Serendipitous Love Fox Master Pampered Queen Chapter 1190

Serendipitous Love Fox Master Pampered Queen Chapter 1190

"Heavens! Look at how many Soul Convergence Pills they're using. How do they have so many?!?!"

It wouldn't be Qing Shui's first time brewing wine, but it was his first time brewing plum blossom wine. He decided to use plum blossom as his main ingredient, and added some other special ingredients.

Chapter 362: The Legacy Competition Begins!

As of this moment, the entire Heavenspan Realm had been turned into a gargantuan, unparalleled Live Forever Lamp!!

Some people were afraid, and others regretted spending their spirit stones on the Fantasy Pills. For other reasons as well, everyone started blaming Bai Xiaochun.

Everyone was shaken, and in fact, Bai Lin was so shocked that his anger completely dissipated. He stood there looking out blankly at the craters outside of the Great Wall, and the terrified souls and savages, and after a moment, he began to pant. Then, his eyes began to glow with unprecedented brightness, and even joy.

Everything was going according to plan, and Bai Xiaochun couldn't help but laugh out loud at how things were going.

He could make out the silhouettes of people who were ascending the mountain in the distance along the very long stone steps, which went all the way up to the summit. This place had became a tourist spot, but the spot that Qing Shui landed at was much more secluded.

An increase of 4 times¡­...

Huyou agreed as he started, first finding the cast of the weapon which he wanted to create¡­

The old man had lived for hundreds of years. He turned his head and told another old man: "the children probably did not mean it, Zhan Yuan, return the two children to him first, but we must settle today's matter."

"Very well," he said. "Take me to this clan of yours."

Time passed. The light grew more intense, and the screaming vortex grew to a size of 3,000,000 meters, and even bigger¡­.

The Harpy Eagle was considered a mutated beast, and it was also considered a Peak Xiantian demonic beast. However, its flying speed and endurance was astonishing, it was commonly used by members of reputable clans. However, a tamed Harpy Eagle's value in the market was approximately 300,000 silver.

"Return with me. The current Di Clan is strong enough to oppose him now. Father strongly wishes for you to return too. He even wanted to come here personally, but he was afraid that you'd feel pressured. To be honest, ever since you came to the Central Continent, he'd been watching you at least once every three days."

Qing Shui decided to use the skin from the Golden Armored Violet Crystal Beast as the leather for the helmet. There was also a hint of blue light shining through the glistening yellow surface of the helmet.

I will kill them all and then head to the Gongyang Clan to get the other half of the Energized Meridians Pellet, and then make my escape. That Skysword Sect is nothing outside of the Cang Lang Country." The middle-aged man said to himself as he looked at the Qing He whom he had sent flying.

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