The Silly Alchemist Chapter 1918

The Silly Alchemist Chapter 1918

Whether the beasts were male or female didn't matter. As long as the pill furnaces had exploded in their stomachs, they were bereft of all sense of reason, and became lost within the effects of the Aphrodisiac Pill. If that were all there were to the situation, it might not have been a big deal. However, they continuously belched out pink smoke, smoke that didn't affect the vengeful souls, but most definitely affected the savage giants!

The cultivation of the Nine Palace Steps was very difficult and was not something that he could succeeded in just by putting in hard work. This required extremely high talent and wouldn't work no matter how many miraculous medicines one took. It was because the slight changes in this technique were not ones which could be easily taught and required one to be able to adapt to the situation. There was another world within the Nine Palace Steps and one required a high ability in calculations and deduction skills.

In the following moments, Qing Shui used almost all the stances of the Golden Buddha statues to display the 3rd Wave of the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm, until he completely wiped out the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique in his Dantian.

For ordinary cultivators, even active cultivation techniques that could increase physical strength were already considered to be very powerful. Those that were passive and had zero consumption could almost be considered paragon.

"This mission is going to be dangerous, but rewards come only with risk!"

It was a world that seemed to be formed from shattered ruins, from countless fragmented chunks of land that made up a larger continent. On first sight, it actually resembled an enormous, shattered mirror.

"This heaven-defying art is so formidable!" a few aged elders observed gravely.

After hearing Qing Shui's words, the man was in a daze. It wasn't that there was no one who had cursed him before, but that they were all dead. This young lad in front of him didn't know any better and was scolding him. Did he think that he would not kill him?

Six-Eared Poisonous Heavenly Mouse!

"The Profound Stream Sect still hasn't used the power of their precious treasure," she said softly. "Once they do, their defeat will be certain!" Next to her were two patriarchs, whose eyes glittered as they nodded in response.

Unmoving Like A Mountain!

When Chen Yueshan saw the danger Zhao Tianjiao was in, her face fell, and she leapt forward, right hand clenched into a fist that rocketed toward the incoming white shadows. Simultaneously, her left hand flashed in an incantation gesture, causing bursts of moonlight to gather around her, merging together into the image of a full moon.

His voice was very hoarse. Qing Shui also felt that the old man's vitality was running out. He had only half a day of life span left at most.

Towards such people, Qing Shui would not act refine and say that he would not stoop down to his leve. Towards such people, it would be more effective to use even stronger words to hurt him!

However, the turtle's muffled voice could still be heard from inside the shell.

"Seventeen colors!" he roared, throwing both hands wide in a double-handed incantation gesture. The sixteen-colored sea of fire instantly began to spin, and without the addition of any other vengeful souls, began to grow vastly hotter.

The two followers exchanged a shocked look.

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