The Enchantress: Rebirth of the Malicious Poison Empress Chapter 2745

The Enchantress: Rebirth of the Malicious Poison Empress Chapter 2745

"Great Master, we're leaving now."

The man shouted out while pointing his finger at Jiang Chen, he was trembling all over. He was none other than the disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect whom Jiang Chen purposely set free in Origin Mountain.

When the mercenary cautiously walked up to Jian Chen, Jian Chen unexpectedly didn't show any signs of movement. Instead, he simply stood there with an unchanging smile. Despite this, the mercenary still didn't dare to let his guard down. He slowly reached his hand out to carefully grab at the cub in Jian Chen's hands.

Jiang Chen let out a long sigh of relief. Finally, he could relax.

An incredulous look filled the clerk's eye as she stared at Jian Chen. She didn't know why such a handsome youth was trying to sell instead of buy monster cores. She had worked at this store for many years, but this was the very first time such a person came. Usually, it was always a group of burly men.

Fragrant Sky city was going to experience something it never had before.Mu Rong Zhan was an old cunning fox, but he would never think that Jiang Zhen Hai would attack him at this hour.Chapter 22 ΓΏ Forming the Qi Sea

Yan Chenyu said with a smile. Seeing that both girls had a harmonious relationship, Han Yan and Nangong Wentian once again started pounding their own chests in agony. They stared at Jiang Chen as if they wanted to devour him. For heavens' sake, why was this guy so lucky?! Two girls with unrivaled beauty, and they weren't fighting against each other for Jiang Chen's favor. Instead, they treated each other politely. This made them feel jealous.

Of course, the world of cultivation was governed by the rules of the jungle, and strength was the only standard used to evaluate everything. Xiao Nanshan's behavior was beneath the contempt of everyone. Even the devil cultivators from the Heavenly Devil Palace who always employed cruel and vicious approaches would be disgusted by his actions. Perhaps only those genuine devils would have done what he had.

Wincing from the pain in his chest, Jian Chen staggered up from the ground. The bones in his chest had already fractured and some pieces had even started to stab into his inner flesh, causing him to feel so much pain that a thick blanket of sweat could be seen on his forehead. Watching the Green Scaled Ape come running at him, Jian Chen's face grew solemn. He knew that the three Class 5 Magical Beasts were on friendly terms with each other, so when he had killed two of the three, the Green Scaled Ape would definitely come running at him.

"Sister, help me calm the rest of the girls, tell them to not be scared, we are here to save you all!"

Staring at the four Hemophilic Apes in disdain as they charged at him, Jian Chen smiled cruelly. With a flip of his hand, a condensed blob of Chaotic Force encompassed it before he moved to slap them down.Chapter 625: Showdown with a Saint Ruler (One)

"Damn it, all geniuses of the four major powers have come out. There is no place here for us any longer."

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! ££

Jian Chen and the others no longer felt in the mood to eat after such an event. Throwing down a purple coin, they left the inn.

"So many mighty warriors, I've never seen so many of them at the same time!"

Shangguan Yilong said with a frown on his face.

However, in their minds, a Heavenly Core warrior could never be defeated by a Mortal Core warrior. Although Jiang Chen was a mighty warrior, it was hard to tell if he really could withstand a Heavenly Core warrior's attack.

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