Faded | Rai Chapter 1440

Faded | Rai Chapter 1440

Unlike some of the others, the northern demigod had hesitated long and hard before making his decision. After all, he had treated Bai Xiaochun quite impolitely in the past. In the end, when he saw how amazing everything was going, he finally made his decision, and cautiously went to Bai Xiaochun.

"Mister Qing, if you're free, please do drop by my Wuma Clan." Old Man Wuma smiled and said to Qing Shui when he passed by.

But even now, they did not sprout, there were no seeds that sprouted even in 400 yearsˇ­...

"Don't you think she is pitiful? A little miss of the Yan Clan selling tea leaves on the street. Not only that, she seemed to be bullied by some Xiao Master. Can the Yan Clan take it down?" Qing Shui replied calmly.

Rumbling sounds filled heaven and earth. Killing intent surged, and the light of spell formations climbed into the sky. The giants began to speed off into the distance, and the white sun overhead caused the sky to shake!

The earthly necromancer who had risen up in Miao Lin'er's clan had long since perished. However, before that, he had been spectacularly famous, and had only been half a step away from becoming a heavenly necromancer. Before his death, he had managed to create a magical device linked to the bloodline of the clan, which made it impossible for anyone outside of the clan to acquire their formula for eighteen- or nineteen-colored flame. Not even a demigod would be able to acquire them without their consent.

"Brother, are you not satisfied? Ah, don't worry. This banquet we're throwing for Goddess Lingfei is a bit rushed, but we still managed to get some rare foods to serve. I've heard that Goddess Lingfei always talks about how much she misses the Spirit Stream Sect. Therefore, the Li Clan has spent a lot of money to get some spirit tail chickens to remind her of her home.

Qing Shui gave the little fellow a ˇ®Multi-Fragrant Fruit'. It was not only mouth-wateringly delicious but also had a refreshing taste. The sweet fragrance would linger for an entire day.

The firebird soared through the sky as fast as it could with all its might. They managed to travel half of the country within half the day. Qing Shui felt quite satisfied with Firebird's speed and endurance.

"This can be considered so I guess. However, if there are others who ask you this question, please keep my identity a secret. After all, this has a lot to do with money." Qing Shui embarrassedly replied.

Suddenly, he remembered his Diamond Demonic Boar. It might be too hasty to refine the "Divine Marionette" since it was made specifically for those with the strength below a Martial Saint.

At the moment, he found both Du Lingfei and this young man to be worthy of suspicion. And yet, he acted completely at ease, and even smiled widely at the young man.


"Twelvefold enhancement! Heavens!!"


Misty Hall Mistress took the earrings from him. Qing Shui was spell-bounded by the beauty of those demanding, snowy-white hands. ?Huoyun Liu-li, Canghai Mingyue, Shi Qingzhuang, all had beautiful dainty hands. However, the hands in front of Qing Shui were seem to have a soul of their own; they were amazingly beautiful.

As soon as Bai Xiaochun asked for help getting through the trial, it was to the utter astonishment of the crowds that one of the stone golems actually reached down toward Bai Xiaochun, not to attack him, but to grab him and throw him through the air toward the exit.

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