Survival Records of 3650 days in the Otherworld Chapter 1661

Survival Records of 3650 days in the Otherworld Chapter 1661

On the sports field, two males who saw Jian Chen were pointing from afar, while looking at him with a huge amount of respect.


Liu Kui was about to go nuts. The last hope in his mind was completely gone, and he knew very clearly, once Yang Shuo was dead, Jiang Chen would definitely not let him go.

Hearing this, everyone's eyes narrowed before another person spoke. "But our soldier reserves are currently three million strong with practically everyone injured or tired. Furthermore, there are countless of mercenaries with absolutely no discipline at all. I believe we should send the vanguards over to the other forts only."

Even Jian Chen felt himself grow grim at the powerful energy in that palm. He could sense that the power in his attack was several times stronger than the attacks of Situ Qing. It was very possible that his Chaotic Body would be unable to withstand it.

The genius from the Invincible Sect couldn't even put up his defense. His head instantly exploded when the beads hit it, and died on the spot. Meanwhile, the beads didn't slow down at all, and continued its course toward the genius from the Peerless Sword Faction.

Jian Chen had already returned to the inn and onto the bed he had been sitting on before. The only difference this time was that a hole could be seen in the ceiling above him.

"That's right, I too felt that my mind has cleared up."

The power of an Amethyst Thunder Lion was incredibly strong, and so those fighting against the lion would suffer the most casualties.

Hearing Luo Jian address this middle-aged male like so, Jian Chen paused. His gaze rested on the male's back for a bit, as his heart realized the man's identity. To his relief, it was the one who held the position second only the headmaster's: Kargath Academy's one and only vice headmaster, Bai En.Chapter 31: A BreakthroughÿPeak of the 10th Layer

Jiang Chen suddenly said.

It was at this moment that Jian Chen had finally become a legitimate Saint. This last step had provided absolutely no obstruction to him.

A bright light shined in the man's eyes as he replied, "I had not thought that it would be Wu Yun that injured my son. Peh, Wu Yun slaughtered many of our men two years ago, I shall make good on our debts, both old and new."

Dawn, at the entrance of the Black Sect, a black figure suddenly appeared. It was the man in black who had gone to the Myriad Demon Mountain to kill Jiang Chen. The man removed all clothes and the veil covering his face. He was in his late twenties, and he had an ordinary face. He was one of those men whose faces couldn't be remembered. However, his cultivation realm wasn't weak, he was a Mid Heavenly Core warrior.

"Come on! Kill me now! Let this end here!"

Jiang Chen stretched his arm forward and grabbed the Imperial Emperor's head. His eyes shone like blazing torches as he gazed at the people of the Martial Saint Dynasty, sending a shiver down their spines. None of them dared stare back.

Within the Myriad Sword Sect's private room, Ye Xiao was so angry that it seemed like flames of fury were going to burst out from his eyes. The beard was trembling, and his sleeve was violently fluttering even though there was no wind. The solid wooden table in the private room was completely destroyed.

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