God Hacker of Lust Chapter 2182

God Hacker of Lust Chapter 2182

Qing Shui was stunned yet again. He nodded his head and walked into the Alchemist Sect with the man. Deep down, he also suspected that Yuan Su must have predicted that there would be a day when he would come to meet her, Thus, she had instructed many people, such as the old man from Medical Prescription Chamber and the guards from Alchemist Sect, to take note of news about him.

When it was no longer that high, the young girl directly jumped off Bai Bai's back, and Qing Shui quickly caught her. The young girl was now 9 years old, it had been 5 years since they'd first met. Her height did not change much, so she was still as cute as she was then, looking very similar to Yiye Jiange, a devastatingly beautiful woman.

The way things were going, Bai Xiaochun had the feeling that his cultivation of the Waterswamp Kingdom would definitely lead to the appearance of a life essence spirit. The main thing he was curious about was what type of beast it would be.

"Tremor of Wind and Cloud" is surprisingly easy to forge. When the three-color light starts to shine, Qing Shui finally relieved a little. "Tremor of Wind and Cloud" takes Qing Shui quite some effort.

Yiye Jiange didn't reject all this either. They would occasionally hold hands and gently embrace each other. All this seemed to be very natural between them and it even felt a little warm, much like how affection grew with time.

In fact, throughout the history of the Arch-Emperor Dynasty, it would be easier to find a phoenix feather or a qilin horn than to find another person who had done the same thing Bai Xiaochun had by performing a nineteenfold spirit enhancement on their nascent soul.

There is an extensive amount of furniture here, Qing Shui was still scanning through the floorings, and he found another familiar red sandalwood flooring.


The Wang Clan left, if this could happen once, then it could happen again. If they were really that imprudent, then there would be no need to let them off easy.

Qing Shui took out a Frosted Iron Ball and quickly threw it at Luo Di, who was rushing over!

"I'm in the top 10, and things are great. I wonder what the three rooms for Zhao Tianjiao and the others are like? How big are they?"

The remaining elders were shocked, but they did not have time to show their astonishment!

There were many stories and opinions about how the Heavenspan Realm's Deadmire had been formed. No consensus had ever been reached, and it was entirely likely that only a handful of people in the entire world knew the truth about its origin.

"Mingyue, Mingyue¡­!!" Qing Shui quickly interrupted her thoughts, as he didn't want her to lose herself in her own imaginations.

AST 953 - Strongest Youngster In Demon Gate, One-sided Bashing

Feeling quite wronged, Bai Xiaochun peeped: "It really had nothing to do with me!"


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