This Time You Are Mine Chapter 2518

This Time You Are Mine Chapter 2518

After the men from the Myriad Sword Sect arrived, the topic switched to Jiang Chen.

"Yes yes, of course, of course it's fine. Our Imperial Advisors will open it for you at any time you need." The king didn't hesitate to agree to Jian Chen's request. Pausing for a moment, he added, "Our Dazhou Kingdom and the Qinhuang Kingdom may be far away, but I hope that we can become allies in the future. This one hopes that senior will convey our intentions back to Qinhuang Kingdom."

"Brother, all these tunnels lead to the different provinces in the Eastern Continent, you guys go first."

Taking back his sword, Jian Chen calmly looked at the grounded members before saying, "You've given me quite the useful amount of information. 30 Saint Masters and over 200 Great Saints, the Tianxiong clan really isn't weak at all. To think that they would send that many people into the Magical Beast Mountain Range to find me, it's no wonder they are the number 1 clan in Wake City.

By afternoon within the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom, the prime minister of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had once more seeked out the king. And once more, he had asked for the two kingdoms to be united through marriage with a respectful plead.

The earth quaked, and the mountains shook. The gigantic Nine Life Crystal Beast was sent flying away by the massive True Dragon Palm's force, and it broke quite a number of huge trees along its way before it was finally thrown onto the ground.

"No worries, I have a way to deal with it. We'll have to fight this battle, one way or another."

While most people admired Jiang Chen's abilities, they admired his courage even more. It was rare to see someone who dared to blow up the faces of the four big geniuses, especially Nan Bei Chao who was rather popular right now.

Seeing this steel wall, Jian Chen let out a cold smile before forming the Origin energy on his fingers. The Origin energy grew ten meters long in length before immediately cutting through the steel wall as if it were tofu.Chapter 411: Seize The King

Han Yan said.

"For real? That's great! Fourth brother, when can you get started on teaching me? How about now?" He was anxious to get started, and wanted to learn this amazing technique right away. Once he learned the technique, then it was even possible for him to challenge Saints who had condensed their Saint Weapons with his current power!

"This blade isn't bad, it shall be the reward of this fight. As for Lee Chang Hao, a death match means that someone has to die."

Jiang Chen grit his teeth; he had to do it no matter what!

In this time, many men came across Jian Chen's group, but they could only look at the group from afar. Not a single person dared disturb them and were afraid that if they were to offend them, they would lose their lives.

Everyone from the Yan family was shocked, especially the few Mortal Core warrior present at the scene. They had all broken through to the Mortal Core realm before, but they had never seen anything like Jiang Chen's method of breaking through, and they could hardly imagine it.

Hearing this, Qian Yun looked extremely troubled. This was a tremendous loss for their kingdom; each Heaven Saint Master was a pillar to the kingdom and directly tied to their power.

Right now, the Firethorn Savage had soaked its red tongue into the Energy Spring Water. It wasn't drinking the water, it had just put its tongue into it without moving.

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