Epic Of Immortalis Chapter 135

Epic Of Immortalis Chapter 135

Everyone felt annoyed.

A malevolent glare entered the snake's eyes as killing intent began to leak from its body. With a furious laugh, it hissed, "Human, you are far too naive. Do you really think the high and mighty Nubis would follow you for ten years? Even a Saint King has no right to ask, let alone you."

At such a thought, Xiao Tian's heart was overwhelmed with shock. Originally, he had speculated that Jian Chen was fifty years old at the most, and thirty years old at the very least. Now that they all knew Jian Chen's true age, they were completely mute with shock.

With the Heaven Saint Masters all using their battle skills, the combined power was far greater than the Heaven Tier Battle Skill Ming Dong had used. With just the three Earth Tier Battle Skills, an oppressive amount of power forced itself onto Jian Chen's body, causing him to gasp as his bones began to crack under the pressure.

"Indeed, brother Jian Chen. Your body is indeed strange if it can take a blow from a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. If I didn't know any better, I would've thought that you were a magical beast." Huang Tianba remarked.

"Is this what it's like to fly? This is like a bird flying through the air freely, how envious I am of their experience." The princess' face could not hide the admiration she felt.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had spent another ten days in the forest where he hunted for magical beasts in the day and cultivated in isolation at night. After those 10 days, Jian Chen's strength had improved by leaps and bounds. Although he was still at the Primary Great Saint level, he could clearly sense that he was not all that far away from the Middle Great Saint level.


After becoming a Saint, Ka Di Yun's strength became many times stronger than what it was previously, and couldn't be compared to Changyang Hu's strength, which was at the 10th Saint Force layer. With just the first blow, Changyang Hu knew how much danger he was in.

Shortly afterwards, old man Situ let go of Changyang Ba. His body immediately fell from the sky like a broken kite.

"True Dragon Palm!"

Indeed, when the man in black saw Jiang Chen falling down onto Big Yellow's back, he immediately stopped the chase.

"That's right, we have to make chief Jiang the chief of the entire outer perimeter! In the future, we also need to make him the chief of the entire middle area as well! Let's follow Big Yellow and conquer all the strongholds, then we'll tell Jiang Chen about the surprise after he finishes his cultivation!"

"A tiny amount of power like this is enough for you to be reluctant? How short-sighted you are; follow our captain and he will guide you all to greatness. The power you all wield here in this tiny city pales in comparison to the future power our captain will bring us all!" Zhan Tian had barked out.

Jiang Chen asked. When Big Yellow struck just now, he was captured within the Blood Banner, therefore he didn't know what happened outside.

"So, how is Xiao Yu going to thank Big Bro?"

"Junior disciple Jiang, these men are here to kill us all."

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