the other side of the world Chapter 1452

the other side of the world Chapter 1452

"Hou!" The Flaming Cloud Beast roared in anger as it stampeded towards Tie Ta once more.

But the scales of the Silver Striped Golden Snake were far too strong for Jian Chen's current strength to even leave a mark on, let alone bypass them to acquire blood.

Jiang Chen bowed deeply toward both men. They were among the most important persons in his life.

After Jian Chen had left, the black robed Lang Tian and a few other mercenaries were quietly discussing something within the room of a restaurant.

In the far distance, Daoist Black and Guo Shan were both startled by what they saw. The situation was truly bizarre. Initially, it was the Third Emperor who was laughing, and now, although the Third Emperor was still in an advantageous position, and Jiang Chen was still getting hit and injured, it was Jiang Chen who was now laughing, while the expressions of the Third Emperor and the others were twisted.

Han Yan was surprised. Big Yellow had told him about what happened back in Inferno Hell, and the most important part of their story in Inferno Hell was Wu Jiu. However, Han Yan had no clue about Wu Jiu's real identity, that's why he was surprised when he heard Jiang Chen's explanation.

Wu Jiu went straight to the point, expression his attitude regarding this matter.

The Mu Rong family came with a mentality that they would win today, and he had even planned all of the strategies beforehand, but they never thought this would be the result.

With a snort, Jian Chen closed his eyes so that the sand wouldn't get into them. The Light Wind Sword immediately appeared in his hand and carved a way out in a single stroke.

Zhan Tian, Mu Chi, and Shan Xiong were all relaxed despite the situation they were in. Each one of them were calm despite being surrounded, and instead of being concerned like Jasmine and Ha Ni were, they had instead looked at the group with a cold sneer as if their enemies were beneath their notice.

Hearing this, everyone looked at the direction Jian Chen pointed at. It was only at that moment that they realized there was a small beast there.

Everyone were shocked. Covered by the devilish energies, many disciples' souls and hearts trembled.

When Jiang Chen ordered them to attack the Mu Rong family, many people were thinking that he was too reckless, and even Zhou Bei Zhen questioned him££ But, no one would have thought that the Mu Rong family could be destroyed so fast, and it can be said that this was all because of Jiang Chen alone.

"No way, you are the one I truly can't bring with me."

The king had neither denied nor accepted Mu Zhaye's request and instead gave the right to Jian Chen. In the end, he too wanted to see just how strong Jian Chen was.

"The fuck? You get angry when I say you are plump, but when I praise you, you get arrogant?!"

Jiang Chen's anger rose. He raised the longsword in his hand, then it immediately cried out loudly as it unleashed sword energy into the sky.

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