoda right now, but as a proud prince, he cherished his face. There was no way he would let his proud name be associated with a turtle's egg.

Hearing that, Jian Chen felt pained. In the fight last time over the tungsten alloy mine when Tian Jian suddenly appeared, it was because he had once given a piece of jade to Huang Tianba to contact him. However, the jade had been shattered and there was not another one. Even if he wanted to get Tian Jian to help him, he did not have the ability.

All the outer circle disciples of the Black Sect flattered, almost putting Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu on top of this world. None of them were idiots, especially after witnessing what Jiang Chen was capable of. Such a freaking monster, even if he was in the Black Sect, he would be amongst the top disciples, and the sect's management would put a lot of focus on him. Besides, after today's battle, Jiang Chen's name would spread across the Qi Province, so he was a somewhat famous figure now. The one year deal between him and Nan Bei Chao pushed him to a higher level, this is why all the disciples were trying to hug this big tree as early as possible.

"Qin Wuming, have the Eastern Deity Swords start a blanket sweep of the entire palace. Capture all members of the palace and don't let them escape. Do not cause unnecessary trouble with the maids and servants." Jian Chen commanded.


"You're really arrogant, but today, even the deities themselves are unable to save you!"

"You lie! Don't try to deceive me. I know all about what happened that very night. I was watching from a secret spot; my mother didn't die from any illness. It was you that beat her to death. You killed my mother. You are not my father!" She shrieked.

A strong burst of wind attributed Saint Force began to flood from Ming Dong before transforming into a tremendous cyclone that seemed to ascend into the sky where the clouds roamed. Soon, the cyclone spun around so fast that the clouds began to dissipate.

Seeing the group of people that didn't seem to know death charge forward, Jian Chen's glare turned cooler. With a sigh, he increased the speed of his sword thrusts, and each one of the mercenaries found their throats stabbed. In their hearts, they knew this was a fatal blow and that there was not a single amount of mercy to be found within Jian Chen.

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